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  1. Yes but if you argue that the car’s regular location is actually not Germany then where is the problem? As long as you go back often ( as in once every 3-4 months) have valid green card insurance and an MOT then you should be fine. Obviously post Brexit who knows, the Germans will probably then outlaw all UK vehicles and or crush them. And righty so your fault for voting for such rubbish;)
  2. Are you looking for a state funded or private school? 
  3. Damage to third party car while working.

    Moral of the story, if you are in this situation get the employer to sign off on their dodgy plan in writing. Then you are in the clear. You may also have avoided the situation in the first place and/ or been fired. Which considering the lax attitude of this employer would probably been a good thing and you could sue the company for that as well...
  4. Well thank you Jeba for pointless comment of the day. Th OP already stated he is looking to claim money for the helmet. He is hardy likely to use it again.