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  1. There are large Rewes here in Frankfurt that stock special beers. The one in Ostend by the ECB is especially good. Hit in Frankfurt also stocks a few interesting ones, and I have seen little fridges in various Rewes with some interesting beers.   I also recommend buying from Crew Republic. They ship to you so it's really easy, and they have a great selection: https://crewrepublic.de/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwgezoBRDNARIsAGzEfe6bwk7QY0TFboRgSsuF26g2h_DyQb2xK6nHbU4WAMJhA5sTJo3zjcAaAlGgEALw_wcB
  2. Holy crap there's a scooter explosion in Frankfurt - Tier and Circ are the ones I've seen but there could be more. It's crazy how they are just everywhere after starting circulation last week I think...
  3. Ah good to know passport renewal times. Any newer experiences?
  4. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

    Is that the date on which you picked up the license, because it is for me and I exchanged mine (US). So, there's the date the license was issued on the front, and the date it was picked up on the back. Strange, I know. You can always show your Oz license to the rental company as proof of having been licensed before.
  5. This is supposed to be disallowed, but it seems you could do it. Good for you.   For the OP: if you used to have a CT license before your NY one, and have one to show, that would be an open and shut case and you could exchange with just a written test. Otherwise, it only might work, as they can claim that you did it to circumvent the reciprocity issue.   On a side note, it cost over $100 to exchange my NY DL for the CT one. Quite pricey.
  6. With B2 German I am surprised she was required to take the course. Ask the ABH.
  7. If you're so inclined, you could refuse and cite the legal precedent mentioned here where the court sided with the passenger.
  8. Hi y'all, I have a three year old daughter and wondered if any dads (moms too, actually) would like to hang out sometimes. My partner has her playdate moms but they're not necessarily my type. I want my own hehe.    Would be fun and help fill days, eh?