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  1. Correct, Jeremy, and the Bosnian Muslims complained about the fact the Saudis only built mosques and didn't give aid money for desperately needed everyday Things because the Saudis only wanted to spread Wahabiism. Their mosques would of course come with Wahabiist imams and religious literature. 


    While certainly not every Muslim tries to convert non-Muslims to Islam, it is certainly not prohibited and many Muslims will expend great efforts to do it. Every US servicemember I've talked to who served in the first Gulf War told me that the Saudis always tried to get them to convert to Islam, to give one example.  


  2. My experience with Muslim guests has been that they aren't bothered in the least if non-Muslims are eating pork around them. I give my Muslims guests halal meat from the local halal butcher and don't mind eating halal meat myself, but I'm not going to serve it to everyone at one of my gatherings, unless everyone wants it. 


  3. OP- your 9 year old child can (and has to) join a school as soon as you show up. However, without any knowledge of German, there is no way your child will be able to handle the 3rd grade curriculum, let alone the 4th (I know this because I've supervised my oldest's homework). My guess is that he will be put in some sort of transition class with other kids that do not speak German, but you would need to talk to someone in the local school system to confirm that. 


    Finding a place to live in Munich is very difficult, so you can't  always match that up with a desired school. 


  4. Amazing how those who reject Judaism see anti-Semitism everywhere on the part of gentile Westerners yet will go to great lengths to deny its widespread existence in the Middle East. 


    I don't like any of those charlatans either, and I have a Jewish parent as well as a long history of defending fellow Jews, including our Israeli cousins. 


  5. According to the relevant international law, any application for asylum by the migrants is supposed to be filed in Mexico, the first safe country: 



    Unsurprisingly. almost all of the migrants have refused Mexico's offer of asylum. These are not refugees, and indeed, the vast majority of asylum applications from Central America get rejected. This is now a matter of human trafficking. Should they enter the US, it will be illegally. 




    Among the anti-Semitics posts were also criticisms of President Donald Trump that suggested he was surrounded by too many Jewish people.

    "Trump is surrounded by k****", "things will stay the course," read one post on Gab, using a derogatory term to describe Jews.

    Roughly four hours before the shooting, Bowers commented in a post that he did not vote for Trump


  7. 2 hours ago, jeremytwo said:

    Ah talking of drunks, this where I'll be about 3pm sipping a weissbier:


    Schwarzentennalm | Fotostudios Tegernsee Rolf Kaul - Fotograf


    No it is beyond idyllic. A hard afternoon's work mountain biking beckons. Serves fab jaegertee in late November while you warm your back against a tile stove. I'll have a beer on Jeff! Prost!

    Meanwhile Jeffrey gets to hang out at the ever-lovely East Side Gallery.


  8. It's kind of strange that a Secretary of State is taking credit for negotiating trade agreements, given that that responsibility falls under the US Trade Representative and other departments, not the State Department. Perhaps she should have focused on relations with Russia, China, and other key countries, something that is within the remit of the State Department? 


    If the Iran nuclear agreement was so good, why wasn't it submitted to the Senate for approval? The Climate Change Accord and TPP are hardly anything to boast about. Note that bilateral negotiations have primarily been the preferred negotation method for the US because multilateral negotations such as NAFTA, the WTO, Kyoto, etc., have not produced good results for the US economy. 


  9. Jeffo has a little trouble with getting facts straight, Jeremy (it's one of the downsides of reading from someone else's script), and he constantly needs to be fact-checked (no one has as much free time as him, though). Another one is the claim that the Republicans controlled Congress during most of Obama's tenure- they only held both houses for the last two years of the Obamessiah's reign of error and terror. 


    Have you looked at Trump's new NAFTA and Korea deals, Jeffrey? 


  10. 16 hours ago, AlexTr said:

    How about I say this: You don't know who I am. I don't know who you are. You cannot prove by any reasonable standard that I have done anything. Certainly, I have no need to prove the negative. You just don't like that there may be consequences to anything you do and you're very upset by that. Well, you're gonna have to die mad about it.

    Now what might be actionable is stalking. That's actionable right here in Germany. No one even has to involve outside governments to handle that. Other activities are also actionable, but we'll hold off on those for now.

    Since you feel like giving advice, I'll return the favor: the best thing for you to do is not to worry about what I am doing and to whom.

    Your confederates on this forum are apparently far too scared of you to tell you that you are not some law unto yourself who can mete out punishment to others she doesn't like as she sees fit. You were given a face-saving way to walk back your problematic public statements, but instead you've decided to double down with additional threats which are completely empty and have no effect on me.  I've already corrected you on the inaccurate statement you made last night, which you have repeated here.


    Now back your to robo-posting. 


  11. Alex, no one is under any obligation to prove to you that you posted what you actually did- I'm not your twin poodles Jeffo and Krieg. 


    You were informed that what was threatened constituted voter intimidation under US federal law and there was also a call to bankrupt people who dare to support Trump. As of this writing, I have no idea whether you have actually done what was threatened.