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  1. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    Brad, stop digging- your reality distortion field is your problem here, and only you can do something about it.    Who said that "all leftists hate Jews"? What does "much of" mean to you (because to virtually everyone else it doesn't mean "all")? I see desperation on the part of hardcore leftists all the time, but don't you have more in your bag of tricks then simply making shit up? Liberals aren't the angels they narcisstically claim to be- and many of them look down on African Americans and use them as pawns. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the vast majority of Jews are liberals.    I simply pointed out a huge problem identified by major leftists newspapers, and now you're floundering. You leftists are not angels- accept that reality. 
  2. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    I think they're paid by the post....
  3. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    Luckily for you, there's a chance of rain to put out all your straw men. Flagship newspapers of the left say there's a problem with antisemitism on the left- argue with your co-ideologues about that. To be frank, much of the left doesn't see Jews as useful anymore, and we all know how easily the left willingly eats its own in furtherance of its agenda. 
  4. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    Now you're complaining about being called Jeffrey instead of El Cuckito.    I guess it's time to call it a day after exposing (once again) your hypocrisy, hatred, and deliberate cluelessness (I bet the extremists are proud of their useful idiot Cuckito).  Maybe you can find someone to teach you to understand sarcasm in context.    Jeffrey, you're invited to come to the next Open House at the largest mosque here in Munich. Bet you won't dare...
  5. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    Jeffrey, your hostile tone and ongoing incitement continues to crank out tons of straw men. Now you're making shit up about some sarcasm being defended and other stuff as well.    Yes, that's pathetic, as well as the rest of the bile in your post. I've never seen anyone that ignored facts to the extent you do, except one far left clown who shall not be named.    People condemn Christians as a group here all the time- including your heroine Alex- but you'd never criticize a fellow far left type. 
  6. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    Exactly, jeremy. Those people you want to be around. 
  7. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    That comment pales in significance in comparison to Muslim extremists' desire to kill and oppress people they don't like.  Cheer up, Jeffrey- you don't have to worry about Hispanophobia in addition to antisemitism like I do- oder? 
  8. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    This is simply yet another regurgitation of the same Kaubuki theater denial of basic reality and incitement from Jeffrey. Have a look at a Pew poll of individual Muslim Middle Easterners' views of Jews, if you lack common sense. Then again, unlike my family, you and your family obviously don't spend much time around Muslims.    Muslims who want to cause harm to Jews know that many, if not most, Jews aren't trying to comply with religious law, however it's defined. Yet they're still interested in causing harm to secular Jews, and that is the issue here. Someone with a Jewish parent is quite likely to be identified as Jewish (I have had numerous people, not only from the Middle East, openly ask me if I'm Jewish despite not having a name anyone would associate with Jewishness).    If you want to remain in a state of denial that there is a very serious problem with antisemitism among Muslims (including right under your nose there in Berlin), and, to a lesser extent, extremism, that's up to you. I'll continue to criticize antisemitism and extremism among Muslims while happily associating with those Muslims that aren't afflicted with them.    For all of your virtue signaling, you deliberately send your kid to a school with many fewer Muslims (perhaps guilt explains your virtue signaling), while not only did my oldest go to a Muslim majority school until we got sick and tired of violence against the girls, but my older kids have Arabic lessons from a Muslim virtually every weekend. 
  9. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    Jeffrey, you've inappropriately applied rabbinical standards under false pretenses- to try to claim I can't possibly be worried about what is well-known Muslim hatred of Jews.  I'd suggest that you deal with Muslim antisemitism, but I'd suspect you'd rather not.    It might, however, be interesting to poll a representative sample of Muslims as to their opinion who they'd consider Jewish.    EDIT: Metall, I see you're still upset you got ridiculed for bizarrely claiming Johan Hozel and I are the same person. You can surely come up with a better way to show your passive aggressive grudge bearing than taking something out of context to defame someone. Or maybe not.   At any rate, as even Jeffrey has alluded above, there is significant disagreement among Jews themselves as to who is a Jew. If you are not familiar enough with that topic's multiple dimensions and aren't able to discuss it without suppressing your grudge, then I'd suggest getting a 360 degree view before posting about it (here's one angle: Half-Jewish Network).
  10. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    The lengths that you'll go to try to "win" are pathetic, Jeffrey. Just curious, but since you left Judaism, do you still consider yourself Jewish? Would you have considered yourself Jewish if you hadn't observed Judaism until you were 18?    Incidentally, merely having a Jewish mother is sufficient to be Jewish under Jewish law, so your standard is not accurate.    No, I wasn't raised Jewish. 
  11. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    For the deliberately obtuse that want to pretend that there isn't a serious problem with anti-Semitism on the left, here you go:   The Anti-Semitism the Left Ignores The Left's Jewish Problem Why does the Left downplay Antisemitism? Antisemitism widespreas among Germany's extreme left When antiracists are the racists: left wing antisemitism in Britain   Note that these articles are from notorious (sarcastic) far right publications: The Guardian, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and The Local.    As a half-Jewish person, I am much more worried about the far left's antisemitism AND the way they make excuses for/ignore Muslim hatred of Jews.    Brad- don't play loose with the facts. David Kustoff is a Republican member of the US House of Representatives (he is a Republican) and Putin was never head of the KGB. 
  12. [US to GERMANY] Criminal Record & Expungment

    Graphic designers fall under the requirement that the company proves there's no EU citizen or permanent resident available who is qualified to do the job. The salary also has to be appropriate, i.e., not too low.    Do you already have a passport? It doesn't seem you'd fall under any of the categories of people denied one unless you owe child support. 
  13. Requirements for university admission in Germany

    Anyone familiar with Germany easily recognizes that the article Brad had linked to is primarily corporate media (whose value and brand is linked to the strength of the German economy) regurgitating the German government's sales pitch about highly skilled foreign professionals being welcome and doesn't address many angles of the issue, especially from the perspective of the professionals themselves. Many highly skilled professionals, for example, can earn more money elsewhere.     
  14. I'd be willing to give it a shot...
  15. Starting a new bacholer at the age of 28

    Someone who studied economics may already have the requisite math background.