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  1. Very sad to read this. Tony's posts were always full of wisdom, wit, and even-keeled kindness. Going back a few years now to when he was a regular poster, there were a handful of people who provided a steadying nature to the tone of the forum, and he was one of the most reliable. He made TT a better place, and I imagine he did the same elsewhere, including wherever he is now.


  2. 53 minutes ago, LeonG said:

    If one of the leavers main issue was immigration, then it wouldn't make sense for politicians to piss them off by trying to negotiate a half way EU deal like the EEA (Norway and Iceland).  Failing that, they could copy Switzerland and offer mutual freedom of movement contracts just with certain countries as they prefer.

    Since one of the main talking points was recovering the £350m/week sent to the EU so that it could instead go to the NHS — a claim that was false from the outset and now abandoned within hours of the results — I don't think anyone in the Leave campaign gives a damn about any promises.


  3. On 6/16/2016, 11:15:25, Conquistador said:

    Anyone have a solution for the Islamic extremism that has motivated a number of the recent mass shootings, or are we simply to ignore that and hope it goes away in 100 years' time?


    Very disappointing, Conqui. Nonselective extremism is the problem. It can come from religion, nationalism, racism, jealousy, paranoia, endless. Hate is bred anywhere and everywhere. What it has in common is that, in the US, it can easily buy semi-automatic weapons that can shoot hundreds of people in minutes.


  4. I wouldn't mind reconnecting with old friends here and warning potential ex-ex-pats of pitfalls, but it appears the forum has gone all trump. Horrible navigation, James, if that is your real name. Best wishes to the rest of you.


  5. If it's not too late I would join. Keep in mind I'm in the states and a stay-at-home dad, so I've seen every replay and analysis 50 times. But to be honest I've only been paying attention to Brady getting shinned in the face.



    I don't know. I'll give it another 2 years. We've been here for one, so far.


    My only advice is that you should work on happiness immediately, as the steps you take today will greatly impact the situation you'll be in two years from now. Germany won't bend to you, you'll have to grab it by the ears and make it do what you want.