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  1. Problems with the chip in a UK passport

    The failure rate rather leads me to suspect the chips are made in the USA...
  2. As I have family/friends or myself going back and forth (I'm going in a month), I do sometimes buy stuff in the US be it on Amazon, eBay, REI or any other website when it comes to great deals or items only available in the US. I buy big name items that have great warranties like Osprey and Patagonia because I can always fall back on those, as opposed to the limited warranties for German products.   But thanks for the heads-up on the coupon deadline.
  3. Unless you're specific and it can be checked, this is probably not possible. However, you could also buy a gift card in the US (online).
  4. Converting a US driver's license to a German one

    At least in Frankfurt, no eye or first aid test was required to convert a CT DL (partial reciprocity only). But, I would suggest you email them and ask for the requirements. Shouldn't be a problem that you have an OH DL and a British passport. If they ask, just show your US passport too.
  5. Good point. Maybe take along an information print-out that would work in whichever country you are visiting.
  6. German citizenship for baby of two foreigners

    Overall, you need not worry too much about which passport to use. Use the one that most makes sense. If one has an EU passport in the EU, use it in the EU. If one is questioned in that process (like if they ask if you have an ESTA) and one is a US citizen, show that passport additionally.   Same for if you're then entering your other country of citizenship.   When entering third countries, you can decide based on visa-free access or visa cost, or how many pages are left, how much longer it's valid, etc.   One rule is never volunteer more information than necessary. Don't show extra passports/documents unless necessary.   Leaving Prague, show your US passport and child's German passport. You can also show your residence permit, but I usually wait until they ask.
  7. Child's passport expiring

    AFAIK kids renewing counts as a new passport application as they want to see the human in front of them.   Also, there is absolutely no fine from the Americans for renewing your passport late. The Americans don't care.
  8. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Nice. DAMN I'm jealous.
  9. Is the embassy breaking EU rules?

      Due to its proximity to the British, no doubt, as the Home Office engages in similar shenanigans.
  10. Have you seen this: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/germany-proposes-dual-citizenship-plan-for-post-brexit-brits/
  11. Is the embassy breaking EU rules?

    Yeah as mentioned above, an EU national and family members moving to an EU country of which the EU national is NOT a citizen means that whole family gets preferential and usually better treatment, with basically one main requirement - that the EU national is exercising treaty rights (working/job seeking, studying or is self-sufficient). The spouse derives essentially the same rights with no language requirements.
  12. Driver's License - Been in Germany since 2012.

    Since OH has full reciprocity, consider getting an OH license again if you're going to be there, and show that along with your driving record IF the record doesn't show that you exchanged it for a NY or TN license. If it does, you might be SOL...
  13. Nah, with US licenses it's dependent on which state they're from. Some have full reciprocity, some partial, and some none. Most states with the shittiest standards (like Wisconsin, Alabama, Kentucky) seem to have full reciprocity for some reason.
  14. I would think a UK license would continue to be accepted on a reciprocal basis in Germany, just because by now standards have probably been harmonized, and the process to get a UK license is probably quite robust. If they accept Alabama licenses, for which you need only be able to drive a few miles to the nearest Walmart and back, they would really have to accept UK licenses. It would be ridiculous not to.