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  1. Triple nationality permitted?

    I served in the US military with people who were US-German dual citizens. 
  2. Cologne NYE debacle

    What's especially pathetic about Sgt. Brussels Schultz is that if he actually followed traditional SPD policies and thought about the needs of ordinary workers rather than continuing the SPD's policies of going corporate, he would have bounced Merkel out of the chancellery, especially if he came up with a policy to move away from Merkel's open borders policy rather than sucking up to her and fully agreeing with it. It wasn't only the CSU that lost voters to the AfD. Schulz is controlled opposition.     
  3. Which citizenship would you choose after Brexit?

    B2 is too low for studying at a German university. If you want to argue C1 instead of C2 (which in reality is not quite native level), fine, but the point is that if the language standard requires a lot of work to obtain, you will spend a lot of time interacting with native speakers, reading German-language materials, etc., which aids integration, as would making the naturalization written test more difficult. 
  4. Which citizenship would you choose after Brexit?

    Again, jeba, I have in the past given a much better prescription for doing this: raise the standards for naturalization (particularly the language skills required- should be, IMHO, C2) while permitting dual citizenship for all and orient immigration policy toward highly-skilled people who are much easier to integrate because there is a demonstrated need for their skills.   EDIT: Two other things- jeba has left the current system for deciding who enters and stays in Germany intact. That means his proposal will do nothing to ameliorate the problem of parallel societies, and may in fact worsen it. Furthermore, there are plenty of Germans who vote for dumb stuff (e.g., anyone who voted CDU, SPD, or Greens in the last election). 
  5. Cologne NYE debacle

    I see you're trying to rescue your mini-me. Your interpretation of Jeremy's comment is wholly inaccurate. Jeremy is clearly lampooning the concept of safe spaces (all of Berlin should be a safe space for women or children). In no way did he suggest what you've accused him of. But no one bears a grudge quite like you do (except perhaps your mini-me). Do you honestly think anyone wants to see your family assaulted? Get a grip. However, thanks for confirming that your enormous ego is more important to you than doing something about the thousands of sexual assaults on NYE 2015.    Now Jeffrey, for your mini-me- a real man defends those who need to be defended rather than falsely and spinelessly claiming that the victims of mass sexual assaults made false accusations. 
  6. Cologne NYE debacle

    How utterly disrespectful to the women who suffered vicious and terrifying sexual assualts on NYE 2015 in Köln to airily dismiss them as "mostly false accusations"!   Paging Alex- please talk some sense to this fool!
  7. Which citizenship would you choose after Brexit?

    It's not the highly-skilled immigrants/expats you want to discourage. It's the migrants that commit crimes and aren't able to get steady employment (for whatever the reason), yet you want to make it harder for the people you want and need to attract- the highly skilled have plenty of options and are not supplicants. The highly-skilled bring positive spillover effects, and good luck maintaining cutting edge industries if you don't have a critical mass of highly skilled people. They might also help improve the startup scene by bringing new ideas and new sources of capital. If you want your pension paid, you might not want to dismiss additional GDP growth so readily.    Granting citizenship doesn't prevent the moral hazard I mentioned, but, unsurprisingly, you fail to see either the benefit of granting citizenship to the highly skilled and the downside of your draconian policy proposal.    The "solution" you propose is quite "typisch deutsch" in that it fails to address the actual problem and avoids even discussing it. 
  8. Which citizenship would you choose after Brexit?

    Then for many people, Germany won't be competitive with Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, China and some other places where you can earn more money.    Someone who is highly skilled now may not be when their in the 70s or 80s, but might need a lot of medical care. And that's just one scenario. 
  9. Which citizenship would you choose after Brexit?

    jeba has made this suggestion once before, and he's far from alone among Germans in thinking that it's a good idea. The problem with that sort of thinking is that it's Germany's inability to prioritize highly skilled immigration that's at fault, and his suggested policy throws the baby (the highly skilled, well-integrated you want to naturalize) out with the bath water. Germany is competing with many other countries for the highly skilled, and is at a significant disadvantage if it cannot offer people the chance to get a German passport (would you rather work in Germany or Singapore?). As I once pointed out to him, you don't want to give permanent residency that cannot be revoked, either, unless you're comfortable giving any foreigner who ever got permanent residency access to the social system when they are no longer a highly skilled worker. 
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Europeanization of debt will be a corporatist policy that benefits politically-powerful companies, not smaller or medium ones, and defintely not ordinary people. 
  11. The Storm is Coming...

    Especially given his prolific posting on this forum, I think Jeffrey either has time nor is actually is allowed by the security personnel to enter the migrant facilities to teach English (particularly if he isn't an official, qualified English teacher, and we know from his posted tax document displaying a six-figure income that he isn't). The genesis of that rumor was when I sarcastically suggested that he teach his deities English to improve their chances of getting a job. Jeffrey, keen to impress his band of followers, a la the Pied Piper, claimed to already be doing this for the duration of one hour per week. 
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    She didn't just suspend it, without any legal basis she spearheaded an effort to coerce other EU countries to take the migrants without consulting them first about either the suspension of the Dublin Agreement or the distribution she and her poodles demanded.     Incidentally, jeba, you are surely aware that the ECB is modeled on the Bundesbank (yet more German dominance), so using that as an example actually undermines your case. Fortunately, the ECB's independence is guaranteed by statute, or Germany would have forced its preferred monetary policy on it (note that Germany was accomodated by a loose monetary policy in the 2000s and wasn't disciplined for violating the stability pact like Portugal was at the time). 
  13. No problem. I'm glad you found a solution that worked for them. I'm less than impressed so far from what I've seen of the schools here, to be honest, and there was a lot of bullying at my oldest's fomer school (albeit apparently not on the basis of ethnicity or race).
  14. I don't know how you could interpret that from what I posted. 
  15. I don't know where you lived, but you would not see that in the City of Munich today (although I live in an area with a particularly large number of non-Germans). Even two decades ago, there were large numbers of kids in German schools who were not German.