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  1.   Durchschnittliches monatliches Nettoeinkommen der Familien in Baden-Württemberg seit 2012 nach Anzahl der Kinder*)   *) Durchschnittliches Nettoeinkommen (Median)    
  2. Official state statistics, based on micro census:   https://www.statistik-bw.de/Familie/Einkommenslagen/F-NE-m-K.jsp   For 2016 it's 3454 median net income with two children for all family types (single-parent*, two-parent married, two-parent non-married, two-parent same-sex partnerships) for primary earners between age 35 and 45. With the Kindergeld on top - 408 Euro for two kids now - we're at 3862.   * that's important, as it markedly drives down the median - only 17% of single-parent families with primary earners in that age group have net incomes of more than 3200 Euro.
  3.   The average income of families in Baden-Württemberg was around 4,000€ net for 2017. That's also virtually equivalent to the amount where in Baden-Württemberg a family of four can apply for state assistance with rent - and yes, our caps for that are quite high in comparison to other German states.   Karlsruhe is relatively cheap as rents go, at least when compared to other cities in Baden-Württemberg.
  4. Registration

    In Baden-Württemberg, in those cities that have multiple Bürgerämter, it is required to use the one assigned to your city district.
  5. Is "unsaved" their term for anyone who does not believe in their version of the sky fairy?
  6.   Especially given that the Klingons were modelled off the Soviet Union, with broad hints at politically representing Communist China at the time in '66.   The "reasoning" for the Arab connection (other than pure conjecture based off of who espouses it, namely certain - mostly American - religious groups) likely comes from a very European interpretation of the script of the first TOS episode with Klingons appearing, in which their looks were termed "Oriental". This of course referred to East Asians, not Arabs though.
  7.   From HIS ? It's at the other end of town virtually, with training at Sportzentrum Süd (outdoor) and both there and at various schools around Kirchheim (indoor).   Physically located closest to HIS would be TSV Wieblingen, with their outdoor training grounds next to the SRH college two tram stops away. Although in which area of Heidelberg OP would live then should be more important in my opinion...
  8.   If both partners live in Germany then German law is applied by default in a divorce, unless both partners choose to have foreign law applied, or have pre-decided such explicitly as part of a marriage contract (foreign law as in that of the country of nationality or the country of residence of either of the partners). And yes, they do "deliver the legal systems of 200+ nations" in such cases.
  9. The only useful functionality that i see is that Deutsche Post is offering PostIdent using eID. But: Only if the company that buys the PostIdent service for identifying customers selects to use that.   As perhaps interesting variants there's also a few cloud services that offer authentication through eID as a possible option.   Applications are listed here - though the German version of that particular page has a lot more. Offhand compared to back then a couple banks and insurance companies dropped eID support.
  10. With regard to mosquitoes, it used to be a whole lot worse until they started the annual campaigns against them about 20 years ago - killing billions every year with bio-warfare bombs dropped from helos in the Altrhein areas south of Mannheim.
  11. is it worth disputing train fine?

      Over here that's literal too.   90.9% of all public transport trips here in the Rhine-Neckar area are done using passes instead of individual payment tickets - out of about 310 million passengers. Which is one of the highest rates in Germany.   Individual payment is also used almost exclusively in the cities here, i.e. spontaneous urban travelling such as by tourists. In the countryside the quota of passengers using passes is above 99% (!).
  12. I'm still laughing at the pepper on the label with "serving suggestion" next to it.   (which it doesn't say on the German version of the same product by the same brand btw - would be false advertising after all...)   In case anyone wonders Kania is one of the no-name brands of Fuchs Gewürze GmbH, which owns 75% of the market in Germany for spices. Other such brands of Fuchs are e.g. Le Gusto (Aldi); they also own e.g. the more upscale Kattus and Ostmann brands.
  13. Game - Wild meat restaurants

    Wikipedia claims that out of game on the German meat market: - 57% is from hunted game in Germany - 3% is from farmed game in Germany - 40% is imported from Eastern Europe or New Zealand (NZ is farmed animals only)   Depends heavily on the game though. Wild boar is barely farmed at all in Germany due to oversupply and thus low prices from hunting, Reh isn't be farmed due to extreme space requirements.   With the above 3% on the market Germany also accounts for nearly one quarter of all farmed game in the European Union. Basically, unless it says New Zealand on the sticker there's a 90-95% propability it's hunted game.
  14. Game - Wild meat restaurants

      Wild Boar or Deer you can buy at any better supermarket - Rewe, Edeka, Marktkauf etc - in particular during the season (which starts around now), otherwise refrigerated as usual. Other exotic meat only as occasional gimmicks, which is mostly elk, kangaroo, alligator, bison, buffalo. If you have access to Metro (B2B) they of course also sell the bison and buffalo that you can find in restaurants around here.   For any of the others you'll basically have to search online shops that deliver, of which there are actually plenty. Google for something like "exotisches Fleisch" - not "Wildfleisch", which is only boar and deer by default. Don't think you'll find any mountain lion outside the US though. For the Australian range - kangaroo, alligator etc - i think there's a vendor somewhere regionally, usually advertises and sells at Maimarkt every year...