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  1. Renting a car in the USA

    Reviving an old post here just to share my recent experience.   I booked a rental car in California using and found a good deal with AutoEurope as the Veranstalter and Budget as the rental agency.  However AutoEurope has this specific text in their Algemeine Bedingungen: Angebot und Preise sind NICHT gültig für US-amerikanische und kanadische Staatsbürger, NICHT für Personen, die ihren Wohnsitz in den USA oder in Kanada haben sowie NICHT für Inhaber von US-amerikanischen und kanadischen Führerscheinen.   The way I understood it is that the offer is not valid if you hold a USA or Canadian passport.  Other Veranstalter had more generous conditions which limited the offer to persons who are German residents regardless of their passports, but the prices were considerably higher.    I searched again using and deselected AutoEurope as an Anbieter, but selected only Budget. Here I found an offer where the rental was booked directly with Budget and there was no passport exclusion. Fortunately this was only about 100 EUR more than the AutoEurope offer.    Lesson learned that it pays to read the fine print when renting a car in the US from Germany.