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  1. On 1/12/2022, 10:33:12, amybug said:

    Looking to hire cleaning service for small home, every other week. Haven't had success using the online maid service apps. Any tips or options are appreciated!

    Talk to your neighbors, we found it hard to find someone reliable for a long time. Where in Mannheim do you live? I can ask our help if she has time left. 



  2. On 11/14/2020, 8:29:20, Gambatte said:

    Comdirect for us, joint, I'm EU but wife temp visa (actually now became perm). Never a fee. 

    Same here - we use Comdirect for our Joint account for 10 years now. Never a fee - very happy. 

    Back then, I was rejected by DKB even though I had Residence Permit (or even Permanent residency, not sure anymore). So DKB has not changed in all these years! 


  3. and that is probably the previous owner did to both the doors as well. So the argument will not hold much water if the doors were only vandalized with scratches and re-painted. Only if the OP can safely assume that the damage was more than just scratches before would it be worth involving further entities and throwing more money into the issue.


  4. then it will make it easy for them to trace you. The leasing company will not want to have any legal issues for something that you are responsible for. They will happily co-operate with the investigating authorities.




    I read bad reviews about money2india and remit2india.



    Just out of interest, can you point me to the source where you found bad reviews about Money2india and remit2india. I am using money2india without any problem for almost a year now. If there is a better option, I would like to change providers too.


  6. Last year my sister travelled from the south of India to the North East (Arunachal Pradesh) on a motor-bike. Alone. Around 5500 kilometers. I am not able to find any english news interviews. But here is one in malayalam (a regional language in India).