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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Or he's looking at something very...engaging (engorging?) and it's pointing at the camera...
  2. Thanks for posting this. I've passed it onto my board-gamey/comicy friends.   Whilst it's possible that they could start selling things online by drawing up a list of games and stock, running it through email and using paypal, it would still require enough people to know about it to make it worthwhile. It also assumes that their staff are (and continue to be) well enough to work.   Even if I can find something cheaper online, I try to either buy/order from them as I want to support them. They're always friendly and happy to offer me a lot of information about what games are available (beyond their stock) and their experiences with different games.
  3. It was about two months for me. I applied in early 2019 and handed in my application with evidence that I had booked language and citizenship tests with results to follow later. My language test was on the 27th of March and I got my certificate the same day. Then I requested a new statement of social security contributions since I'd heard they often wanted updated documents and the statement I submitted didn't include my 2018 contributions (since I requested it early in 2019).   I turned up only to be kindly told by the beamtin that the updated social security statement was unnecessary, as they had processed that part of my application and were just waiting for my test certificates - ho hum!