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  1. 19% of 1200 USD a month is still quite a bit (it's not easy to live on 850 euros a month or less even after health insurance premiums are paid), and the OP faces currency risk over the long term as well (imagine $1.30 per euro or worse). 
  2. Someone at that income level (assuming no secondary source of income) probably would be on Medicaid, which is government-funded health insurance (not comparable to the Kasse here in terms of quality), unless they have a significant enough amount of savings.  
  3. You've got a few problems here. You aren't physically in Germany, the demand for housing of the sort you're looking for is very high in the Frankfurt area, and your monthly income is only a little over 1K euro in income a month. But that isn't even the worst of it- you're looking a very high premiums for health insurance unless you recently were in an EU country's public health insurance system (within the past 5 years). 
  4. yourkeau, how do you define a person whose parents are from different ethnicities, say a Jewish mother and an ethnic Russian father? It's not like they give up their Jewish or Russian family or whatever national identity they may have simply because their parents come from different backgrounds. Being Jewish is more than mere observance of religious rituals, i.e., being Jewish is broader than merely being an adherent of Judaism. To give you a concrete example, my great-grandparents did not observe Judaism when they lived in Germany, which was until 1933. They were still Jews (also under Jewish religious law), and everyone considered them Jewish.    Israel's immigration laws are actually based on being Jewish as defined by conversion to Judaism or having a Jewish mother. Some people from the former Soviet Union didn't in reality completely fit that definition (as was the case for the post-1990 Russian Jewish immigration to Germany), but most did have some Jewish ancestors, which isn't so different from, say, the citizenship by descent that Germany offers People partly of German descent.  
  5. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

    Investment banking doesn't do part-time, Rennie. 
  6. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

    jeremy's advice is sage indeed (so was kathieliz's and jeba's). Just a reminder, but your kids are only young once (even if you work a standard 40 hour job you're running from one thing to the next when you have a kid), plus you have the financial wherewithal to downshift, which makes the decision to do so easier.    I think it's good when people from different backgrounds work in child care and find it fulfilling.    EDIT: Forgot to mention earlier that although it can be difficult to give up a great career, even temporarily, and that one might feel dependent on their spouse while they are not earning or not as much, I think the most accurate way of looking at it is that you're doing the best thing for your team (your family). 
  7. US citizens hoping to move to Germany

    Actually you'd also need a portfolio and references to even get some freelance programming contracts. 
  8. I have a hard time believing that this was merely about the in-laws. Surely he knew where they lived. Current media reports are that he was a "militant atheist", so it could be hatred of Christians.    A lot of people have lost their lives and a lot more people are suffering because of this mass murdering scum. 
  9. Freelancer or employee, hard decision

    There's a good reason why companies would prohibit employees from becoming freelancers for them right after leaving the company: it's considered a badge of Scheinselbständigkeit. 
  10. US citizens hoping to move to Germany

    Mike, I'm not sure what you mean by high education costs in the US for public K-12. 
  11. US citizens hoping to move to Germany

    One other potential cost to bear in mind is tutoring for your kid. Teachers don't do it here unless they're moonlighting and getting paid for it as a tutor. Parents are expected to supervise their kids' homework, and if you can't, either you pay Tutors or your kid gets a lesser education. I can see that being a Problem if you're on the road a lot. 
  12. US citizens hoping to move to Germany

    OP, I don't understand why your kid isn't covered by a family health insurance policy, but 365 a month for family wouldn't be that bad if you're all covered.  If the insurance is that useless and and you have to pay so much out of pocket, why not simply pay the fine (I think it was $695 this year per adult)?   Bear in mind that if you're both working, in Germany each spouse pays insurance premiums separately. The People that really make out in this System are the ones with a stay-at-home spouse and at least three children.
  13. US citizens hoping to move to Germany

    I have a hard  time believing that there such a shortage of truck drivers in the EU that the OP would be able to get hired as one here.   The people in the US that are most affected by the cost of health insurance/health care are the self-employed and those working for very small companies.    fraufruit, haven't you been here since 1990 or so? That means you were here when there was a quarterly co-payment, right? You not paying anything out of pocket more than 5 euros is also rather atypical.         
  14. US citizens hoping to move to Germany

    The employer has to request it for you- make sure you make it clear that you Need them to Sponsor you (this will land your application in the circular bin of smaller and most medium-sized firms). Look into the Blue Card as well. 
  15. US citizens hoping to move to Germany

    Paging Engelchen...   In a nutshell, you don't just show up and get a work permit- you need to get someone to hire you or wife and prove there's no one already in Germany to do the job.  Since she has the language skills, you should let your wife be the Primary Focus of the Job search.