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  1. Keko would be my preference.
  2. Have to make an adjustment...   1) crusoe 2) Conquistador 4) Gen 5) -betsy 6) munichmom (and maybe +1) 7/8) Troubie, maybe 8/9) Lygeia
  3. Hunting for a job

    Since he's over 45, maybe someone should warn him about the massive age discrimination, especially in engineering and IT.
  4. Kindergarten breaking commitment to take our child

    Mike- há sempre Estrelinha en Haidhausen.
  5. That could be as good an explanation as any, Rajesh. Fully accurate facts may not have been reported and there are still tons of unanswered questions. The speculative motive put forward by the authorities isn't convincing.
  6. Finally    give    it    a    rest     please...
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Given the large and ever-increasing number of rejected asylum seekers in Continental Europe, anyone herding them to the UK isn't enagaged in an act of friendship.   Not surprising that an ex-Soviet doesn't take treaties seriously, but...
  8. Leon, you may well be correct, but that would be sloppy police work, and I don't think they'd be sloppy in a terror Investigation.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Actually, yourkeau, there is a bilateral agreement between the UK and France, signed in 2003, which allows the UK to conduct its Immigration inspections in northern France.
  10. I wouldn't generalize from one particular case to others. For example, the police can, in some circumstances, keep fingerprints on file for up to 10 years.
  11. Exactly, Piggy. He was most likely fingerprinted when he joined the Bundeswehr, and applicants for asylum should also be fingerprinted. Wouldn't the police running his prints from a crime scene detect that he was or is a member of the Bundeswehr?   The Speigel article merely says that it "can't be ruled out that he was a right-wing extremist who wanted to pin a terror attack on refugees", but that brings up the question as to whether he had what is termed here "Migrationshintergrund", because a German with an Arab or African parent or two would have an easier time avoiding detection in the asylum process than someone with two ethnic German parents. If that's the case, how convenient is it that this unnamed and unpictured soldier is deemed a "right-wing extremist"? It would seem to be much easier to prosecute a "right-wing extremist" than someone who isn't, plus it would be recorded as "right-wing extremist" crime in the statistics.   There are a lot of unanswered questions here...   Knowledge of French in Syria isn't anywhere near as ubiquitous as English is in India, yourkeau, and, incidentally, you, of all people, know that many, if not most educated Syrians, especially doctors, studied in the former Soviet Union or Russia. Even educated people from Syria are native speakers of Syrian Arabic.
  12. Something doesn't smell right here- why was this person given asylum in the first place? Why wasn't anyone keeping track of this "refugee"?   From the article: "Seine deutsche Herkunft fiel bei der Registrierung offenbar nicht auf", i.e., it wasn't obvious that he was German when he registered as an asylum seeker. Seems to me if he can pass as Syrian, so have many more who aren't Syrian....
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    #2 sounds like human trafficking, i.e., highly illegal.   It seems to me that the EU wouldn't be hurt even by unilaterally allowing Freedom of Movement for UK citizens, especially if it wants to try to poach some of the UK's financial services industries. The number or new UK immigrants to the EU countries just wouldn't be that large, and does it make sense to force out people who have been here for years, especially when you already have dual citizens and UKers married to EUers who can anyhow stay even after Brexit?     As far as the UK goes, has what has been until now intra-EU Immigration truly been that onerous?
  14. French general election 2017

    Macron is merely an apparatchik, but that's what they all are. At the elite level French politicians and bureaucrats usually all have similar CVs and, in particular, have attended the same universities, especially Sciences Po.
  15. Actually, erekerendo, the advice I've given you is among the best you've received on this thread because it gave you the best chance of realistically improving your life in the long run. While none of us is a legal eagle, it's repeatedly been demonstrated that your assumptions about the laws which apply to you are not grounded in facts. Then again, you just want to be told what you want to hear. I won't do that.   Talk is cheap, and you won't be showing up on these shores anytime soon (thank goodness, I might add).   Now, are you still on probation or parole?