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  1. Is Quentin Blake still good school?

    My son was at the school until last year (he's started Gymnasium now).   Throughout the six years he was there, some teachers were adequate, a very few were awful, and some were wonderful. There was only one teacher where all parents agreed that the teacher was awful, and that teacher has now retired anyway.  With the teachers that my son had - teachers that I personally thought were doing a fantastic job - there were ALWAYS a few parents loudly complaining to everyone about how awful they thought those very same teachers were. So a lot of these perceptions are clearly pretty subjective.     So, based on my experience there: -it doesn't matter really what 'reputation' the school has, within each school some of the teachers are better at their job, some are worse, and your child's experience will depend on which teachers he ends up with. -I do know parents whose children went to Charles Dickens school, and parents who sent their children to some of the private schools. In much the same way, their child's school experience was more an issue of which teachers they ended up with, rather than an issue of what the school as a whole was like. -if a random person asked me if they should send their child there, I would say yes.
  2. Waldkita Experience?

    A couple of other parents at my son's primary school had their younger children at a nearby Waldkita. I went along a few times with them to the Waldkita in the morning after the older ones had been taken to school.  Obviously I didn't have personal experience, but I was seeing how the place was run, how staff/parents/children were interacting, and so on, and thought it looked great.   I also saw the same Kita children at the end of the day, as their parents picked up the Kita kids first, then went to the primay school to pick up the older siblings. By the end of the day those Kita kids were often an awful lot dirtier than kids in a more standard Kita would have been, so you would have to be mentally prepared to do a lot more washing of clothes/bodies/hair than would otherwise be the case. Really, that's the only negative thing I could say about it!      
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    If you look in a bit of detail at the history of the Chivers brand, what with mergers, the name actually being bought from the original manufacturers, etc., it looks as if it is currently being manufactured in Dublin - note how the packaging carefully says how it was "established" in Cambridge, does not say that it is made there.    I looked this up too, because I was also concerned that it would disappear from shelves here.   Wondering what will happen to Pataks products as well.