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  1. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

      §3 MiLoG. The employee can not relinqish their claim to minimum wage other than by settling in court. Any agreements signed to such effect are invalid.  
  2. What was your first car?

    First car was a 1984 Fiat Panda 34, quickly succeeded by a 1999 Fiat Panda 500 (the facelift model of the same).
  3. landlord not responding to plumbing issue

      That heavily depends on the model, and usually the mechanism is not directly connected to the buttons - but removing the panel gives access to the internals to remove, usually with a manual inside on how to proceed from here. In most cases it's just the swimmer regulating the inflow to the watertank being stuck a bit though, and it tends to be enough then to manually push it up all the way a couple times or rattle that part for a bit as a quick fix.   You can also usually shut off the water inflow for just the flushing mechanism (...instead of the entire apartment) by this point - after just removing the panel with the buttons - with a simple screwdriver or similar.