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  1. Wonderful Chicken Pox!

    Oh wow! My appologies. I stand corrected anaphylaxis is so rare I dismissed it. I am sorry it happened to your mom and it was not treated in time to limit damage.
  2. Wonderful Chicken Pox!

      I am sorry your mum has a health condition that coincided with the shingles vaccine but please in these times of antivac it would be great not to write such things. The vaccine is safe, there is plenty of evidence available to that (same as for the hepatitis vaccine which has been proven not to cause MS multiple times) Your case of shingles was not bad and I am happy for that but some people have repeating episodes that are very painful and react poorly to medecine. My mom is now on her 3rd outbreak, the last one lasted about 6 month and she gave chickenpox to my son who had only partial vaccination at the time.
  3. Wonderful Chicken Pox!

      Actually if you manage not to get chicken pox for your entire life you will not get shingles. On the other hand if you had chicken pox shingles is just waiting to get you. This is the whole point about getting the chicken pox vaccine for your kids and getting the shingles vaccine when you get oldish if you had chickenpox.  Chickenpox, outside of the maddening itch and the scars is fairly benign, as opposed to measles.  
  4. Thank you all. Does anybody know a lawyer specialized in employment law? I'm not sure if there is any point getting legal insurance now as the events are already taking place therefore it is unlikely to be covered.  
  5. I would like an expert to tell me how I should document stuffs and what I should expect if I decide to take legal action. It is not correct that a company will fire somebody because they took legal action. They can only terminate you for grounds, they can make your life unconfortable but fire you is really unlikely.   I am asking for an expert recommendation here. 
  6. Hello All,   For the last 4 years my management has been treating me in a way I consider unethical. Luckily my company has an active Betriebstraatt and they have helped some but this situation has taken a toll. I should be getting a new job but my son is at the company's kita and none of my application to the other 17 kita I tried has come through. As a single mom no chilcare means no job so let's assume I am stuck at this place of employment for about 2 years longer.   I would like to secure legal advice about my situation, how to document, is this considered mobbing, how can I defend myself, what should I expect? Do you guys know any resource? My german is poor but I get myself understood mostly.
  7. Notre Dame is on fire

    I stand corrected, one insurance group pledged 1300 centenial Oaks for N.D. that is (if confirmed) impressive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/actu.fr/societe/incendie-notre-dame-1300-chenes-centenaires-normandie-donnes-la-reconstruction_22980672.html/amp
  8. Notre Dame is on fire

    The catholic church does not own Notre Dame. France owns N.D. the catholic church is allowed to use it for its cult. There is likely a large insurance but it is unlikely it is up to the several hundred millions that will be needed. Unfortunately fires during renovations are not infrequent. It has happened in Nantes for example.   Not sure money is exactly the issue here, finding 21 Ha of 300 years old Oaks to rase in order to rebuild might be one of the issues. Finding a project that most people like will also be a challenge, rebuilt identical or change?
  9. Notre Dame is on fire

      They are using outside access and have about everything that exist. Yes the alarm system was updated 5 years ago. There was a large scale renovation in process for the last year, that was supposed to last 20 years.  The fire broke in the area under renovation, a lot of the main statues were removed for the renovation but the frame and the spire are gone for now.
  10. Notre Dame is on fire

        The spire fell apparently. The XII century roof frame is severely damage/gone. The fire brigades are there but it will take a while untill we see the whole damage. Very sad. Maybe for all the years I lived near there and all the months I was working next door I should have gone in at least once.