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  • Location Wilmersdorf, Berlin
  • Nationality danish
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  • Interests Social Dane living here now after 15 years in New Zealand.
    Love to explore the city, travel, walks, life music, art and painting.

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Hi there

I'm an "mature" Danish girl who have just relocated to Berlin after 15 years in New Zealand.

I'm a keen traveler and have been in aviation for a looooooong time so seen a few places over the years. I'm social, lively, fit and enjoy exploring new things and meeting new people. Interested in art and dabble in painting myself. Used to sing professionally but now that's for the shower only.

I know most people on this site are 20+ and so am I ....just a few more ++++ .

Here to change my life, meeting new friends and enjoy this wonderful city.

English is preferable but I can still speak my mother tongue(Danish) when I have to. German...hmm not so much and not sure if I really want to either.

Send me a message if you are like me e.g. new in Berlin and keen to meet up.

Hope to hear from you.