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  1. One of the things that makes me nervous about my building is the single exit and the lack of fire extinguishers. There's no fire escape, smoke detectors, alarms or anything. I've considered getting a rope ladder for the windows just in case... I'm not sure where to get one though. I've wondered if the local fire department offers any advice on the subject, but haven't had the nerve to ask.   My office here, on the other hand, has no end of fire escapes, extinguishers, alarms etc. Apparently the regulations are different for residential or business buildings?   I visited our London office not so long ago and was horrified to notice that all exits were actually locked from the inside and outside. No exit without a key. I thought they should just go ahead and post a sign at each locked door to advise the bodies to pile up in an orderly que in case of fire...   What are the regulations anyway? Does anyone know? Are there any European norms?   And just how crowded can a disco here get before they consider it hazardous?