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  1. 2020 Real ID in the US

    Yes, you're right, as is the case in Germany, where the Bundesdruckerei prints all passports and ID cards. But, they are still issued in the name of the local authority, and that's what's indicated in the documents. Don't know why the US keeps the immediate issuing authority off the documents.
  2. How much is enough for retirement?

    I stick with the Index funds to be safe, and I have a bit invested in straight up stock (Alphabet, Tesla) that I can sell off at some point, just to play around (and maybe get lucky).
  3. 2020 Real ID in the US

    I've used PostIdent and they've always just entered US Department of State. If they ask where the document was issued, I tell them it was the New York Passport Agency (which it was), but you could also say US Consulate General Frankfurt if they really want the exact authority. Mostly, though, the State Department works fine.   Also, remember that not just US citizens need to get a star card, but any resident who wants to use a DL or State ID. I have one now, but I much prefer to use the passport card as it has no address on it. It's much more impersonal, which I like.
  4. 30 days in the USA, need a data SIM card

    This is great site that details all your options: https://prepaid-data-sim-card.fandom.com/wiki/United_States   If you're going somewhere rural with spotty coverage, make sure to check the coverage maps of each: Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and US Cellular.
  5. 2 speed tickets

    Oh really? You can use it otherwise? I mean, sure I use it in the holder for navigation, but what if they see you texted someone when they pull you over but it's in a holder? That would be ok?
  6. Entering Germany with expiring passport

    Yes, that makes sense. Passport validity is an issue for non-immigrants because they are required to leave within a short period of time, but residents often don't have that constraint, and in your wife's case, 2022 is a long way away.
  7. AFAIK from Polish friends, your children are automatically Polish citizens, but might require proof. Maybe your polish passport and their birth certificates could be used to prove this at an EU border, maybe with an accompanying email/letter from the Polish state. But, once in Germany, a passport for them would help with setting them up I think. Maybe this can be done at the embassy in Berlin (check with them), but I think it would be easiest directly in Canada... I'm surprised you haven't done it.   For British citizenship, if the mother lived in the UK for three years, your kids can generally register as British citizens, but you're right about the insane fee: https://www.gov.uk/apply-citizenship-british-parent/born-on-or-after-1-july-2006   Good luck!
  8. Ah, next time. Just back from holiday. Plus, need to get back in shape before I join a group...
  9. Parking tickets received outside Germany

    Just to update, Stockholm has so far not followed up on the ticket. Let's hope it stays that way.
  10. EMERGENCY - washed passport two days before flying home

    A damaged chip is not a barrier to travel, at least with US passports. Chips often stop working. They're simple electrical devices, and passports go through a lot.   I expect you made it, but next time first contact the embassy. They can issue locally produced emergency passports. Whether or not they would have is unknown.   The biggest issue in this case would have been the airline, and possibly the Federal Police. Airline representatives are very cautious because of the fine mentioned above, and want to avoid any chance of incurring one.
  11. International driver's licence or permit

    Have you looked at the other languages inside the booklet?   The nice thing is it's valid for three years. I got one from the US some time ago, and it was valid for just one.
  12. Frankfurt Airport train station

    Fernbahnhof. Both stations are close to T1, but she would basically follow the signs after baggage claim to go underground and to the long-distance trains.
  13. De-registered by the authorities during absence

    BadDoggie tends to mouth off. Haven't seen it for a while, though, which is good.
  14. Car rental in Germany

    This shit is crazy, but I remember when I was renting a car in NY to drive to Montreal it said Canadian residents could not drive a US registered car into Canada.
  15. Finger in Po.. Mexico or "one up the bum, no harm done!"

    Good luck SP.