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  1. Careers advice and future Fachabitur for 16 Year old

    Without knowing the kid and his talents/interests, I'd suggest that he get the requisite eduction and then find an apprenticeship in a skilled trade, e.g., electrician. Note also that a Meister in the skilled trades can get into a German university with that qualification (and it's a great one to have in and of itself).  
  2. new comer, confused and barely know what to do

    The thing is, Renegade, a high level of German opens up the following:   1) The ability to enter free or inexpensive training and educational programs taught in German 2) It makes socializing in all contexts easier and opens up employment possibilities in small and medium-sized companies 3) A reduction in stress levels/feelings of alienation   Although I have the utmost respect for the UK's Open University (I've studied with them, and they are great!), take a look at the price tag for Fern Uni Hagen.    EDIT: This graph  gives you an idea of how much Steuerfachangestellten earn. 
  3. new comer, confused and barely know what to do

    If your husband earns enough to support both of you, I'd suggest taking a couple of years to really learn German well- this will make things much easier for you in the long run.   Steuerfachangestellen don't make that much money, and the language demands are quite high, so, IMHO, it is best avoided. Just focus on improving your language skills and start thinking about an Ausbildung or university study once you reach C1.    You should spend a little time with other Vietnamese, but not so much that you're not working on your German. Your English appears to be quite good, so I think you'll be able to learn German as well- just learn a bit each day, keep a positive attitude, and think long term. 
  4. JAG Officers

    While it's a great idea to talk to current military lawyers to get the lay of the land. I would advise also talking to members of your target market because JAG offers a lot of legal services to military personnel and their families for free. With regards to UCMJ representation, former military lawyers obviously have a huge advantage because they know the system and many of its players (servicemembers of course also have military lawyers representing them at court martials).    Which state(s) are you licensed in? 
  5. resultless job hunt

    A lot of job ads in German will ask for "aussagekräftige Unterlagen", which means all written references, your salary requirement, educational transcripts/certificates, CV and cover letter. Even if the ads you're responding to do not state that in English (could be "relevant documents" or something to that effect), you can assume that many of your fellow applicants have provided them and someone whose application is "incomplete" is likely to get a trip to the circular bin if there are plenty of qualified candidates. If you don't have written references for all jobs, I would give the HR contact provided in the ad a call and discuss that "deficiency" with them and mention in your cover letter that they aren't common practice in the country(ies) you have worked in.   I have no idea if this is the case in the nonprofit sector, but in many if not most industries, two separate rounds of interviews is standard.
  6. Advice and help about divorce

    Since you are the father of a German child, you will have the right to live and work here until the child turns 18 even if you aren't married to his mother.
  7. Working for American Co. - Paying German Tax

    IIRC, registered freelancers here in Germany do have the option of voluntarily paying unemployment insurance and making payments to the public pension system. If the OP receives a Form 1099 from the company (which is usual for a contractor), she may have or have had a freelance visa, as Joanie earlier mentioned, unless she is, for example, married to a German.   Since Alana has been here for 10 years, it seems to me that she would by now have a visa that allows her to work for any employer, or at least be eligible for one, so wouldn't getting hired as an employee by a Germany company be an Option? This would get her into the German social system.    
  8. Books and dictionaries for sale

    Linguistics/Translation:   -An Introduction to Language and Linguistics (edited by Fasold and Connor-Linton) -The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation -VDI English-German Dictionary of Machine Engineering and Tribology (listings are in alphabetical order in English)   Computing   -The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 2 Seminumerical Algorithims (3rd ed) -Concrete Mathematics : A Foundation for Computer Science -Mathematical Structures for Computer Science, 4th ed (Gersting)   Mathematics   -Mathematical Modelling Techniques (Aris) -Mathematics and Physics for Programmers (Kodicek) -Mathematics and Logic (Kac & Ulam) -Math and Music:Harmonious Connections   Financial Engineering/Risk Management:   -The Options Doctor: Option Strategies for Every Kind of Market -Financial Engineering: Derivatives and Risk Management (Cuthbertson & Nitzsche) -All About Derivatives (Durbon, 2nd ed) -The Business of Hedging   Private Equity & Hedge Funds:   -Private Equity in Germany: Evaluation of the Value Creation Potential for German Mid-Cap Companies -The Complete Guide to Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Strategies   Islamic Finance:   -Islamic Finance and the Global Economy   General Finance:   -Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (Parrino & Kidwell) -Strategic Corporate Finance -Bankers' Lending Techniques -International Finance (Clark, 2nd ed) -International Bank Management -Infrastructure Project Finance and Project Bonds in Europe   Investing:   -Investing Under Fire -Investment Valuation: Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset (Damodaran, 2nd ed) -Investment Mathematics -Selecting Shares that Perform (Financial Times) -Handbook of European Fixed Income Securities -European Fixed Income Markets: Money, Bond & Interest Rate Derivatives   Accounting-related Topics:   -Reading Financial Reports for Dummies (has a US Focus) -Financial Statements (Ittelson) -The Edgar Online Guide to Decoding Financial Statements -Accountant's Truth -Advanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants   Other Business/Economics Topics:   -The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India -Breakout Nations -Sustaining China's Economic Growth After the Global Financial Crisis  
  9. Dual citizenship for a newborn of Indian parents

    That's not completely accurate- if one of the parents has a Niederlassungserlaubnis (permanent residency) and has been resident in Germany for eight years (presumably uninterrupted), plus the child is born in Germany, it is also a German citizen from birth. 
  10. That could be the angle that allows you to keep both until you're 21, but be sure to get something in writing from the proper authority in Lithuania. 
  11. I'd interpret the "not reached 21 years of age" as meaning that you would have to choose one or the other citizenship, but you weren't born with both (EDIT: meaning that would not apply in this instance). Did you naturalize in the US along with your parents before you turned 18, or did you naturalize on your own after turning 18?
  12. Yes, and it looks like he can only get it back if he renounces US citizenship (I do not recommend that). What I recommend is taking my advice from the first post in this thread. 
  13. OK, taking a look at the new Lithuanian nationality law, I wonder if you've already lost Lithuanian citizenship. Did you ever notify the Lithuanian side that you naturalized in the US/get permission to do it?
  14. I wouldn't recommend that. Wouldn't the path of least resistance be to renew your Lithuanian passport?      It's not that hard to get in if you're truly skilled or want to do an internship (as engelchen pointed out, they're used as cheap labor), but that's not what you're trying to do, at least not at this point. 
  15. No, day traders are not what is meant by self-employed/freelance, and their income is likely to bounce around as markets are known to be volatile sometimes.