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  1.   Thanks TurMech. This is really helpful. Let me see which direction this goes.
  2.   Thanks Kapil354. I will convey this to my Steuerberater who is surprised that Germany doesn't tax crypto gains made after 1 year:-).    Do you know if there is any written statement to this effect from the Finanzamt that I can show my Stuerberater ? like a para describing rules connected to the same?
  3. I have a simple question on tax declaration for Cryptos. I am a German Tax resident.    I understand clearly that if you buy and hold a Bitcoin for 12 months  and sell it AFTER 12 months there are no taxes on the same. Assuming I don't do anything with the coin except lock it in a wallet and sell it after 12 months .   My question is do I even have to bother telling the Finanzamt that Yes, I did buy a coin in January 2020 and I sold it in Feb  2021( After 12 months) and well I did make a Euro 10K gain on the same.   ....or there is absolutely no need to mention anything at all as  profits were booked only after 12 months?    
  4. Taxes on capital gains from stocks

      You are absolutely right about the misunderstanding :-). I have never found 2 steuerberater's giving me the same advice/answer. when it comes to investments made abroad.
  5. Buying index funds in Germany

      That makes it very clear to me.  Thank you for clarifying the same,
  6. Buying index funds in Germany

      I was under the impression this 2018 rule applies only for Mutual fund's purchased in the U.S and not U.S based ETF's. I thought ETF's were treated as equity.  I was planning to get the Ishares core S&P 500 ETF through Interactive brokers. ...but if the new law is going to be painful, then I might as well stick only with equity trading.
  7. Tax on money received from abroad as gift

      Thanks HEM. I will need to take this into account before I exceed the specified amount.     
  8. Tax on money received from abroad as gift

    Thanks Metall & El Jeffo. Very helpful indeed. That means max 20 k per person for 10 years. Anything more than that will be taxed depending on my Steuerklasse.
  9. Tax on money received from abroad as gift

      How much money can you gift a friend or a cousin in Germany per year? What is the limit? Is it 10,000 euros per person in a given year? I am not able to find this information.   In the U.S, it is $ 14K per person in a calendar year.