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  1. Brexit , vaccinations and my return to Berlin

    I'm very sorry to hear about your mum. What a stressful situation. Are you worried specifically because of the current travel ban in place for people travelling to Germany from SA and the UK? If you already have a residence permit but forgot it in Berlin, can you perhaps ask somebody (who might have a key to your home) to post it to you? (registered express delivery) Regarding the vaccine, I'm not sure this will make much of a difference at least for the time being, I haven't read anywhere that the Germans are accepting this as a means of entering the country. From what Sir Percy B said above, I'm not an expert but I could imagine it being quite easy to get the jab in the UK if you're in the right age range, all you need to say is that you've just moved back to the UK and prove you're within the qualifying age bracket surely? At least give it a shot, maybe you could get it done in the UK a lot quicker than in Germany! Just call the NHS and ask. Good luck and hope you manage to get this sorted.