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  1. On ‎23‎.‎09‎.‎2018‎ ‎22‎:‎17‎:‎16, wien4ever said:

    For the British expats out there, I found a very good link for British TV - without need for VPNs. Super fast too! It seems to have a lot of British channels.



    Just need to sign-up (you can just make up an email address if you like, no verification)






    This isn't free anymore, it seems.


  2. 18 hours ago, Tim Hortons Man said:

    Is there any reason why people want US Netflix? They have a lot programming  but most of it is junk anyways,  i subscribe to Netflix for the original programming and  that is available everywhere. For US Shows I use Hulu and for movies I Stream It All. 


    Edit: part of the reason was Unotelly stopped working for Netflix so  I figured might as well just subscribe to Germany 

    It depends what you like to watch. I'm currently enjoying Agents of Shield Season 3 on US Netflix. It's not on German Netflix nor is it on Hulu. On Amazon you have to pay for it.


    i also love the Young Justice cartoon, which you can only watch in the US.



  3. Thanks. I just looked up Getflix and they seem to be cheaper than Overplay and include a VPN for almost the same price as Overplay's SmartDNS only service. Question: Are they as reliable and fast as Overplay? I never had any problem with them.


  4. The Crowdfunding for the Doctor Who event has startet. You can also order tickets via the site:


    And the official website also launched:


  5. Anyone of you heard about the first Doctor Who Convention in Germany called TimeLash? I'm one of the organisers. Check it out on Facebook:


    A website will start soon. It takes place in Kassel on 24th - 25th October 2015. We will have many guests from Classic and New Who.


  6. You can manually enter a SmartDNS if you first install the new update on the box, then connect with an ethernet cable to a non-functional router. Humax will then let you enter the DNS manually, which isn't possible if you connect it to the working german router. Connect...and you're able to watch the On Demand service like BBC iPlayer, etc.



    It is being shown on Fox Channel as well.


    Series 8 episode 1- Tomorrow at 21:00



    Yes, ironically only in english, as BBC Worldwide didn't deliver FOX in time.



  8. It's not always the Satellite dish that seems to be important when it comes to receiving the channels. A while ago Bavaria Satellite installed a dish and sold me a Megasat HD900 receiver. He did a great job, I am very thankful for that!! I got many British channels, some in not so good quality, but the important ones like BBC One, STV HD (no ITV HD strangely) etc were there. The HD channels were mostly gone around 9pm, though. Except for STV HD, which remained pretty stable. I didn't get a signal for BBC Two HD at all, which annoyed me very much. Tried everything to get a signal but nothing worked.


    So now I bought one of those expensive Humax Freesat HDR-1000s receivers - and suddenly it's all working. All HD and SD channels, BBC Two HD, more channels than before in the best quality possible - and they are remaining 24/7, no weak signals at night anymore. 1tb recording space, 7 days freetime, I even have BBC iplayer now after manually entering a SmartDNS. Very happy about it and well worth the money.