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  1. @Gambatte: you put on the table a very good question.  There are few brokers  who provide an english trading platform and low fees but, going through their website is totally unclear how they would support the transfer of securities from a different brokerage account as well as how they may provide any support, in English, in case of issues. I got TERRIBLY burned with a situation related to transfer of securities between 2 broker accounts within 2 different EU countries. related to the lack of attention and accuracy of the receiving german bank to deal with some important details, despite me soliciting to do so well on time. I was able to fix the issue, but I will not expose myself to this risk anymore,. The Broker I identified I know it personally, I have a contact person that I trust, which is knowledgeable and willing to support to make sure the transfer is done in the proper way. I know I can meet this consultant in person if I need and in general is reachable not only through customer support but directly via his whatsapp, besides the fact he speaks my own native language, which is not essential, but certainly useful. The amount of trading I am doing is not relevant so I can calculate taxes and dividends myself with the support of a qualified Tax Consultants, having all the documentation. To me these are more than sufficient reasons to consider the switch, but if you have recommendations I am open to consider them. Thank you. .
  2. Dear All,    I have a depot with my German Bank and I am considering to move it to another Broker based in the EU, as commissions  and the overall deposit running costs are way too high for my use. I already spoke about it with my Tax Consultant and she explained that there is no impediment to do so, as far as I can report and pay taxes in Germany for dividends and capital gains with appropriate documentation, something I already checked and it is the case.  What I am unsure and would like to ask, before I get in touch with my German Bank are the following questions:  Closing costs of the German Depot -->  there is any law in Germany that sets limit / constraints on how much a Bank can charge to his/her customer to close a Depot where you hold shares ?  In the country where I come from closing a depot has no cost for the customer, as banks cannot charge any fee by law. But I am not sure what is the context in Germany.  In case they do charge a termination fee, how much it is / how is it calculated? I would appreciate if anyone has experience with this to share it Can the German Bank charge me for the service to transfer shares to another Depot in the EU ? Again, if anyone has experienced on this and can share it, it would be very appreciated  Thank you    
  3. Dear All,  I would  request to the Community  a reference of a good, reliable lawyer expert in German Banking / Tax / Civil Law . I quickly summarize the topic, omitting some details for sake of time, so don´t take this as a complete description but just as a summary.  The subject is a  transfer of Financial Assets (Shares)  from an Italian Bank to my German Bank where I have an account (I am resident in Berlin).  The transfer of the assets happened in 2018, however after 2 years, this  German Bank informed they needed from the Italian Bank some  additional data related to the historical purchases of the shares  +   certification of their continued ownership until the transfer to set correctly the tax data.   I provided this information in the format they requested (official documents from the Italian Bank) , but they are now making further requests that seem to be absurd and probably not feasible to comply with. I will not enter in the details but as of now they have set up the tax data in a way that would create a huge and unjustified damage to my finances.  I will try a last attempt with them but if they continue to refuse official documents, I will need to take more formal actions and therefore the assistance of a qualified english speaking lawyer would be essential.  Any advise or recommendation would be highly appreciated.  Thank you,