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  1.   The property manager only got a single quote? (the default is three)
  2.   It could also mean that they had already filled up their slots by the time the brochure was published  
  3.   The primary target spectrum of Universität Mannheim Service & Marketing GmbH - the subcompany of the university that does those courses - are exchange students. In that context, the August course is full of exchange students for Uni MA (it tailends on the beginning of courses at Uni MA, although their primary offer in that regard is their "Summer Academy" with the same timing), the September course probably still sees a lot of them for Uni HD (ending as courses at Uni HD are about to start). The October/November and November/December courses should be more variable in ages.   The Goethe Institute doesn't really compete with them with regard to exchange students, at least for Mannheim University.
  4.   All public schools in Heidelberg moved to G8 at the same time (except IGH), and all of them also decided jointly to keep G8 as the only option when the government allowed G9 again.   The G9 course at EI pushes all classes begun after 5th grade one year back - compared to their own G8 table (except they don't, you still get Latin or French as 2nd foreign language in 6th grade - unlike the G9 course at IGH where it's shoved back to 7th). Since 2004 - introduction of G8 - schools in BaWü are free to distribute classes pretty much any way they want between grades, provided an overall minimum for each class is kept before the final two grades. This basically leads to it being rather not encouraged to switch schools at any point, and for EI's G9 course pretty much guarantees that if switching over to a "standard" G8 gymnasium the kid will be held back a year.   P.S.: On a side note - the Schulwegweiser 2018 was published three weeks ago. For 5th grade in public secondary schools the registration date is March 21st/22nd. Most private schools seem to be closing registration next week or the week after, except those that apparently feel like they won't be full by that time (and yes, EI doesn't give a registration closing date).
  5. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    I eat veal.
  6. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

      That's more a question of what kind of animals are being eaten locally. Northerners eat pork predominantly, and pig offal while not widely known nowadays - and considered dog food in the south - is in typical northern dishes (e.g. pig tongue in the coastal area and pig liver as a typical Berlin dish). In the south traditional dishes include more cattle, where the offal is more "usable". Rhineland-Palatinate with its Saumagen (... probably the only reason it's in that list) straddles the line between Prussia and Germany.   The reason why offal isn't more popular in Germany - or otherwise - is mostly because 1) for most parts you can't freeze them while raw and 2) in particular pig offal is typically contaminated with whatever drugs those pigs were fed to survive until slaughter as well as - commonly - various heavy metals through their feed, which kinda has an impact on its reputation.
  7.   On a side note, Bauhaus has retail stores quite conveniently in downtown Mannheim and Heidelberg (they're a local company), and also sells some stuff regarding home decoration, furniture (kitchens), gardening and similar things. I tend to use these as a quick go-to place for "the cheap stuff you forgot to get" - lightbulbs? check. toilet brush? check. huge plastic cover sheets? check. carton boxes? check. etc.
  8. Starting in the late 40s English was mandatory in all anglophone occupation zones; French was mandatory in the French zone, and at the time there may have been a decade or so in the French zone at that time where you got through Volksschule without English. And in the East you learned Russian, and only that.  
  9. Yeah, but there's no direct comparison in prices - more so if we're talking about stuff that you can buy otherwise easily. Groceries on Amazon are basically Edeka level plus ten percent for example. I'd put Amazon down for e.g. household appliances and consumer electronics though, mostly because Mediamarkt (since it was stated) or other retail stores in that field aren't any cheaper and often more scroungy on delivery options.     Might wanna check e.g. Mann Mobilia (xxxlshop.de) and their subsidiary Mömax (moemax.de) even if only for price comparison, as they have physical shops in Mannheim out in Vogelstang. About the same price level and quality as Ikea.
  10. Is the target to find actual online retailers, or is it to find some typical German prices for goods? Because in the latter case forget amazon or ebay.
  11. Better than the pseudo-Franconian that they hammer you with around Heilbronn and east of it...   (seriously, the first time i've had to ask someone to repeat themselves after not understanding a single word of her dialect was in a supermarket in Heilbronn)
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      That's kinda the problem, the EU does have it in writing. Guess no one ever told Davis about those evil German contracts.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      Unlike the EU's mutual defense clauses (transferred over from the WEU with Lisbon), NATO's mutual defense clauses are completely non-committal and not even worth the paper they're written on.
  14.   It should be noted that TK has in other instances been audited before and following that scrambled to get their things in order - and that means retroactive. A couple years ago on student insurances for example, for which TK originally never demanded to see proof of enrolment.
  15. The reason why schools do not get involved in such activities are simple: supervision and liability.   The way it's structured around here the schools are not liable to any side in case anything happens and do not need to provide supervision. The same goes for the dislike of schools for the Abistreiche - where they are to some extent liable, that's why schools tend to cancel classes at some point during such events - and the non-involvement and complete unofficiality of the Abiparties which used to be used to raise money for the other events. The only event which is official and a regular school activity is handing out the final certificates. Which is generally set completely separate from any of the above activities.