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  1. Looking for English School

    Not quite sure on the discussion, but:   Beschulungspflicht is not a legal term, but one used informally to describe the inverted duty of the state to provide schools for those upon whom the state obliges the duty to attend school.   Basically, if a state has Schulpflicht (as all states in Germany do), they need to provide a school where children can attend - and they need to make sure, provided no legal alternative (e.g. a private school) is found that children attend it too.   Since in most state school laws the Schulpflicht is described merely as "attending a school until age x" or "for x years" there is no requirement for the school to be "suitable" or for the child to be able to reach any particular degree of education either. It only needs to be attended after all.
  2.   Peak refugee housing in Mannheim was 15,000 with 9,500 at Benjamin Franklin Village, 2,500 at Spinelli Barracks, 2,000 at Funari Barracks and 1,000 at Hammonds Barracks.   Only the "Columbus Quarter" of BFV was used, i.e. the area squeezed between the tram line and the highway; BFV, Funari and Sullivan Barracks had already been sold to MWSP for development at the time and were rented back by the state for this purpose. Columbus Quarter was used for refugee housing by the state until the end of 2018 (that's when the lease ended) and was then handed back to MWSP. Currently it is used for housing 300 "city-owned" refugees and 400 German soldiers while it is being torn down until the end of the year. The German soldiers are cadets of the Bundeswehr academy in Mannheim-Neuostheim, where new dorms are being built in place of old ones (hence why the feds use several conversion sites to house them in the meantime, Hammonds and Tompkins in Schwetzingen too for example).
  3.   Eh, it's more that throwing a few thousand apartments onto a small market such as Babenhausen would rather negatively impact the market. Staging conversion to coincide with a lull in other development and stretching it in phases over multiple years lowers this impact.   And then there's of course the fact that upon being handed back by the US Military the areas are owned by the federal government subsequently. And they're not exactly handing them over to local municipalities or developers for free, but only at market value.  
  4.   Durchschnittliches monatliches Nettoeinkommen der Familien in Baden-Württemberg seit 2012 nach Anzahl der Kinder*)   *) Durchschnittliches Nettoeinkommen (Median)    
  5. Official state statistics, based on micro census:   https://www.statistik-bw.de/Familie/Einkommenslagen/F-NE-m-K.jsp   For 2016 it's 3454 median net income with two children for all family types (single-parent*, two-parent married, two-parent non-married, two-parent same-sex partnerships) for primary earners between age 35 and 45. With the Kindergeld on top - 408 Euro for two kids now - we're at 3862.   * that's important, as it markedly drives down the median - only 17% of single-parent families with primary earners in that age group have net incomes of more than 3200 Euro.
  6.   The average income of families in Baden-Württemberg was around 4,000€ net for 2017. That's also virtually equivalent to the amount where in Baden-Württemberg a family of four can apply for state assistance with rent - and yes, our caps for that are quite high in comparison to other German states.   Karlsruhe is relatively cheap as rents go, at least when compared to other cities in Baden-Württemberg.
  7. Registration

    In Baden-Württemberg, in those cities that have multiple Bürgerämter, it is required to use the one assigned to your city district.
  8. Is "unsaved" their term for anyone who does not believe in their version of the sky fairy?
  9.   Especially given that the Klingons were modelled off the Soviet Union, with broad hints at politically representing Communist China at the time in '66.   The "reasoning" for the Arab connection (other than pure conjecture based off of who espouses it, namely certain - mostly American - religious groups) likely comes from a very European interpretation of the script of the first TOS episode with Klingons appearing, in which their looks were termed "Oriental". This of course referred to East Asians, not Arabs though.
  10.   From HIS ? It's at the other end of town virtually, with training at Sportzentrum Süd (outdoor) and both there and at various schools around Kirchheim (indoor).   Physically located closest to HIS would be TSV Wieblingen, with their outdoor training grounds next to the SRH college two tram stops away. Although in which area of Heidelberg OP would live then should be more important in my opinion...