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  1. Hi Tiny Cow,


    Hope your pregnancy is progressing nicely and that you are feeling good!


    I gave birth at the Uni-Klinik and was very satisfied with the facilities and the level of care. The birth took forever though and I would have been a bit more comfortable if the senior midwife had been a bit more present. It is a teaching hospital, so a trainee will stay with you at all times and monitor the progress. I speak German, but my partner doesnt; somehow we managed, considering at moments the ability to speak or understand any language completely left me! They hold an open-door day so you can drop by and get a clear picture of their approach and see what the place is like.


    Our midwife for the post-natal care spoke excellent English. Just ask when you are calling around. Unfortunately she has left town.


    Your choice of pediatrician is all yours. Consider whether you want a purely traditional medical approach, or if a mixed homeopathic/natural trad. medical approach. Take into account also where you live - you will be going a lot! We're with Dr. Praetorius in habsburgerstr. He's great and speaks English well.


    In terms of child care, depending on what you want (no. of days/halfdays/fulldays) start early! Getting a place for an under-3 in Freiburg is really hard.


    Shopping - totally agree with SerenaJean, flea markets are the way to go - and fun! Otherwise, I get basics at C&A and the other usual suspects. There is also Momo on Lehenerstr. which sells second-hand clothes and toys. I find Freiburg a bit expensive and limited for kids clothes. Check out for listings on upcoming flea markets.


    Happy to join in any baby-bargain-hunting! Mine is 19 months and growing fast :)



    It looks like it is going to be played in Mainz now, but not officially confirmed yet. Unfortunately it appears that Mainz can only hold about 10,000 supporters.

    According to their website, the Mainz stadium has a capacity of just over 20,000. Anybody have any idea whether there'll be any new tickets available or how is the best way to go about getting some?


  3. Im a resident of Freiburg, and have no problems living here. I have trouble with the 'city' classification though, as I find it to be just a very large town, but there is still plenty to do, if you meet the right people. The university really is the beating heart of the place and I think that between all the unis and other 3. level institutions there are close to 50,000 students about the place. As a result, the social life is more geared towards the students and <35 age group (which thankfully is not an issue just yet).


    Its also very picturesque which is something you cant say about everywhere.


    Im not really sure about your commute to the middle of nowhere, I think after a time it will wear you down, but at least if you're not living in a kuhdorf in the wald somewhere, at the weekends you will be in a place with enough going on to recharge your batteries.


    Living in a verbindungshaus I would imagine is a very "special" experience, depending of course with whom you fall in with. If you are registered as a student, there are many many student dorms with a more balanced perspective in which you could stay. In Vauban, international students are well mixed with germans, but in the StuSie, intl students are kind of grouped together ghetto-stylee. There are loads of shared flats on the market too.


    All in all, most people who live here like Freiburg quite a lot.


    If you need more info - pm me.


  4. From the 5-10th of this month, there will be a large wine festival in Freiburg around the Münster. Apparently, there will be over 400 wines to try, so it could be a good opportunity to improve your sommelier-skills! If the weather holds out, this could be quite nice.


    If you come to investigate, drop me a pm - it may work towards dispelling my feeling that Baden-Württemberg is the most boring state in Germany ;)