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  1. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    What about no loyalties at all  ? There are a lot of people who are basically non-nationalists who couldn't give a hoot about 'patriotism and loyalty'. Blind nationalism is horrible, and a lot of us know it and stick to being rational about the benefits and pitfalls of citizenship. I'm sure no state wants such people as citizens. The state needs blindly proud people to maintain cohesion and legitimacy, and these are exactly the people who do not want dual citizenship to be allowed.
  2. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    You can always require, as many countries do, that one renounce all other nationalities in order to hold certain jobs or run for public office. This is not a consistent reason to be against dual citizenship.
  3. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    They're just stuck in the past. I suppose the majority in many countries that have dual citizenship also think that one can only be the citizen of a single state. I definitely know Americans that don't even want to contemplate leaving the country for the outside world where the hunger games are a reality.
  4. Judaism in Germany

    I'd say big cities in western Germany should be fine. It's possible that if you walk through neighborhoods where people are predominantly Muslim, you might get looks if what you wear around your neck prominently displays your belief, but otherwise I don't think it would be too bad.   I have darker skin especially in summer, and I have for the last few years only shaved my face once a month or so, so I do sport a lot of facial hair most of the time. Though I don't go out THAT much, I have not really felt like people are starting or wary of my appearance in Frankfurt or other big cities (in western Germany), or even in smaller ones. My in laws apparently think I need to shave because I look like a T-word (no, not a tit), haha but they live in a bubble.   I understand antisemitism is considered a specific form of bigotry, and given Germany's history with Jews, I get that right wing ass hats would target Jews in particular, so maybe stay away from rural eastern Germany (so, don't leave Berlin :)
  5. What will my US car need for TÜV?

    Ok look, because it means something, have a look at comparable cars here:   AutoScout24 Europe's car market for new and used cars Mobile.de – Used and new cars – Germany's largest vehicle marketplace online   Because, if something you want will be like 15k more, maybe it will be worth it. And, of course, it was your mom's :)
  6. What will my US car need for TÜV?

    No idea of the cost, but it really sounds like it could be a massive hassle. I guess the car has sentimental value? If not, I don't think you're doing yourself a favor by importing it. Don't forget that Subarus aren't as popular here, so repairs and parts could get expensive too.   I guess if you're importing it as a military family, it could be different. I don't know too much about it, but I have heard it's a better deal?
  7. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    You can actually adopt me.
  8. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

      Indeed. It's automatically rush processing as you need your passport ASAP when abroad (in general, as of course dual citizens, etc., might be ok without the US passport).
  9. Who to vote for, Bundestagswahl 9/26/2021?

    Can't vote, but got 62% SPD. Not surprised, really.   Plus, the SPD are the only viable party that seems to want to allow full dual citizenship. Let's see if it'll come to fruition in a coalition.
  10. You can travel. Just make sure you respond to any letters you receive, so if you'll be gone for a month or so, make sure someone checks the post off and on.
  11. God and the German School

    All this catholic talk reminds me of the show Evil. It's on Paramount Plus, but of course you can stream it for free too (on Putlocker at the moment it's farily reliable). If you like the crazy demon stuff that comes with religion, you might like this show. It's a lot of fun (coming from an atheist).
  12. When I leave my city for other parts of Germany, I always carry my passport just in case. Within the metropolitan area, however, I do not. Not even my residence permit. Correction: I carry a US passport card with me, but it's technically not official ID within Germany. Still, it works all the time for post and what not, so I'm sure it'd work for the train.
  13. Travel to the US and back.

  14. Yeah was quite taken aback to hear this, just like when Jeremy Hardy died. I've been watching 8 out of 10 cats do countdown (reruns I guess) for the last few weeks so I was really surprised, but obviously I hadn't seen him in anything current.
  15. Travel to the US and back.

    Ok I think the issue is that at the test center right by my place, they ask for your health insurance information to bill them. With my mom, we went to another place by the HbF. So, maybe it's just this test center here that asks for insurance because it's an offshoot of a doctor's office.