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  1. Although there were some Halloween festivities in colonial America, such as telling ghost stories and various kinds of mischief-making, it was not celebrated in many parts of the country. This changed in 1847-1852 when the great Irish Potato Famine led to the starvation deaths of over one million of the Irish and the emigration of several million more to the US. The Irish brought their Halloween traditions with them and Halloween trick-or-treating became immensely popular. Read part 4. Read prior parts.
  2. In 1609 Guy Fawkes led a conspiracy to blow up England's parliament building and to remove the protestant King James I from power. The so-called Gunpowder Plot was foiled and, when Fawkes was executed in 1606, an annual celebration was launched. Communal bonfires (so-called "bone fires") were lit to burn effigies and the symbolic "bones" of the pope. The celebration became known as Gunpowder Treason Day and it became a focus for anti-Catholic sentiment that continued for almost 200 years. Read part 3. Read prior parts.
  3. The Western Roman Empire was a hostile environment for the early Christian Church until the conversion of Constantine and the Edict of Milan. With that guarantee of religious tolerance, however, the Church expanded rapidly throughout Europe and into what is now the UK and Ireland and encountered once more the Celtic celebrations of the dead. The way in which the Church adapted their customs and festivals to Christian celebrations makes up the next fascinating chapter in the story of Halloween. Read part 2. Read prior parts.
  4. It's almost that time of year again – the time when little kids disguise themselves as witches, ghosts and goblins. They become extortionists, ringing your doorbell and demanding treats if you want to avoid having tricks being played on you. Where did the idea come from and why do we celebrate it on 31 October. It's a fascinating story and this is the first part of it, beginning with ancient Celtic times.
  5. “It’s a radio play. How hard can it be?” Well, it’s harder than you might think. “THE DARK - A Halloween Radio Play” is Entity Theatre’s third radio play directed by Jim Nellis. If you want to learn more about the challenges listen to his interview on the All Things Theatre podcast. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1749099/episodes/8290082
  6. Be prepared to face your biggest fears! WNTT Radio Theatre presents some of the scariest, creepiest, most shocking short stories from the deepest catacombs of radio plays adapted to the stage. Performed live from 28 to 31 October 2021, 7.30pm, at Amerikahaus München. Get your ticket for THE DARK now! https://thedark-halloween.eventbrite.com
  7. Entity Theatre is back with its summer Shakespeare! Messina, 1901. The landed gentry around Leonato and Antonio await the end of the war between Don Pedro and his vicious brother, Don John. When Don Pedro returns victorious to Messina, he brings home with him not only the confirmed bachelor, Benedick, but also the eligible young Claudio. Claudio and Hero, Leonato’s daughter, fall instantly in love with each other and plan an imminent wedding; meanwhile, Leonato’s niece Beatrice resumes her love-hate relationship with Benedick, trading insults. Don Pedro is intent on tricking Benedick and Beatrice into publicly confessing their love for each other. At the same time, a bitter Don John and his followers, Borachio and Conrade, deceive Claudio by denouncing Hero as unchaste. At the altar, Claudio refuses to marry Hero and the party disperses, many believing Hero to have died from the slanderous attack. Dogberry and his Watchmen are sent to investigate. And, since this is a comedy, the truth is brought to light and there will be a wedding after all. But who will be the bride?   William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, abr. by David Viita & Conny Loder Directed by Conny Loder & John Yates, produced by Ken Lawler & Peter Heinz. Watch our trailer! Performances: 7-11 & 14-18 July 2021, starting at 19:00h. Shows last approx. 100 minutes. Theatron, Westpark. Free admission. Bring a blanket and a picnic. Due to the nature of outdoor theatre, we may have to cancel a performance. Please check here for a weather update: 0176 52441735 We will publish important guidelines on how to access the performances in agreement with current hygiene regulations towards the end of June. Visit our website for updates! https://entitytheatre.com/