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  1. I am riding with my motorbike tomorrow to the Sachsenring, for the MotoGP.  The practice is Friday.  Qualifing Saturday.  Race Sunday.  Then ride back Monday, after breakfast.  If anyone is going to Sachsenring.  If you want to meet there or ride together.  Let me know.   
  2. Anyone interested in riding to Austria to watch the Hardest enduro weekend.  I will be riding on my motorbike, but we can also meet there if you take a car.    Erzberg Rodeo link   Video link
  3. Marquez won again in Jerez. Did anybody watch the race? 
  4. Is anybody interested in going to the Sachsenring for the MotoGP, the weekend 5-7 July? 
  5. Motorcycling rideouts

    Season as started, any new riders?  Time to get out and ride together.   
  6. I am a big Motorsport fan.  Anything with an engine, not just sport, Topgear, The grand tour, Roadkill, etc. Looking for like minded people to chat with, here or with a beer in a bar.  Anyone interested??