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  1. Yup, the French are super easy. Once they didn't even open my passport...   I'm always asked for my permit when leaving and entering Germany.
  2. Renouncing US citizenship

    I guess the assumption was you were renouncing to naturalize as a German citizen, but you have other reasons. One thing to consider is that there is talk that the renunciation fee will be reduced to the previous level soon, so if you want to save about 75%, you might want to wait.
  3. If I remember correctly, when I was first issued my residence permit and given a Fiktionsbescheinigung, I was told that since I am not a visa national, I could leave the country. I did however only go back and forth to Holland by car and train, so no border checks.
  4. new dual citizenship law

    I read somewhere the draft law will be presented to the Bundestag this is next month, with the law expected to change in summer.
  5. 90 day rule and Schengen border control

    How is Cyprus going to join Schengen with the TRNC issue ongoing?
  6. I just wanted to be THAT person and point out that Saigon IS Ho Chi Minh City...
  7. 90 day rule and Schengen border control

    You're right it's annoying that they don't stamp, but that is basically the case for people with residence in a Schengen state, and sometimes even for tourists (I remember France just looked at passports and waved us in a few times after arriving from outside Schengen). My passport has NO Schengen stamps, but I have never been questioned about the 90 days at other EU borders once they see my residence permit. And, if they do, you just tell them as happened in Cyprus (which is not in Schengen, so you can stay specifically in Cyprus for 90 days in addition to 90 in Schengen).
  8. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

    If the license isn't cancelled, it ought to be valid.   Thanks for the information. So, you live in the UK now? Or, did you just use a family member's address?
  9. 90 day rule and Schengen border control

    Yeah, but they're hardly going to hassle you about that. Just keep your boarding passes, for example, but otherwise with a German residence permit there is basically zero chance of a border guard questioning you about this.
  10. These goddamned foreigners. They come and take, and refuse to integrate 😜
  11. 90 day rule and Schengen border control

    I don't understand. You live in Berlin, but flew Copenhagen-Frankfurt-Delhi (passport stamped in Frankfurt) and returned Delhi-Frankfurt-Copenhagen (passport stamped in Frankfurt). Is that right? Those are your Schengen stamps. Don't you have proof of residency in Germany? If so you shouldn't have any issues anyway.
  12. Jimmy (TheStupidLaugh) Carr

    Hmm you're right. Forget i said it hehe.
  13. One-month driving ban and fine for speeding

    Ah I wish this was just Germans. This happens in the US too, and likely in many more places.
  14. Jimmy (TheStupidLaugh) Carr

    I agree with pushing boundaries, but that only offensive jokes are funny. There is plenty of 'good clean humor' out there :)
  15. Should I use my academic title in official conversations?

    The UK system is a bit diferrent: HIERARCHY OF DOCTORS - Gene People