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  1. I'm lucky that my nut allergy isn't anaphylactic shock level - but it's still unpleasant and annoying.


    Allergy labelling does appear to be getting better here. I think it's just about caught up with Britain twenty years ago (I'm refering to nut allergies because that's the one I've been paying attention to all my life).


    And reading the label once isn't good enough, you have to read it every single time, because they change ingredients or factories. A mere change in factory isn't a problem for me, but if you've got the anaphylactic shock level allergy it may be if they switch from a factory that doesn't process nuts to one that does.


    But eating out requires frequently quizzing of the staff and, more frequently than I would like, completely avoiding desserts.


    I'm usually pretty good at identifying safe things on the menu - but I've had plenty of practise. Much as I like vegetarian dishes, I tend to avoid them because they often have nuts in.


    Chocolate is another thing to avoid - despite constant reading of labels - I've picked up more chocolate bars with nuts in here than I have ever picked up in Britain.


    I clearly recall one occasion where it was a set menu and I said "please serve my dessert without the hazelnut mousse because I'm allergic to nuts" and they replaced it with vanilla ice-cream - but the spoon used to serve my ice-cream had been dipped in nuts! I was not a happy bunny.


  2. I pretty sure you can't stop a document once it's been sent, how do you intend to locate it for a start. Your only option would be if it was sent with someone like DHL or a courier and was being tracked, and even then I'm not sure you could stop it.


    As to how long it takes, anything from a couple of days to, well, eternity (stuff still missing that my parents sent me 20 years ago). No rhyme or reason, no guarantees.


  3. Once upon a time, I lived just far enough away to not be bothered by noise, but close enough to get all the fallout. And I had to travel the U4/5 to get to and from work.

    Mornings weren't too bad, if you kept your eyes open and avoided the mess. In the evening, the trip home was not quite a nightmare, but not far off. Fortunately my journey started at the first stop on the line and took me to one stop after Theresienwiese - I was usually able to grab a corner seat and not move til my stop. Otherwise that trip would have been a nightmare. After half a dozen stops the train was jammed full, and woe betide anyone who wanted to make their escape at the Ost/Hauptbahnhof.



    Just an idea - instead of "selling" your origami, maybe you could do live demonstrations for donations instead. Then you'd be a street performer instead of a merchant. Probably still not legal, but I've never seen the police roust street artists - at least not here in Berlin. YMMV, of course.


    In Munich you'd need to apply for a permit stating who you are, when and where you intend to 'perform' and what you'll be doing. And in Munich you probably would get checked.


  5. I have a couple of options to add to the list.


    Die Mercerie at Maillingerstrasse. Watch out for the early closing times, 6:30 during the week and 2 on Saturdays. Mini cafe and tables at the back of the shop to keep uninterested companions out of your hair while you're shopping.




    And Roeder, not a shop as such, but you can order and arrange to go pick your stuff up.




    And if you fancy quick trip up to Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm you can go and visit https://www.rohrspat...ollmeise.de/en/ it's only a hop, skip and a jump from the train station. But do watch the opening times, only open Friday and Saturday, usually every two weeks.

    Ordering Wollmeise online is a bit like striking gold, easier in theory than in practice. The site only gets updated a couple of times a week.


  6. growing incessantly sounds like you're describing a weed that is taking over the garden and you can't get rid of the accursed thing


    expanding incessantly sounds a bit like an expanding waistline, not exactly the end of the world, but not exactly desirable either.


    If the customer is saying the cllient base is expanding incessantly and we don't know what to do about it/can't cope with this rate of expansion - I think it would be fine. If the customer is saying the client base is constantly growing, and this is a good thing - I'd avoid it.