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  1. The underlying problem is that all too many people will let someone get away with almost anything (including seriously illegal stuff) if they claim their intentions are as pure as the driven snow. 
  2. The only surprise here is that the DA is actually prosecuting Antifa members for this racist violence.     
  3. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    Correct, Jeremy, and the Bosnian Muslims complained about the fact the Saudis only built mosques and didn't give aid money for desperately needed everyday Things because the Saudis only wanted to spread Wahabiism. Their mosques would of course come with Wahabiist imams and religious literature.    While certainly not every Muslim tries to convert non-Muslims to Islam, it is certainly not prohibited and many Muslims will expend great efforts to do it. Every US servicemember I've talked to who served in the first Gulf War told me that the Saudis always tried to get them to convert to Islam, to give one example.  
  4. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    My experience with Muslim guests has been that they aren't bothered in the least if non-Muslims are eating pork around them. I give my Muslims guests halal meat from the local halal butcher and don't mind eating halal meat myself, but I'm not going to serve it to everyone at one of my gatherings, unless everyone wants it.