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  1. US citizenship by birth for child born abroad

    Went to the consulate a couple of weeks ago for my second child's CRBA and passport. These appointments are between 7 and 8 am, and because we have an older child, it was problematic as she starts kindergarten between 8 and 9, and both parents had to be at the consulate. I was in email communication with the consulate and a lady was very helpful and told me they had a special day where she could personally schedule me for 9 am. I had to submit CRBA documents online, though, which is a new process.   On the day, we waited for about an hour to be called (and, yes, they will store electronics for you) but the whole thing was really easy. A week later, they sent us the passport and CRBA (though DHL screwed up and we're hoping they will be delivered today).   Also, I had lost my passport card earlier this year, so I just took along an application for that and a photo (plus police report) and asked if they would take my application. She said if she had time, which she did in the end. That was great, because if you lose a passport, you need to go in person to apply for the replacement. This really saved me a lot of time, and I got the card in a week too (in a separate envelope; she didn't ask me for another Express Easy envelope, and just sent it to me using consular stationery). Great service.   Finally, I wanted to add that getting a social security card at the Federal Benefits Unit, which is about 30 paces from the CRBA and passport windows, is not as easy as it was four years ago. Back then, they told me to head over there and apply for it right after, but this time they said I could only come back with the CRBA or passport in hand, or send the application in by post. I might do that, or wait until I'm in the US to do it.
  2. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    After 5 years as the spouse of an EU national, you get permanent residency.   Regarding the language requirement for permanent residency (not EU, but Niederlassungserlaubnis), it can be waived, as it was for me. I'm not sure why (could be because I have a degree, or because I had a Dutch residence permit, or because I had passable German?), but I was not asked to take a language test or join an integration course for either my residence permit or permanent residence permit (as the spouse of a German national). Ask them for the requirements and see if they mention it.
  3. Good car sharing websites for Germany?

    There's Turo: https://turo.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=gs:br:brand:int-de:wd_EX+1334597420&utm_term=Brand_Name+kwd-1383426951+290557822464+53547083236&gclid=Cj0KCQjwp5_qBRDBARIsANxdcimN6V9MjjziXwK_xkLvulwlnBqWrPPESJLLNXS4D3QGKs7KYcxEdlAaAgCJEALw_wcB to rent locals' cars. I have only used Car2Go and BookNdrive though.
  4. There are large Rewes here in Frankfurt that stock special beers. The one in Ostend by the ECB is especially good. Hit in Frankfurt also stocks a few interesting ones, and I have seen little fridges in various Rewes with some interesting beers.   I also recommend buying from Crew Republic. They ship to you so it's really easy, and they have a great selection: https://crewrepublic.de/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwgezoBRDNARIsAGzEfe6bwk7QY0TFboRgSsuF26g2h_DyQb2xK6nHbU4WAMJhA5sTJo3zjcAaAlGgEALw_wcB
  5. Holy crap there's a scooter explosion in Frankfurt - Tier and Circ are the ones I've seen but there could be more. It's crazy how they are just everywhere after starting circulation last week I think...
  6. Ah good to know passport renewal times. Any newer experiences?
  7. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

    Is that the date on which you picked up the license, because it is for me and I exchanged mine (US). So, there's the date the license was issued on the front, and the date it was picked up on the back. Strange, I know. You can always show your Oz license to the rental company as proof of having been licensed before.
  8. This is supposed to be disallowed, but it seems you could do it. Good for you.   For the OP: if you used to have a CT license before your NY one, and have one to show, that would be an open and shut case and you could exchange with just a written test. Otherwise, it only might work, as they can claim that you did it to circumvent the reciprocity issue.   On a side note, it cost over $100 to exchange my NY DL for the CT one. Quite pricey.
  9. With B2 German I am surprised she was required to take the course. Ask the ABH.
  10. Hi y'all, I have a three year old daughter and wondered if any dads (moms too, actually) would like to hang out sometimes. My partner has her playdate moms but they're not necessarily my type. I want my own hehe.    Would be fun and help fill days, eh?