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  1. Hi, I recently sold my phone on ebay Kleinanzeigen. The phone was in perfect condition, no scratches, all boxes, cables and protective things (Huawei P9)   After 5 days the buyer is now complaining she is not happy with the battery life and we sold her a defective product. Now I have no idea what she is doing with the phone but at first she claimed to charge it twice in four days which is not unusual for a smartphone and better than my wifes iphone.   Personally from having the phone 14 months I know from my use that the battery lasts more than 1 day but as with any smartphone if I am playing games or doing heavy stuff on it the battery will drain faster.   She now claims it turned off at 37% due to low battery - which I know would not happen as when battery it asks to go into power saving mode long before shutting down at around 2%. Random reboots on Android are not uncommon and can be from user installing programs that have conflicts etc.   Anyway the lady asked for a refund and we refused based on: She has had the phone 5 days and we have no idea what happened to it since out of our hands. The battery life was not an issue from my experience - as said it easily lasted 1-2 days depending on use. Item is sold as seen, second hand in a private transaction with no guarantees or returns.   She has threatened to go to her lawyer if we don't refund her!!   What's your opinion on this?  Can her lawyer really pursue us take us to court over this?   Thanks for any advise on how to deal with this.