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  1. Do you like living in Germany?

    yeah, sorry to hear about the issues. I'm an aussie who misses the hell out of living by the coast, that's for sure. I bet that's part of what you miss too (But I'm in Bavaria, beside a's better than NO water, but it ain't the sea). otherwise, I have found it relatively easy to make new friends here (yeah, I'm super lucky)...But, I still can't replace those mates back home that I've known for 30 years (not that I want to, but you know what I mean)...i ride motorcycles, which gives me a very personal escape when I want well as something to share with others, from any countr...i love chatting to peeps on the Alps in summer - english, italian, canadian, polish, whatever...all fantastic! sounds a bit cliche, I suppose, but take up a hobby - ride a motorcycle, start a martial art or crossfit or squash or hiking...anything where you focus on a shared experience of "something", and you will make is defo a good idea to make friends outside your work group too!...again, it sounds cliche and old-fashioned, but it really does help...   ...and you are right next to France...very cool. you have two cultures to choose from!   ...and if you are ever down Bavaria way, let me know, we can catch up for a beer, share stories...
  2. Employer (startup) blatantly using dirty tactics to fire me

    @anonymousgerman: As you likely have a contract, just make sure that your baseline is that you get the minimum required within that. It is also worthwhile to get a lawyer, yes. I suggest (as an ex-lawyer) that you identify the questions you need answered...make a list...refine it...make sure you know what you want to know, and then go see the lawyer. ( it is the best use of your time - and the cheapest way to make use of legal services). I have been working in a start-up...never again for me. Too many numpties...but that's just my limited experience. Good luck with it - I am sure you will be fine (...and don't forget the Zeugnis impacts (the long game, so to speak) )...