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  1. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

      §3 MiLoG. The employee can not relinqish their claim to minimum wage other than by settling in court. Any agreements signed to such effect are invalid.  
  2. What was your first car?

    First car was a 1984 Fiat Panda 34, quickly succeeded by a 1999 Fiat Panda 500 (the facelift model of the same).
  3. landlord not responding to plumbing issue

      That heavily depends on the model, and usually the mechanism is not directly connected to the buttons - but removing the panel gives access to the internals to remove, usually with a manual inside on how to proceed from here. In most cases it's just the swimmer regulating the inflow to the watertank being stuck a bit though, and it tends to be enough then to manually push it up all the way a couple times or rattle that part for a bit as a quick fix.   You can also usually shut off the water inflow for just the flushing mechanism (...instead of the entire apartment) by this point - after just removing the panel with the buttons - with a simple screwdriver or similar.
  4.   The 100,000€ protection is independent of the bank and part of a legal protection system that any bank operating in Germany has to accede to.
  5. The answer is above.   If you earn more than 450 Euro from minijobs (in total when combining all) then you have to pay taxes and mandatory insurance contributions on them.   Hours are irrelevant in that regard.
  6. Isn't that considerably less than Waldorf-Frommer used to "demand" in their Abmahnungen? I kinda vaguely remember numbers in the multiple thousands from other threads.
  7.   If a person earns more than 450 Euro per month through multiple minijobs regardless of whether with one or multiple employers then all contracts no longer fall under minijob rules and you become fully versicherungspflichtig.   Considering that the pension insurance contribution is calculated exactly correctly for this situation i assume that the employer for this contract knows about your other job and other earnings (if they didn't then your pension insurance contribution for this job would actually be higher as you'd fall under the Mindestbeitragsbemessungsgrenze). If you want to inform an employer, then it's the other one you should inform - so that they can equally deduct the appropriate amounts from your pay.   If you earn less than 450 Euro from both jobs combined then you are no longer versicherungspflichtig for health insurance, unemployment insurance and care insurance; should you choose to do so you can also then opt out of pension insurance, thus reducing deductions to zero.    
  8.   24 hours in Mannheim. Less than that in Heidelberg.
  9.   Which legally is BS as the landlord can simply report that fact and the Meldeamt will investigate the renter for a possible violation. Which of course doesn't mean that people won't still attempt to circumvent that hassle with such a restriction.   If a landlord - or "WG council", whatever they call themselves in that case nowadays - refuses to give a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung on moving in, it can be assumed as a general fact that they are not allowed to rent out that apartment and for that reason choose to go the illegal way all the way. Simple as that.  
  10. European Elections - right to vote

      The draft ballot is a bit hard to find on the website of the city of Berlin:   https://www.berlin.de/wahlen/wahlen/europawahl-2019/allgemeine-informationen/stimmzettelmuster-europawahl-2019-berlin.pdf   All parties use nation-wide candidate lists except CDU (state lists); there are no "local" candidates therefore.
  11. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      Those math exercises there were published by a group of university professors who advocate a more math-focused (less "obfuscated") learning stream in Gymnasium, and who use those exercises - drawn from the Mittelstufe curriculum, i.e. grade 8-10 - to show that students in their courses are incapable of "proper math". They tested it repeatedly with first-semester students in a construction engineering course.   Their main gripe is with current school curricula pushing a "modellization" approach to math (and generally the "competence oriented" approach of current curricula), the cut of certain parts they deem important from the curricula, and the modern math teaching approch using aids (calculators, computers etc) which lead to schoolkids not learning how to actually do that kinda stuff by themselves.   That has of course to be seen with the caveat that math professors were already complaining about schools "not properly preparing students" for (math-oriented) university-level studies twenty years ago.
  12. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

        Then you wouldn't need that jobseeker visa either though.
  13. Anmeldung at friend's (owner) place - is it legal?

    Just have her fill out a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, you don't need any written approval beyond that. The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung only confirms that she acknowledges as the owner that person x (you) has moved into a housing unit she owns.   Sample form for Cologne city here: https://formular-server.de/Koeln_FS/findform?shortname=02-F17_WohnGeberBest&formtecid=3&areashortname=koeln_html