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  1.   Isn't Heidelberg Village the one where people couldn't move in because of a lack of doors and balconies and no permission to use it as housing from the Bauamt?
  2.   It's actually entirely wrong since they put Grade under Titel there. Titel denote honorific denomination such as Fürst, Graf - or "your majesty".   Correct would also be to split out the Herr/Frau, since that's not a Titel - or a Grad - either.   Pretty common mistake though.
  3. Bavaria publishes crime statistics for 2017

      And other than theft the Aufklärungsquote is 82% (!) which is astonishingly high and speaks volumes about social control at Bavarian schools.
  4.   Just as a note here : All German soldiers are Beamte auf Zeit unless they are Berufssoldaten. Not that it matters to the situation at hand.   Anyway, i assume the military lawyer is part of the Bundeswehrverwaltungsstelle Niederlande? If not, you may also want to contact either their main office in Brunssum or the offices in Eibergen or Eindhoven.
  5.   Single-customer Handelsvertreter are always rentenversicherungspflichtige Selbständige. Previous blanket exemptions for them were removed a while ago. The only real way around it in the scenario described is to hire on other people at minimum midijob level.   OP may also want to talk to her local IHK.
  6.   So, basically what you're saying is that you're one of those 13% Putin Puppets who try to infect the world with the virulent vitriol from your echo chambers - which only sprang into being really after your original home at Stormfront got kicked off the German internet?
  7. Fish market in Karlsruhe

    I guess "big" or "small" is a subjective matter
  8. Fish market in Karlsruhe

    Small but well-sorted. Think more the size of a traditional butcher shop. Sometimes a bit crowded with queues. Haven't been there in a a while though. The shop focuses almost entirely on fish, but also has some meat. Fresh saltwater fish mostly from Brittany.   Their main business is the B2B side, delivering to restaurants - including over 40 restaurants with a Michelin star.    
  9. Fish market in Karlsruhe

    Südfisch? They have a shop in Muggensturm for customers and otherwise sell only B2B...
  10. Joining the Bundeswehr

      Less than that. Between 1991 and 2017 among the 410,000 Bundeswehr soldiers deployed abroad during that time the rate of death was 0.027%, the rate of injury 0.322%.
  11.   The former Höllenstein - before being torn down and newly constructed - was a very, very lower-class area. Not quite a slum, but, uh... i think you about get the idea.   Have you checked Südstadt itself? Quick look on Immobilienscout shows a surprising number on the market (compared to other times), though by surprising i just mean "more than zero". The 11-13 Euro cold rent per square meter you'll find on Immobilienscout are normal for the area in case you wonder, at least for medium-class stuff.   There will be a relatively large amount of rental space coming on the market in MTV in Südstadt next year, though that'll be at Bahnstadt prices and doesn't exactly help you now.   The local paper regularly lists some family-sized places (flats and houses) in Handschuhsheim and Pfaffengrund for somewhat reasonable prices around 10 Euro per square meter. While that's at the other end of the town, if you can find something there reasonably close to a tram stop that could be an option too...
  12.   Actually the constitution only reserves exclusive legislative power over the subject to the federation, not executive power. The federation has outsourced executive power over it to the states which have mostly handed it down to the Landkreise.
  13. Both misconceptions in Germany - "Anfänger" and "Ausbildung" - most likely stem from the French version of that kind of learner permit sign. In France an "A" sign is used for beginner drivers, short for "apprenti".
  14. What made you smile today?

    It's short for Abfall.   The signs are mandatory since 2012. The intention behind it is a bit nebulous but it seems they want the police to be able to better spot (possibly illegal) garbage transports and be able to control from where to where they intend to move that garbage. And to have some sort of legal tool to sanction people who try to transport garbage without it.
  15. What made you smile today?

    The 'A' shield is a required sign for all vehicles transporting garbage or other waste (e.g. from construction sites) on public roads. Nothing to do with apprentices.