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  1. Scouts, cubs, and beaver packs in Munich

      Thanks for the information ! I wonder if you could answer a question: is the Starnberg location (MIS, yes?) fully operational for Scouts and Brownies? I can only seem to find/access 1st Munich group, with no direct access to the Starnberg group. I have a 7 and a 10 year old (from Australia) and we will be in Starnberg from late April.
  2. Kitchen needs new home

    Kitchen is now gone. 
  3. Kitchen needs new home

    indeed....sooo busy at the moment, that this simple and obvious thing slipped my mind. Thanks for the heads up!! :)
  4. Kitchen needs new home

  5. Kitchen needs new home

    We have a 14 month old kitchen looking for a new home. Dishwasher, induction stove, electric oven. L-shaped. It is white cupboards/drawers with a light wood benchtop. Plus a single stainless steel wall shelf. Some flexibility to shorten one length of the benchtop. €1000 lot. Further details if interested.    
  6. Motorbiking in summer

    Hi craig...small point, but your locator says Berlin. Anyway, I ride bikes and will be in Munich before summer starts, so put me on your list. I have a work colleague who is a local and also he knows a bit about the roads too...should be helpful. It will be my first full season in looking forward to some riding in summer. where you from? Peter
  7. English speaking lawyers for Employment issue

    Hi Freeboy,   I don't have a direct line for you, but my experience as a lawyer in Australia means that I think you should be able to approach legal aid centres to ask if they have any recommendations for you. In addition to working as a corporate lawyer, I volunteered in legal advice centres after-hours, and we were always willing to assist people find the right legal help if we weren't able to provide it ourselves. The lawyers should be the same here...(although they may not be volunteers here...Germany is much wealthier). Either way, 1 minute of their time shouldn't hurt anyone.   If you come up with nothing else, it might be worth trying as a short cut:   Also of course, you can try to contact a German government representative through here, as source of information:   hope this helps and yes, good luck.   ...would be good if you could share what you learn eventually...  
  8. @jalapeno: hiya, are you still getting together on a Friday night for some basketball...?
  9. HI Serrated Edge,   I don't have a direct answer for your questions - but I didn't want to leave your query hanging. I have been in a similar situation to you. Learning German while working pretty hard at something else. It is tiring for sure, and a test of patience, perseverance and sanity. I did not do classes myself - cos I tried that back in Oz and the pace was too slow. Instead, I established where I was at (thru online placement test) and then set up my own connections/systems. In my case, i needed to get from a self-taught A2 to a pass on B1 as quickly as possible. So I found a number of books (millions out there) but very importantly, a book specifically focussed on training for the Goethe B1. I then hooked up with a good language teacher and explained what  i was trying to do, and went from there. Being on skype is not ideal, but it does work.   Along the way, due to my workload and work activities, I extended the original target timeline a LOT, and found myself too tired for many conversation planning lessons to minimise postponements was a big part of my life   For me, it worked (passed the B1). Unfortunately, I run an english language project, so I do not have the benefit of being forced to speak German everyday, in the way daughters have been at school.. (they are totally up to speed in German...lucky them!)   I can provide the B1 practice book name if you like and can recommend an exceptional German teacher in italki. she is awesome!   ...hope this helps with your learning decisions. Peter
  10. yes, I have 2 daughters in Grundschule and it is an absolute breeze. They are spending their time learning German and variously being bored or slightly challenged by Maths. Otherwise, the other childrens' behaviour is a worry too...lots of bullying and lack of respect. Both girls looking forward to a change of pace - back to active, challenging learning. 
  11. Tap dancing in Munich

    Hi Larissa3, It will be a couple of months before we are in Munich (currently we live a little further north), but I have 2 daughters who would be interested in trying tap (ages 7 and 9). They currently do Modern/Jazz or something similar...with a less than great teacher. that's 2 to keep in mind..  
  12. Withdraw from gym membership within the first 7 or 14 days, I just mentioned (by inference sure, but...) gym contracts in Australia do not allow for the unilaterally beneficial terms that we see here in Germany...which is why I put my hand up on this is about a gym membership. And I wasn't commenting on the basis of "me thinking a certain way"...I was commenting on the topic based on my experience of contract and consumer law around the world...having been a lawyer who worked in that field...including in policy development where efforts have been made to "lift" certain jurisdictions to meet the advancements made by others.   Perhaps I should put this next bit in the "I love Germany, but..." thread, cos I sure do miss this. It's a summary of the basics of the relevant consumer law in Australia...imagine this being in play here...heaven!! :) Basically, the law says that one cannot have “unfair contract terms” in consumer contracts, and some examples of these are: terms that enable one party (but not another) to avoid or limit their obligations under the contract terms that enable one party (but not another) to terminate the contract terms that penalise one party (but not another) for breaching or terminating the contract terms that enable one party (but not another) to vary the terms of the contract. ..sound familiar...?   ...anyway...@Alex Nastas: I feel your pain! @El Jeffo: you're right, the joys of being an immigrant in a new country are endless.    
  13. Withdraw from gym membership within the first 7 or 14 days

    Yes, it has some fundamentals that accord with other advanced nations - not denying has to, otherwise the system would fail miserably. Predictability and security of basic rights is the foundation of a functioning capitalist democracy....   but it is still prehistoric in terms of where it falls behind other advanced nations...such as, most importantly, acknowledging the imbalance of bargaining power between the consumer and most businesses; and the fact that circumstances change between the time of signing the contract and the time that it is ostensibly to end.   In other words, consumer law here fails to provide a reasonable semblence of standard contract law principles...which other wealthy capitalist democratic nations do... all things being equal..."all parties being equal" would only sign a contract where one agrees to all the terms of the contract...having thought through what is important, necessary and beneficial. When time or convenience do not allow for that, the law can provide for a "parting of the ways" on terms that can be considered fair to both parties...this more advanced form of consumer law exists, for example, in Australia...and in other countries.   so my comments stand true from my perspective...the consumer law protections you mention can be considered consumer law basics in the 21st Century...there are higher levels to be attained, no doubt about it.
  14. Withdraw from gym membership within the first 7 or 14 days

    yes, consumer law here is prehistoric. :(