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  1. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Try 1.03 for a bit, and now at atbout 1.05.
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

    Pound hits record low after tax cut plans - BBC News
  3. The War in Ukraine

    Why would you equate opposition to the war with  being moral? There is absolutely no correlation. India and basically every other county will behave in their self-interest, and if that looks like they are 'doing the right thing', it's because that is what they want.
  4. The War in Ukraine

    Hmm I read somewhere that most nuclear fallout from a blast dissipates very quickly. It's not like a nuclear accident. Will have to dig up my source.   Edit: I found a little information but these are not my original sources. nuclear weapon - Residual radiation and fallout | Britannica How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb (vice.com)
  5. The War in Ukraine

  6. Queen Elizabeth

  7. Queen Elizabeth

    Life is awful for most people my friend. Even if they delude themselves that it's worth living, and an amazing gift. Posh. Better then to be in a gilded cage than a cesspit.
  8. Queen Elizabeth

    Maybe watch the RT version.
  9. Queen Elizabeth

    Didn't know there was a Philip I, or is the implication that his dad was the first? I don't know the convention regarding this.
  10. How integrated are you?

    Well to be fair I just want German at the moment, but yeah why not. The more the merrier :)
  11. How integrated are you?

    I WANT!
  12. How integrated are you?

    I know a guy born with 3, and now has 4. Reddit has a thread with people who have more. Very frustrating.
  13. Family visit in Germany - no language knowledge

    Happens all the time. She doesn't need to be able to converse with immigration to be allowed in, especially if she has a visa. The note will help.
  14. Any musicians in the crowd?

    Would love to give it a shot but I'm in Frankfurt I sing and play guitar and Tabla (Indian drums).
  15. Queen Elizabeth

    I guess what you're asking is why anyone would go to Essex.