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  1. Its Wednesday see you all later if your coming We start from 19:00 Uhr at the Shovel Road bar in Gasstraße 2A Please ask the barkeepers if you cannot find the group and they will be happy to point out where we are sitting
  2. Yes every Wednesday! and today which is Wednesday is our meet up so all those that complain they have work the next day can come as tomorrow is yet another hoilday here
  3. How to start modelling in Germany

    oh I see not much has change here in TT as I got a mention to give advice but I am still awaiting a direct message from the Deezz i f they want good sound advice from someone in the industry here in Germany I would happliy give directly it but as you see TT is not the place for this and one of the reason you don't see me so active anymore on here 
  4. Well after relocating to in Hamburg for a while now I thought I would start up another English/German Langue exchange kind of meeting over on the westside of Hamburg (because I live in the area) So please do look up my history on this forum and you will see this will not be a just another meet up that will fizzel out after a few meetings as my last group that i actively ran for the first five and a half years is still running in Berlin 10 and a half years later  A German friend (NavtiveSpeaker) and I want to start a English/Deutsch Speaker group.called the Hamburg Westside English meet up We are looking for Germans who want to improve their English conversation and of course English speaking people that would want to improve there Deutsch conversation skills here and make new friends  Where you are from is also completely irrelevant. The meeting will take place weekly. We meet every Wednesday from 19 o'clock in the Shovel Road Bar in Altona.  Which is a 5 minute walk away from Hamburg-Bahrenfeld S-Bahn which is on the S1 / S11 line  There you can socialize and get to know great new people. LG Del