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  1. Aufenthaltstitel electronic residence permit (eAT)

    i wouldn't bother until you have to. By the way, I think it's just an NE. An NE is always unbefristet. Otherwise it's an AE   Just got my new card after I got a new passport. It's a new design. The cool thing is, THEY MAILED IT TO ME AT HOME DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS! IT WAS BRILLIANT! The letter is clearly outdated and states that the ABH is closed due to the restrictions (it isn't), but I'm not going to complain. I just hope they expand the mailing of documents. The post is generally reliable, and they can send it in a secure manner. Hey, the US sends passports and immigration stuff using regular mail (maybe not the best ) so I think secure post would be a good compromise.
  2. Unresponsive American consular services

    Just went to the consulate yesterday to renew my daughter's passport. We could go in, and passed the sign to the FBU. I expect they are open for in-person applications, so I don't know what's going on. Try emailing another department to inquire. You might get lucky and get a helpful person there.   I applied in 2015 for my daughter's passport and CRBA and there and then they suggested I just walk over to the FBU and apply for the SSN. It was fairly informal. For my son in 2019 the rules changed, so I didn't bother and just applied in the US when I went. If you're traveling to the US, consider doing that if all else fails.   The embassy/consulate website has been redesigned and is really annoying now, but maybe the information has changed? https://de.usembassy.gov/social-security/
  3. I was supposed to get my second BioNTech shot 6 weeks after the first one, but now they've moved it up to three weeks (so next week now). Will be fully vaccinated before our road trip, which is good I guess.   Interestingly, my mom in California got her second shot 17 days after the first. Apparently the CDC says that you can give the second shot up to four days before the 21-day minimum gap between the two shots.
  4. Well just got my first shot. I feel like Superman now... already. Hehe.
  5. Neu eingebürgert. Pass oder Perso oder beides?

    Could it be because of the English-speaking fear of national identity cards? This way, they can explain away the card as just a supplement to a passport, and not an actual standalone de facto national ID. This is my impression. The five year thing, who knows.   The passport card is clearly a take on the US passport card, whose implementation was also half-arsed as there is no signature on it, which limits its validity. I think ICAO or IATA requires a signature for international air travel, else it could be used for countries in north and central America where Americans didn't require a passport even. One could even enter Canada and re-enter the US with an oral declaration of citizenship and any form of ID like a driver license.
  6. Neu eingebürgert. Pass oder Perso oder beides?

    I would get a passport from each country definitely. Here's an example as to why.   My daughter's US passport expired last August. Her German passport expires this July (US valid for 5, German for 6). The US requires both parents to go to the consulate with the child to apply for the passport, or just one parent with an expensive notarized note from the second parent (no way). This is difficult due to schedules, and worse due to COVID and less availability of appointments. Second, all the appointments are before 9 am, and we can't drop of our son at KITA before 9, so we have to take him and we don't want to because of COVID (he touches EVERYTHING). So we have been postponing the appointment, and now the German passport will expire soon. For that we have been trying to make an appointment, but it has been difficult. For the Germans, one parent is sufficient with a note from the other parent; no notarization required. Still, the appointments have been few and far between. We also went once already, but the systems were down and they sent us home. We finally have another appointment for Monday. Let's see how it goes. We are traveling to Austria in July, and we want at least one valid passport for her (the wife's passport expires next month too, but she has a Perso). In any case, this trip would have been ok anyway without a valid passport for the child, but going to the US would have been impossible (though I just got an email from the consulate saying travel to the US on an expired passport is possible until the end of the year, but nevermind).   So, this is why a passport from each country would be very helpful, especially if the validity is decently staggered. Also try to stagger the validity of the Perso and passport, so for now maybe apply for the Perso and then maybe another time for the passport.   I know that the Irish are weird and only allow a passport card with a valid passport, and not as a standalone. I don't understand this.   Kudos to you that you are not nationalistic. I suppose nationalism is sort of necessary for the integrity  and survival of the country, but man does it lead to untold horrors in the name of the state.
  7. Wow, how you got that out of what I said, I can never begin to understand.   I am CLEARLY talking about ONE of the exceptions to the requirement to give up your other nationalities that makes a lot of sense, as a transnational couple would benefit from having the nationality of both if they so choose (and of course, their children would subsequently also be dual/multiple nationals).   The current rules in that they are full of holes are indeed ridiculous. Multiple nationality for all would obviously be the most rational rule.   Have some coffee.
  8. Like in Germany, there are exceptions. For example, a great one is that you can take the nationality of your spouse (and a non-Dutch spouse can naturalise as Dutch) without giving up the other nationality. This makes huge sense, and something the Germans ought to take note of.
  9. Wow, that's quite insulting, Jeba. I would have used the example of a doctor in, oh, I don't know... Ulm?
  10. Double Citizenship for Naturalized German citizens

    I have heard it's much harder for naturalized Germans. It's one of double standards in many countries
  11. 6 months passport rule and residence permit

    The six month rule is to ensure visitors have a passport with enough validity left for a 90-day stay, plus another 90-day contingency. Not for residents.
  12. Legally buying used cars from private seller

    Done and done! Now I have to overhaul the damned thing :)
  13. Legally buying used cars from private seller

    Oh really. Ok cool thanks.   BTW is there a CARFAX for Germany? To check the car's history?
  14. Legally buying used cars from private seller

    Cheers. I found a seller nearby and convinced her to leave the plates on for a week. I'll pick it up today I think, and I got an appointment for Monday at 8 am surprisingly! The problem is we haven't yet received our old vanity plates from the people who bought our car, so we will likely be unable to use them (the number is available though). Oh well, I'll have to think of a new one.
  15. Legally buying used cars from private seller

    I'm making it more difficult? Hehe.   I think I'll just stick to looking in Frankfurt. The cars tend to be more expensive (BTW my budget is VEEERY low - I want a project car, hence the desire to avoid a lot of random costs and travel time), but oh well.   BTW nobody is really responding to my messages about cars they've advertised.