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  1. Payment for the lawyer of the divorce

    A lawyer is sending you the bill for this nearly a year and a half later?!    maybe you can tell him you just decided to separate after all in the meantime either that or move to South America or just pay the bill I guess...
  2. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    I totally get this thread. I guess I was fortunate to see my family the last time in February 2020. in the meantime my father is in end stage dementia and my mother only saw him twice since the start of 2020 so my own chances are slim.    i have thought about going to the UK but given the complexity of the whole operation I decided to save myself the stress the 20 days leave I would require and the probably at least 2 grand needed for the whole expedition.     funnily enough I was in contact with a colleague in China who was amazed that the EU had not yet been able to vaccinate enough people yet. I was at pains to explain that here people have the right to refuse a vaccine. He didn’t get that concept but it kind of explains where we are. So given the current vaccination plan (is there one here?!) I guess I will be able to visit the UK some time in 2022. But hey happy FaceTime Easter...
  3. Well the UK did vote for Brexit. They will be pleased those nasty EU folk will be put off buying UK goods because it obviously means that people in the UK will buy the products instead and therefore be much better off who needs exports!?
  4. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    I have NordVPN but Iplayer doesn’t work. Could anyone give some tips I have not used the BBC on von for a few years maybe something changed. Any advice appreciated.