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  1. This is supposed to be disallowed, but it seems you could do it. Good for you.   For the OP: if you used to have a CT license before your NY one, and have one to show, that would be an open and shut case and you could exchange with just a written test. Otherwise, it only might work, as they can claim that you did it to circumvent the reciprocity issue.   On a side note, it cost over $100 to exchange my NY DL for the CT one. Quite pricey.
  2. Hi y'all, I have a three year old daughter and wondered if any dads (moms too, actually) would like to hang out sometimes. My partner has her playdate moms but they're not necessarily my type. I want my own hehe.    Would be fun and help fill days, eh?
  3. With B2 German I am surprised she was required to take the course. Ask the ABH.
  4. If you're so inclined, you could refuse and cite the legal precedent mentioned here where the court sided with the passenger.
  5. Where can I get my fingerprints taken in Germany?

    Interesting. Can one not just get some ink and card stock and do it at home?
  6. BTW, we've moved house. They get the address change automatically when we report to the citizen's registry, correct?
  7. Converting a US driver's license to a German one

    It only does good to stick it to a state like Arizona, SP
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Ah ok yes I saw your earlier post but found no other confirmation in the thread. Thanks.
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    So, this ban is definitely on? From the beginning of next month?
  10. Yeah I don't get things shipped... only carried by family/friends or myself. German customs are very zealous and the customs office from where we have to pick up the stuff is really in the ass of the world.
  11. Father and kid playdates in Frankfurt?

    Moving next week as well (to Gallus) so yes let's try to set something up for Feb! There are nice outdoor playgrounds around too, or if someone has a large enough garden, we could meet there (if you're comfortable hosting of course :)
  12. Irish Citizenship applications here in Germany

    skdb, your plans sounds find apart from the fact that if you pursue German citizenship after Brexit, you will likely have to renounce British citizenship unless you find an exception. So, the priority would have been German first, then Irish, or both concurrently.
  13. Have any Americans on here traveled to Cuba through Europe?

      I agree... so like I said, the only things to watch out for are marks in your passport and things in your suitcase :)
  14. Have any Americans on here traveled to Cuba through Europe?

    It's also a ban on spending money in Cuba without the permission of the Treasury Department.. And, there is no difference if you go from the US or another country. Spending money there without a license is illegal. That's what they can get you for, and yes by they I mean the US. Nobody else gives a hang.
  15. Problems with the chip in a UK passport

    The failure rate rather leads me to suspect the chips are made in the USA...
  16. As I have family/friends or myself going back and forth (I'm going in a month), I do sometimes buy stuff in the US be it on Amazon, eBay, REI or any other website when it comes to great deals or items only available in the US. I buy big name items that have great warranties like Osprey and Patagonia because I can always fall back on those, as opposed to the limited warranties for German products.   But thanks for the heads-up on the coupon deadline.
  17. Unless you're specific and it can be checked, this is probably not possible. However, you could also buy a gift card in the US (online).
  18. Converting a US driver's license to a German one

    At least in Frankfurt, no eye or first aid test was required to convert a CT DL (partial reciprocity only). But, I would suggest you email them and ask for the requirements. Shouldn't be a problem that you have an OH DL and a British passport. If they ask, just show your US passport too.