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  1. Vitamin D liquid for babies

    Hello,   My son takes Vigantol and I just have to put it in a spoon and he loves the taste. As he was smaller I would just drop the 1 drop needed into his bottle. Early on when he was BFs I would just myself take vitamin D.    
  2. Refund of tax and fees when canceling a flight

    If there was not a large amount of very specific small prints, why on earth would anybody ever buy a one way ticket? ;-)
  3. Charity items to give

    Would this help? https://www.wohindamit.org/
  4.     Hum... While most US native speak english, the state to state differences are simply much bigger that most europeans believe. 
  5.   Am I the only one with whom practically all germans only want to speak in german with? My german is horrible (maybe B1?). I work in English and essentially only use german occasionally. It sounds wrong, the gramar is inexistent and the sentences barely make sense. Yet almost all the people I meet tell me very politely my german is better than their english and speak to me in german. I am impressed by their willingness to hear me butcher their language.    
  6.   But who wants to speak with them really? I mean, I was raised there, and I barely can have a polite conversation with natives.
  7. Herding cats is what I do all day. And we are all headless chicken.  Yep, guilty as charged.
  8.   I first moved to germany in Dresden. After a few weeks my colleague told me (verbatim) " We know we cannot trust you, you smile too much" This was my first insight on how damm shitty that time in Dresden was going to be, but it was funny as the american complained about me not smiling when I moved to California from Paris.   What is this with smilling I ask?
  9.   Good to know   Sorry I digress, I lived in the UK for a short while after a long stint in California... I still wonder if the people really did not understand what I was saying or if they were just being asses.  And don't get me started on that person who I asked where I could fill the tank of my car and who answered "I assume you mean petrol" with a snotty attitude. 
  10. Child tax credit breakdown

      You are correct, I would likely owe them money for 2017 and 2016. But with my luck something happens and they will review and then complain that I did something wrong. I was audited a few times already (never found anything).     Thank you both, you are awesome!   Now on to writing a letter and being told I have to refund the refund... 
  11. Child tax credit breakdown

    Ok so I keep giving them the right data and the keep giving me 81€ per month that I am not asking. Bugger. I am still not understanding why they give me 4998€ of kinderfreibetrag when it is 7356. Is it capped by anything? Is there a maximum tax rebate I can get with the kinderfeibetrag and what is the value for 2017?  Essentially I am getting a 1563€ tax rebate with the kinderfreibetrag. If I calculate right with the full kinderfreibetrag and the full kindergeld it is actually more advantageous for me to keep the kindergeld
  12. Child tax credit breakdown

      No I get the full kindergeld and the 50% are added to the tax amount not the taxable. There is no father and the tax office(should) know that.
  13. Child tax credit breakdown

        Yes I did find that post. I apparently just failed to understand it. I know that I cannot use both. I am just puzzled because none of the numbers add up  (to what I understand) to be honest . I am taxed at 31.3% and they added to my taxes directly 50% of the kindergelt I got. I would have understood if it was 31.3% but 50%? And why am I not getting the full kinderfreibetrag?
  14. Child tax credit breakdown

    I applied for it why would I not be able to stop it. Actually I would need to stop it if I leave the country. 
  15. Child tax credit breakdown

    Hello Panda,   I just received my bescheid für 2017 and I have a question about kinderfreibetrag. The bescheid says in the Gesamtbetrag der Einkünfte: ab freibeträge für kinder ... 4998 and later in the berechnung der Steuer: verbleiben  dazu kindergeld 1152 (so apparently they add the taxes on the kindergeld i received?)  I am quite puzzled because I declared 192x12 = 2304 of kindergeld perceived. and I was expecting 7356 of kinderfreibetrag (I am aleinerziehende) SO essentually I have no idea if it is correct I thought initially that the kinder geld has been substracted from the kinderrfeibeträge in the first section but it still comes up to 7302 which does not correspond...  Any idea how they get those number massaged in? INcidently should I just cancel the kindergeld contract since I have an income above 30k?