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  1. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

    I was never offered one when I had to get one. It was quite bad. I was gagging the whole time, and my throat was sore for a few days after. Now I know to ask for drugs.
  2. In other news, birds lay eggs 
  3. Car Dealer sold the car I bought

    Sure but a) i am comfortable with my knowledge of cars and that's how much i hate car stealerships.   Plus I'm cheap.
  4. Car Dealer sold the car I bought

    I dread car salespeople and aim to buy cars directly from their owners i.e. I'm never buying a new car.
  5. We will finally buy a TV

    Me too! Hehe.   Well, happy is a stretch.
  6. We will finally buy a TV

    If you also like working on cars, I will move to Hamburg!
  7. We will finally buy a TV

    Too bad you're not near Frankfurt, Gambatte. I need a cheap friend to hang out with 
  8. We will finally buy a TV

      Let us know how it is. I suspect, especially at that price, you will want external speakers (at least a soundbar). The plastic case will likely vibrate. This was the case with our 350 euro Samsung. The soundbar was about 160 and did the job nicely.
  9. We will finally buy a TV

    With a brand new TV, you likely need nothing else. I would recommend a soundbar at least, or if you want, tedious surround speakers, because they tend to include terrible speakers in the TV.
  10. We will finally buy a TV

    You would benefit greatly from the Chromecast with Google TV. I upgraded last year and you get a remote and apps directly on the TV.
  11. We will finally buy a TV

    Well this has been mentioned before, but you only need the size of TV that suits your viewing distance. If you have a small room, you need a smaller TV, else the pixels will be visible, and you neck will hurt when you try to look at different parts of the screen. We sit about 6 feet from the TV, and so 43 inches is just about right (maybe we could do with 50-55 inches, but again, wasteful).
  12. We will finally buy a TV

    The problem with mounting the TV on the wall is moving it becomes a hassle, and some people like to re-arrange their rooms every now and then. My partner likes to do this and it annoys the hell out of me (maybe mounting it on the wall will deter her from doing this at least in the living room), but she has that right, and for that, wall-mounting can be a huge pain.   We bought a 43 inch plasma TV in 2013 because the lady wanted one for the big move. I would have been happy with the 13 inch crappy CRT, but whatever. She gets what she wants I guess. But, we bought it for about 350 at MediaMarkt when they were not charging tax. Basically, the cheapest plasma because we were poor students and I'd read at the time that a plasma would be good.   Cut to 8 years later, I would love a new TV because this one is quite bad. It has a buzzing sound that we've come to ignore and he menu options are quite meager. I finally made it smart with a Chromecast with Google TV (great product, by the way), and I can't justify getting a new one because it would be a huge waste of resources, but we did get a soundbar early on to fix the horrible built-in sound. In all, though, we are not super picky, and we are farily happy with keeping this set up until the kids destroy the TV with a BB gun or something.   Long story short, good for you for foregoing a TV all this time. I would personally not have too much of a problem getting a used TV for dirt cheap and just sticking a smart stick into the HDMI and getting a soundbar. If everything is built in, you an't update components (well, you can, but you can save money buy avoiding them in the first place). And, if you pay very little for a working TV, who cares about a warranty for such a small outlay. Plus, you get to keep an old TV in circulation for just that little bit longer.
  13. Why do we make fun of Dacia Auto?

    Ah, you are right Krieg. For some reason I thought Teslas and Lucids were DBW, but I just read that I was wrong.
  14. Why do we make fun of Dacia Auto?

    Yeah you can do without it but it's not that complex a system compared to a lot of other things in the car. I have driven cars without it and, yeah, it was fine, but I appreciate having it. My E46 has power steering, and it's still fairly heavy. Without it, it would be a huge pain. However, if you really don't want power steering I think the Russians still make cars without it. Maybe the Indians too.   A/c, power windows, power seats, etc. I understand, Too much electrics that can go wrong.
  15. Why do we make fun of Dacia Auto?

    Why is power steering unnecessary?