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  1. Notre Dame is on fire

    I stand corrected, one insurance group pledged 1300 centenial Oaks for N.D. that is (if confirmed) impressive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/actu.fr/societe/incendie-notre-dame-1300-chenes-centenaires-normandie-donnes-la-reconstruction_22980672.html/amp
  2. Notre Dame is on fire

    The catholic church does not own Notre Dame. France owns N.D. the catholic church is allowed to use it for its cult. There is likely a large insurance but it is unlikely it is up to the several hundred millions that will be needed. Unfortunately fires during renovations are not infrequent. It has happened in Nantes for example.   Not sure money is exactly the issue here, finding 21 Ha of 300 years old Oaks to rase in order to rebuild might be one of the issues. Finding a project that most people like will also be a challenge, rebuilt identical or change?
  3. Notre Dame is on fire

      They are using outside access and have about everything that exist. Yes the alarm system was updated 5 years ago. There was a large scale renovation in process for the last year, that was supposed to last 20 years.  The fire broke in the area under renovation, a lot of the main statues were removed for the renovation but the frame and the spire are gone for now.
  4. Notre Dame is on fire

        The spire fell apparently. The XII century roof frame is severely damage/gone. The fire brigades are there but it will take a while untill we see the whole damage. Very sad. Maybe for all the years I lived near there and all the months I was working next door I should have gone in at least once. 
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    Don't worry the little bugger is a powerful anxiolitic... It happens when he is asleep or when I am at work. (small blessings)
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

      Thanks! I'm seing one, well she also stresses me out with her whole "Never miss a session or I'll report you to your KK"  But she also helps for some other things...    
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    I am unhappy because for the last 2 weeks I am having anxiety attacks about completely idiotic things... (as in my 3 1/2h yo having gastro-enteritis) Talk about 1st world problems! I'm literally paralysed about nothing, chest pain and all. Can't even figure out what used up all my resilience. Likely work (also idiotic)