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  1. Vespa-Verleih Reichenberger Str. 89, 10999 Berlin is where a friend of mine works as the mechanic there who is German but talks good english he will know what to do as his involed in the SC scene here and has a few tuned up vespas hidden away and might possibly know a good TUV place to go if he likes you  
  2. Or just keep it in storage in the UK for when you return as most people say they are going to stay in Germany and then end up giving up after roughly two years from my experiences here in the ex pat community 
  3. So when did S9 start running to Spandau?

    take a motorcycle to the airport its free parking and less stress than working out the BVG timetable 
  4. change the exhaust back to a standard one and don't tell the TUV about the engine modification and they might pass it perhaps if they dont see it also the headlight would have to be changed so the beam does not shine on the wrong side of the road  as for the indicators Im not sure about your bike and its age for the laws here but I have seen 60s bikes fitted with indicators so perhaps you will have to do this  But the cost of importing it and registering it would it be worth it when you could probably buy another one here?