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  1. Anyone interested in riding to Austria to watch the Hardest enduro weekend.  I will be riding on my motorbike, but we can also meet there if you take a car.    Erzberg Rodeo link   Video link
  2. Marquez won again in Jerez. Did anybody watch the race? 
  3. Is anybody interested in going to the Sachsenring for the MotoGP, the weekend 5-7 July? 
  4. Motorcycling rideouts

    Season as started, any new riders?  Time to get out and ride together.   
  5. I am a big Motorsport fan.  Anything with an engine, not just sport, Topgear, The grand tour, Roadkill, etc. Looking for like minded people to chat with, here or with a beer in a bar.  Anyone interested??