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  1. I slipped in the grass when running yesterday and landed on my knees. It hurt a bit, but not for long. I got up and brushed myself off and it was soon forgotten. This morning though, I must have turned in my sleep because I woke myself up shrieking. It felt as if someone was hammering a steel spike under my kneecap. There's nothing to see on my knee. No bruising or swelling. Just this horrible hot stabbing pain if I move the joint. On the (please excuse the) expletive scale from 'ouch' to 'Mary-mother-of-god-jesus-fucking-christ-what-did-I-do-to-deserve-this-agony?!!', I'd say the pain is about a 'fucking-christ!'.   I don't plan on going to the doctor today at least. It would be agony to get there and the doc might well just tell me to rest it a bit and it will heal on it's own. Only a masochist would not be resting it today anyway. If the pain doesn't go away eventually, I will go to the doctor, but for now it would help just to hear TT experiences.   Has anyone else injured themselves this way? How long did the pain last? What did you do for it?