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  1. Have any Americans on here traveled to Cuba through Europe?

      I added a clause. They might find out and warn you, but they will not necessarily fine and or prosecute you. Still, you want to avoid any chance of this so ask that they not stamp your passport, and if they do, you will have to 'lose' it after your trip.   I know an American who bought the tourist card in Germany for whatever price it was and faced no problems in Cuba. As long as you have it, it doesn't seem to matter what you paid for it.
  2. I am also surprised to learn that a D visa was given within Germany. But, in the past a D visa (albeit given by the Dutch) did not entitle me to go to other Schengen states. I needed to request a return-visa, and your dad might have to request the equivalent Fiktionsbescheinigung in Germany.
  3. Have any Americans on here traveled to Cuba through Europe?

    I did not discourage travel to Cuba - I only strongly advised against allowing your passport to have any proof of travel to Cuba!   I'd love to go :)
  4. Have any Americans on here traveled to Cuba through Europe?

      This is still a risk. First of all, they see it when you send it in for renewal. Second, for whatever reason, they could request your passport. An example is if you forget to declare an apple or something and they find it. Your GE is toast, and your passport will be exposed. This federal government is also not the same as before - they're zealots and can decide to give you a hard time. Always try to get risky stamps on a separate piece of paper.
  5. Consequences of staying past your visa expiry date

    You're eligible for a Niederlassungserlaubnis (assuming you fulfill the requirements as the spouse of a German in Munich) I think, though I don't know what effect the tardiness has on that. Have you found out what they would want? Maybe shoot them an email with the apology and ask them if you can please stay in the country with your husband and child, and also go straight for the permanent residence permit?
  6. How people treat Autobahn speed limit?

    How about taking the advice you so confidently gave, sos-the-rope-mr-I-haven't-driven-in-years? Haha.   The Autobahn is really not bad at all. Yes, the really fast cars on the left can be intimidating, and more often than not you have to max out each gear and accelerate to very high speeds when overtaking/merging, but I end up cruising at 120-130, and occasionally go lower, or even higher to 160 for short stretches when I feel it's necessary, or when I just forget. Set cruise control if you have it, and relax on the right. Don't pass on the right but don't necessarily brake if all traffic is slowing down but the right lane is faster than the left. And, get a car with more than 80 hp (like I have...), though it's still doable.
  7. Travelling by car to Sweden

    Hah. Yeah, fat chance of that happening these days. Waze did everything for me, including tell me where the speed cameras were. Great.   We also withdrew ZERO cash in Sweden and Denmark. We even paid for a public toilet with a card. It was GREAT, though I miss handling pretty money after using drab euro notes for so long. First day back in Germany, and I couldn't use my Visa card at a pizzeria...
  8. Parking tickets received outside Germany

    That link on contesting says I need to visit the police in person. I've left Stockholm. It also says they don't deal with private company issued tickets. I wonder if mine was issued by such.   I guess I'll call them and ask anonymously...
  9. Parking tickets received outside Germany

    Fuck, so wait for it in the mail? I saw other cars with regular parking tickets for not moving them for street cleaning and they were only charged 850. What the fuck is their problem? A bit of a wheel on the kerb!!! That is NOT parking on the sidewalk. If it comes in the mail, some say contest it, some say don't? The issue is it's my father in law's van we borrowed. I wonder if he'll be ok with us contesting it... goddamn Swedes and their overpriced sterile bourgeois haven.
  10. Parking tickets received outside Germany

    Crap just got a parking ticket in Stockholm because my tire was a bit over the kerb so it's a fine for parking on the sidewalk! 1200 crowns. Anyone know how the Swedes deal with this for a German registered car?
  11. Relinquishing, as opposed to renouncing, used to be free. Now they're both $2,350 as they apparently entail the same paperwork and processing.
  12. Travelling by car to Sweden

    Hadn't realized I'd posted here...   I have a question. We're driving to Sweden in a converted MB Sprinter camper. It's not longer than a regular Sprinter; just taller. Would we pay the regular car toll for the Öresund bridge based on this price list: https://www.oresundsbron.com/en/prices ? Is the toll payable both ways? Finally, if I were to get a Bro pass, would that work immediately, or would I have to wait for something in the mail (we are crossing on Sunday or Monday).   Thanks.
  13. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Ok, great.   But, really, I feel that the better argument is also this: US citizens, who renounce, have no guaranteed access to family in the US. So, for example, if I am seen as persona non grata for whatever reason (worst case I have a criminal record, but also if I am blacklisted for political leanings, something that is not entirely impossible in the current climate where there is no rhyme or reason for government policy), that's it. It's a right to family unification and cohesiveness, no?   Anyway, if this doesn't work out, I need to get my mother to threaten to disinherit me if I decide to give up my US citizenship.
  14. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Ok I sent the documents yesterday.   By the way, does the fact that my caseworker has changed twice mean anything? This last letter was from a third person, Beate Jacobs. The first one was Cosima Höflich, followed by Andrea Huschka. Any insights into these people and the types of cases with which they deal?
  15. Need a BIG car from the airport!

    I edited your title... you had a question mark at the end, implying you were offering a big car as a service to people   You can request a large van taxi when you call to book one.