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  1. The German lady and I just got married in the US, got the certificate apostilled, and showed it to the Bürgeramt and Ausländerbehörde. Nothing special was needed otherwise.
  2. Getting a job before residence card is granted

    That's the main issue - getting employers to understand your rights as an EU national's family member, which is automatic under the treaty. The document from the Germans merely confirms this.   You could show them these websites: https://www.berlin.de/labo/willkommen-in-berlin/freizuegigkeit-eu-ewr-schweiz/#Arbeit and https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/324282/   Here's some information for you: https://eumovement.wordpress.com/directive-200438ec/   Does your partner have a job, or is she studying? Take proof of that too, and her passport and marriage certificate, as this is how you prove you derive rights.
  3. is Guterkauf trustable?

    I emailed them. They said everything's been factored in. Maybe they smuggle the stuff in...
  4. My Experience with the Test "Das Leben in Deutschland"

    Hah I did the same as you - took 2-3 practice tests but didn't memorize ALL the questions and answers. I got 31/33 too. It took me about 15 -20 minutes I think because I read through the questions and options, but the ones who clearly memorized everything were out in 5 minutes! You have an hour for the test...
  5. Getting a German driver's license

    I don't know which one it is. There's this too: TÜV Hessen Begutachtungsstelle für Fahreignung Fulda Bahnhofstr. 26 (Einkaufszentrum Centhof, 2. OG, Treppenhaus A) 36037 Fulda
  6. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Hmm. I studied Political Science/International Relations, and have mostly worked in operations/logistics/light project management.
  7. Getting a German driver's license

    I think TUeV need to get your paperwork or something before you can make an appointment yourself. That's how it was in Frankfurt. I think I had to wait about four weeks, but don't remember. I wrote my story in this thread maybe, or another one about driver licenses.
  8. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Yeah, I thought about it and it sounds stupid to have a contract without an income... I guess I'll go to the Arbeitsamt in the next couple of days.   Yes, I must and will report my termination as it could come back to bite me if I hide it, but I won't necessarily rush to do it. I will draft my letter, get the supporting documents including proof of having registered with the Arbeitsamt, and send it next week, probably.   In the meantime, i will be frantically sending off job applications  IS ANYONE YOU KNOW HIRING?
  9. Do German dishwashers actually work?

    I get your point, but don't forget that German sinks are freagin' tiny so hand-washing anything larger than a dinner plate is impossible...   Also, dishwashers here need only reach the soaping stage, as Germans don't rinse   Seriously, though, our dishwasher is fine. I use the second-lowest setting. I tend to leave stuff in the sink to catch water from the things that I wash that cannot go in the dishwasher, so that they are at least moist, and most of the food gets rinsed off before going in the dishwasher. I don't like to pre-rinse with fresh water. The lady, however, puts every bloody thing in with all the food caked on, and does not even alternate cutlery so that knives are not sticking to each other, and somehow most of even that is cleaned due to the movement created.
  10. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Hmm, that's not going to work. It's actually a 4-week notice period, and it's a placement company. They're paid by the client, and then pay me a fraction of that amount . The contract with the client is ending, and they haven't been able to find me a follow-up assignment, so they're covering their bases. It's possible they'll find me something in the meantime, but I highly doubt they can do anything else.   I mean, i could ask them to keep me on without paying me, and not collect unemployment. Would that be an option, you think? My income would, of course, be zero.   Do you know whether my application will be put on hold or denied?   Anyway, I'll write a letter to update them in a week or so. Maybe I'll be able to find something in the meantime, or they'll have a decision. They're both unlikely, but there's at least a little hope.
  11. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

    Well, I was just given notice by my company today. So, I guess I'm screwed, and my naturalization application will probably be put on hold or denied. Am I right?   It's a terrible time for this to happen. I would happily take my firing in like three months, but for it to happen now is quite the example of Murphy's law...   I really should have done all of this much earlier. Serves me right, I guess.
  12. The outrage when Trump issued bullshit bans was justified because they were based on NOTHING and discriminated against EVERY citizen of countries that were not actual contributors of 'terrorists'. I am also personally outraged that India discriminates against regular Pakistanis, and people of Pakistani ancestry, and I find it ridiculous that many countries do not allow Israelis, or even sometimes people with proof of entry to Israel, entry into or passage through their country.   Israel also discriminates, don't forget, and just this week learned again that they would not be included in the list of countries whose citizens can enter the US visa-free while they subject muslim-Americans to more scrutiny than non-muslim-Americans.   And finally, I do think the restriction on human migration is essentially detrimental, and causes more problems than benefits. But, we are stuck in this nation-state mentality for now, and it will take some time to change. On that subject, here's an interesting article on city-states: https://aeon.co/essays/the-end-of-a-world-of-nation-states-may-be-upon-us
  13. Is the German immigration system grueling? I wouldn't say so. It's much easier, no? Compared to the US system? Maybe you first have to experience the US system  You'll then thank the Germans. But, maybe immigrating for Ukrainians is hard everywhere?
  14.   Gulf country citizens don't normally need any visas to visit other Gulf countries, so they are not issued visas on arrival. Here's a list of countries whose citizens are entitled to a visa on arrival: http://www.kuwaitembassy.us/page/eligibility-for-visa-upon-arrival
  15. Strong glue to stick plastic parts

    I know of their threadlock, but not others. Any recommendations on which particular one to use for rubber/plastic?