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  1. Father and kid playdates in Frankfurt?

    Reviving...   This meetup seems dead, or is it?   @sos-the-rope did you end up setting up the Whatsapp group? I seemed to have missed it. Will PM you.   Cheers.
  2. Trick or Treating in Frankfurt Halloween 2019?

    In Frankfurt? Do you work for the consulate or military? Will do next time!   We ended up going to Aukamm in Wiesbaden. It was quite cool, and my daughter had a great first trick or treat. Tons of traffic, though, but parking was plentiful and free in the midst of it all.
  3. I know it's WAAAY late, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any trick or treating in Frankfurt today. Someone mentioned the diplomatic quarter near the Bundesbank. Is that something any kid can join? I know there's one in Wesbaden where the public can join: https://wiesbaden-lebt.de/halloween-trick-or-treat-in-der-aukamm-siedlung (I called the base and they said it's open to everyone as the area is accessible to the public).   Cheers.
  4. Is Telekom restricting broadband after using VPN?

    I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know if UnityMedia prevents VPN use? I suddenly cannot, and a relative with a different VPN service also couldn't. The only thing is that my Android phone works. Nothing else.   If they do, is it allowed, and how do I get around it?
  5. German right of way laws

      Hah, I learned while living in Brooklyn (and New York in general) that I could drive like they do in Moscow or Mogadishu. So annoying, but also liberating.
  6. Contact SOLVIT: https://ec.europa.eu/solvit/index_en.htm
  7. DPD

    I second this. Very frustrating company...
  8. Aufenhaltskarte: proof of funds requirement

    There are non-profits and NGOs in Berlin. If you're really highly qualified, you could get work there. Academia is another option?   BTW, is your daughter not a British citizen, or is she just not exercising that right? Is she not your husband's daughter too?
  9. Australian with German Residence Card... Schengen?

    Hmm, I couldn't find something specific, but this guide on page 12 at the bottom seems to imply that within Schengen, you have the right to move freely: https://www.sachsen.de/en/download/guide_free_movement_low.pdf   Either way, as Smaug has said, Oz passport + German residence permit = happy camper.
  10. Australian with German Residence Card... Schengen?

    You're overthinking this, but good for you that you've done your homework.   You can travel in Schengen for the number of days you just mentioned (legally). However, especially in combination with your residence permit, your chances of being hassled are basically null even if you exceed those days.   Regarding the residence permit, you have a right to travel even without your spouse within Schengen (and some countries countries outside Schengen too). Your every movement is not tied to his. The UK can be a bit iffy about it (like the dickheads they are), but basically no other countries.
  11. Passport renewal without guarantor question

    Wow, that sounds like a ridiculously vicious circle!
  12. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    To be fair, I did ask them if I could take the subsidized language course, but they told me I didn't need it (I really did). So, I was surprised (and a bit disappointed), but I didn't want to argue.
  13. US citizenship by birth for child born abroad

    Went to the consulate a couple of weeks ago for my second child's CRBA and passport. These appointments are between 7 and 8 am, and because we have an older child, it was problematic as she starts kindergarten between 8 and 9, and both parents had to be at the consulate. I was in email communication with the consulate and a lady was very helpful and told me they had a special day where she could personally schedule me for 9 am. I had to submit CRBA documents online, though, which is a new process.   On the day, we waited for about an hour to be called (and, yes, they will store electronics for you) but the whole thing was really easy. A week later, they sent us the passport and CRBA (though DHL screwed up and we're hoping they will be delivered today).   Also, I had lost my passport card earlier this year, so I just took along an application for that and a photo (plus police report) and asked if they would take my application. She said if she had time, which she did in the end. That was great, because if you lose a passport, you need to go in person to apply for the replacement. This really saved me a lot of time, and I got the card in a week too (in a separate envelope; she didn't ask me for another Express Easy envelope, and just sent it to me using consular stationery). Great service.   Finally, I wanted to add that getting a social security card at the Federal Benefits Unit, which is about 30 paces from the CRBA and passport windows, is not as easy as it was four years ago. Back then, they told me to head over there and apply for it right after, but this time they said I could only come back with the CRBA or passport in hand, or send the application in by post. I might do that, or wait until I'm in the US to do it.
  14. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    After 5 years as the spouse of an EU national, you get permanent residency.   Regarding the language requirement for permanent residency (not EU, but Niederlassungserlaubnis), it can be waived, as it was for me. I'm not sure why (could be because I have a degree, or because I had a Dutch residence permit, or because I had passable German?), but I was not asked to take a language test or join an integration course for either my residence permit or permanent residence permit (as the spouse of a German national). Ask them for the requirements and see if they mention it.
  15. Good car sharing websites for Germany?

    There's Turo: https://turo.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=gs:br:brand:int-de:wd_EX+1334597420&utm_term=Brand_Name+kwd-1383426951+290557822464+53547083236&gclid=Cj0KCQjwp5_qBRDBARIsANxdcimN6V9MjjziXwK_xkLvulwlnBqWrPPESJLLNXS4D3QGKs7KYcxEdlAaAgCJEALw_wcB to rent locals' cars. I have only used Car2Go and BookNdrive though.