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  1. Family of nine Iraqi asylum seekers 'gang-raped German woman

    These wastes of skin should be at the top of the deportation list once their sentences are completed, plus they should be banned for life from entering the EU.
  2. While I agree that having the open conversation SAndrews mentions is a must, I would advise you to steer clear of anything but a casual relationship with him until he has truly moved on from his estranged wife. By then you'd also be better able to evaluate whether he's the right one for a serious relationship. 
  3. I'll be there- don't worry. Hope you feel better...
  4. American filing American taxes for the first time since moving...

    I've never filed late and I don't do other people's tax returns for a living, but I'd magine that you can still download the relevant tax forms and instructions for each past year online (I don't owe taxes, can I file electronically after April 15th). One thing you may want to ascertain is whether you can take the earned income exclusion when you are filing more than a year late or have to use the credit for foreign taxes paid.   Alternatively, you can pay someone to one year's deliquent return and then extrapolate what you need to know to do the other ones from what they complete.   One caveat here- if you had any significant income other than that from a job as an employee, I would suggest finding someone in the US experienced in doing deliquent returns.   A bigger concern than deliquent returns may be deliquent FBAR/FINCENT forms reporting any foreign bank accounts if they ever has a total balance of 10K USD at least once during a calendar year.   Disclaimer: nothing in this post should be construed as legal, tax, accounting, or financial advice. Please consult licensed experts in the relevant jurisdiction(s) for that.
  5. The US and Germany exchange tax information, and when you have a green card you're required to file a US tax return, and the FINCENT (formerly Report of Foreign Bank Accounts).    Is this about eligibility for Kindergeld?     
  6. Internship whilst on freelance visa?

    I don't understand why you wouldn't simply work for this company on a freelance basis. Have you already discussed you doing freelance work for other companies during your employment with them? They may not want you to do it. 
  7. Post inaguration fall-out

    The thing is, it takes a lot of time not only to develop such policies but, especially, to implement them. The political will wasn't really there, either, in part with the focus in the early/mid 1990s being on the Maastricht Treaty, the single currency, etc . NATO's raison d'etre ended with the fall of the Soviet Union, and there should have been a lot more discussion in NATO member states about the future of the alliance.   I think that NATO needs to clearly define its future mission, and its member states need to collectively determine how its non-US members can contribute in military terms so that it's somewhat more of an alliance of equals. This process should have started 25 years ago.   Incidentally, the planning for the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia began a few weeks after Clinton took office in early 1993. The officers who told Albright it wasn't a good idea from a military readiness standpoint were correct- the US military was being pared back significantly at that time (most notably at the NCO levels) , while having to train to fight simultaneous wars in the Persian Gulf region and Northeast Asia (US doctrine at the time). Preparing for peacekeeping missions in the Balkans is an entirely different matter than for war in the Gulf and on the Korean Peninsula.
  8. Post inaguration fall-out

    What was reported back in 2011 was that a reluctant Obama was convinced to bomb Gadafi after heavy lobbying by the Secretary of State (Hillary), the US Ambassador to the UN (Susan Rice) and National Security Council member Samantha Power. It's more likely that he himself didn't want to intervene in Syria even prior to Russia's entry on Assad's side rather than being "scaremongered by pacifists". Then again, considering that involvement in Syria would have meant a third Mideast war on his plate, I can understand that Obama might want to pass despite my personal view being that a secure and no-fly zone (for Assad) for civilians fleeing the conflict should have been set up along the Turkish border and enforced by Turkish ground troops and US airpower.     I'm not really sure what your basis is for saying that "many Trump supporters are antiwar pacifists", but obviously the most crucial factor with regards to intervention anywhere would be weariness with the war in Afghanistan (now in its 16th year) and the one in Iraq.    Speaking of Milosevic, I served twice in the Balkans and saw daily the damage wrought by the conflicts there. My view, then as now, was that the Balkans should have been sorted out by Europeans since they were European conflicts. 
  9. Post inaguration fall-out

    Precisely what sort of "retaliation" do you have in mind against the country that has protected yours for over seven decades?   Incidentally, I seem to recall that you were one of those opposed to Merkel's open borders policy, deeming it (correctly, in my view) "the biggest mistake of her political career".    EDIT: It's rather comical to see the Impulse complain about "first" thinking when he applies a "Muslims First" filter to everything, even demanding (unique among non-EUers) that people from the world's majority-Muslim countries have unfettered access to western countries' labor markets.   
  10. 1) Gen 9th or 16th 2) food mom 9th or 16th 3) Conq 16th
  11. What salary is required to sponsor a family member?

    The best thing to do is to take yourkeau's advice from above and ask the Ausländerbehörde since they would have to approve it. That said, I strongly doubt that they would approve it given the amount of money you're currrently receiving in benefits and the fact that ALG I is limited to 12 months (it's quite likely that no one collecting benefits is eligible to sign a Verpflichtungserklärung). Note also that your sister would have to have her health insurance premiums covered by you. The size of your apartment may also be a problem.        
  12. Post inaguration fall-out

    Those sorts of mordidas are par for the course in the region. When I was 21, my travel companions and I had to pay one to the "mayor" of a village in Nicaragua to be allowed to get the hell out of there. 
  13. German citizenship application through ancestry

    In addition to the points made above, one major pitfall I can see here is that German citizenship was patrilineal until 1975 unless a child was born out of wedlock. One of those ancestors may well have naturalized elsewhere, which may have triggered the loss of any citizenship that may have been grandfathered in with the creation of the German Empire in 1871. I also don't know if there is a residual claim on German citizenship that far back after emigration other than for the groups franklan mentioned. 
  14. Applying for German citizenship under article 116

    Lady LC, here's why the naturalization papers for the US are important- if a German citizen naturalized elsewhere prior to having their German citizenship stripped by the Nazis, their descendants don't have a claim on German citizenship under Article 116. With this process, it's usually the more paperwork you submit, the better. It's best submitted so that they don't have that particular excuse to reject your application. 
  15. Looking for career advice

    It's no problem- we've all dealt with the challenge of getting hired here without German qualifications, and it's important to lend a helping hand to people who are trying to do it.   Best of luck to you. There's no single blueprint for getting into the workforce, so be willing to try different approaches.