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  1. How are you getting on with the course? Still enjoying it? 

  2. https://www.bornheim.com/standorte/heidelberg/ Most of the people I've met there speak English.
  3.   Be aware that the Englisches Institut is a German speaking environment, but with a lot more English than a normal German school. Of course, there are a lot of native English speaking children there which might help, but German is going to be main language, for the kids and the parents. Although some teachers speak English, don't assume it. It is also semi-private, so you are going to have to pay but it's not ridiculous. Nevertheless, if you are intending on staying in Germany for the forseable furture, your child would probably benefit being in the German education system. EI has the advantage of having a G9 option which is relatively difficult to find now. Most schools are G8 which means the children have a fewer years in school to attain the same education (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abitur_after_twelve_years). I believe that Heidelberg International School ( https://www.hischool.de/frontpage/ ) is English speaking. It is a private school and I think quite expensive but I'm not sure. Probably better if you are intending on moving to another country in the future.   Either way, I would second katheliz's suggestion of putting your child in a lower grade to take some of the pressure off.   Regarding which city is better to live in ... Heidelberg is a smaller, prettier, potentially more international, studenty, touristy and expensive. Mannheim is larger with better nightlife. Whatever you decide, I'd stay in the city where your child goes to school otherwise you're going be travelling a lot, either to the school or picking them up from their mates houses.
  4. Build your own house

    We've been here for a while now and are toying with the idea of buying our own place. We were also wondering if having a house built would be worthwhile.   Has anyone else done this? Is it something you'd suggest avoiding? Did you actually save any money or was it just the fact that you got the house you really wanted.   (Some of our German friends have had some bad experiences, usually down to the builder using the wrong materials, forgetting to put the windows in, that sort of thing. So I understand it's not going to be a soft option. )