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  1. I seriously do not understand what has it to do demonstrations here in germany, if someone really want to contribute to their country at such bad situation should go there and support the make demonstration atleast something positive will happen. 


  2. To start your own business or Start up the basic requirement is : PR(Neiderlassungserlaubnis), PR gives you the rights to indulge in economic recourse. I would say, apply for PR first then think about start up. Also to apply for PR you need to complete 33 months of Rente.. 

    Usually you are tied with the job period of 18 months which means if you quit your job within 18 months your blue card is void and you get 3 months of time to find next job.




  3. If you wish to spend rest of your life in Germany then go for  Niederlassungserlaubnis ( if you already a holder of Blu karte for more then 33 months you do not need to produce germany skill test report) Though the rules keep changing but .. from my experience the process is very smooth. Just speak to the visa employee and they will help you. If you wish to work all around EU then   Daueraufenthalt EU is best. NEiderlassungserlaubnis in my eyes is good to have if you wish to settle down in long run.


  4. Hi Lemon,

    You just need motivation :) you dont need any special dress as a beginner.

    :) Its a good idea to learn few of the basic steps and make your self flexible

    before you actually enroll for any class. that can really save lot of your money.


  5. Dear Lisa,

    Really sad to hear this. Anyways, just take the pic of your bike and report this to nearest police station.

    Its really difficult to get back but you should report who knows you might be lucky. It happened to my friend

    too :(


  6. Hi All,

    Can someone please point me to some cheap massage center or acupuncture therapist here in munich.

    From last two weeks I have been experiencing pain in my back.

    Also if some one know TTK covers the cost of Acupuncture. I am very new to acupuncture therapy. This would

    be my first experience. Also some advices.



    apple eater