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  1. Employer (startup) blatantly using dirty tactics to fire me

    If you are still going into work think about protecting yourself in small ways like a password on your computer. 
  2. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Talk to a lawyer or Betriebsrat before you sign anything.  Reference has to be positive anyway but they can positively say things that will make it clear that you are slow. Again if you don't know the secret words then you can't get what they are saying in the reference.
  3. Here is the email they sent me. It starts right into the new year as the Potsdamer Platz cinema shuts from Jan 1.    Hey "black1",  erlebe noch bis zum 31. Dezember großes Kino im CineStar - Sony Center bevor der Vorhang ein letztes Mal schließt. Dennoch haben wir auch gute Nachrichten für dich:  Auch zukünftig musst du auf deine Kinohighlights in deutscher und englischer Sprache nicht verzichten.  Wir bieten dir weiterhin fantastische Filmmomente in einem CineStar in deiner Nähe. Damit dein erster Kinobesuch in deinem neuen Berliner CineStar unvergesslich bleibt, erhälst du von uns zudem ein 5 € Ticket, dass du vom 02.01.-29.02.2020 einlösen kannst.  In unserem CineStar CUBIX am Alexanderplatz erlebst du die großen Filmstarts und Highlights in Originalversion an jedem Tag.   CUBIX am Alexanderplatz   Die Kulturbrauerei in Mitte zeigt regelmäßig montags und mittwochs sowie an ausgewählten Tagen deine Filmhighlights in Original mit Untertitel-Version. Außerdem erlebst du besondere Highlights auch in der Originalversion.   Kino in der Kulturbrauerei   In unseren anderen Berliner Häusern erlebst du deinen Lieblingsfilm in Originalversion am Original Sunday. Hellersdorf, Tegel, Treptower Park, Wildau
  4. The replacement is the Cubix at Alex. The others are only on certain days and some have subtitles. Your new home from home is the Cubix, opposite TK Maxx, all original only. I am preparing myself for my new cinema; I have never been there and was a loyal Potsdamer Platz customer for 20 years. Time for a change.
  5. Non payment from house sale

    At this point the OP is probably relieved to just move on with their life. 
  6. ASPCA equivalent to call?

    Not these days, animals are well cared for. You sound a bit confused.   Oddly though I did recently see and photograph a sad silver metal sign under the bridge on Voltairestr. at the back of Alexa shopping center (on the right hand side of the bridge as you come from the Shopping center) that talks about the gassing and electrocuting of countless cats and dogs in the Tierheim of Ost-Berlin in the DDR until Feb 1991 ("Im diesem Gebäude befand sich der Tierheim von Ost-Berlin. Bis Februar 1991 wurden unzählige Katzen und Hunde vergast oder durch Stromschlag grausam getotet" Akionsgemeinschaft Tierhilfe e.v.). I tried to include it but the photo would not upload, despite me making it very small.  That was then. This is now.    Also before pointing fingers, in the UK animals are put to sleep by injection if they are considered dangerous. This also happened if they were in the kennels too long and not adopted. I don't know if that happens now.  There was a famous old advert by the RSPCA about the dogs that are abandoned, with a mound of dogs.
  7. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Well he is operating where you live now Acton, in Pankow. Do you live in central Pankow?
  8. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    I just had an absolute classic. A really well dressed Italian guy in a car with Europcar tags just pulled over in a local street and tried to get me to buy some high class clothes. I haven't had that one since I was sitting outside the Baths of Caracalla in Rome about 15 years ago.  I congratulated him on the con. He asked me if I bought anything at the Baths of Caracalla. That one was trickier there were 3 guys and they asked me if I liked nice clothes from Milan. My East German kept saying politely of course she likes clothes from Milan and I was just sighing. The guys were laughing their asses off because it was so funny.
  9. Non payment from house sale

    Look you seem to be waiting for Deus es Machina to save you, or their good manners. You are beyond that and they appear to be worry free. You need to get real and get your lawyer to start telling the buyer that he is liable for a b c and penalties from now on. The lawyer will give you the legal advice on real and possible liabilities and what happens if they don't reply fast to his letters, everything in black and white. We can't do that or give advice because we are not lawyers.  Lawyer up and talk to the bank now. The bank might also have an opinion on action and liabilities.  If you are shellshocked and in a state of serious or mild avoidance then go with your partner or friend.
  10. Get help from caritas or similar and buy cheap food. Gut und Gunstig, Ja, Kaufland own brand, are cheap brands inside the main superstores and of course there is ALDI and LIDL. Friends of mine survived on rice and baked beans for years. Cheap oatmeal (30 cents) is a great way to be full most of the day.  What costs more money is fruit and vegetables.
  11. Expat Burnout

    You may get back home and find that you are changed anyway. It could be that after a while you want to be back here. Happened to me. After three years in the UK I came back. Sometimes people get sort of stuck between the two countries. A friend of my daughter is half/third American and was desperate to go and spend a year there. She doesn't like it and can't wait to be back in Berlin. She may have problems here though. 
  12. The Vent - No Chat!

    What a year, a flood at midnight, death of a parent and now they are shutting my favourite cinema in Berlin, one of my very few places I go out to. WTF!!!!! WTF!
  13. Non payment from house sale

    Go and talk to the bank and discuss this as soon as possible.   Get them to change your payments, reduce them, either for a time or longer (e.g. extending the mortgage to a longer period). This will take the major issue off here. You might have to give increased surety.   Other options are to rent out the old house immediately with possibly a defined period with possible option to continue, based on covering a legal fight period and getting them out for a new buyer. 
  14. Scammed on eBay

    Yep that was bad. I lost a lot of trust then. I generally stick to bid sniping these days to avoid the gentle jacking of prices by some sellers. 
  15. owning an Acquarium in Germany

    I see that they are an endangered species and banned in some countries. This might explain something.   However I am curious How did they get your address? Why did you let them in? Don't let anyone in, tell them to write. Why didn't you call the police? 
  16. permission to skip school at airport

    Just keep saying "sorry what?" in English.
  17. permission to skip school at airport

    Show an international passport and say you are a tourist
  18. Just remember: Keep it mostly clean and make it a question. If they are trying to mow you down then take it up a notch and defend yourself..  
  19. Inform unemployment agency about trip

    Chill. If you go on holiday phone them up and tell them, giving them your number. You are entitled to 3 weeks paid per year if there are no appointments or advice sessions. If you go beyond 3 weeks you might lose some money. Why would they trace your phone?  If you go away for a bit then tell them.
  20. Christmas tree delivery

    I usually pick up a really great Christmas tree at a place I know for about 26 or 29 Euros. I get a 2.5 meter tree or bigger. It's fine to get it up 72 steps but I am curious if anyone gets their tree delivered. Last year I offered the sellers the same money to deliver it as the tree cost but they were not interested.
  21. Christmas tree delivery

    In the end I found a good place. Good tall trees at good prices and delivery is not too bad. We are going to give it a go. Never had a tree delivered before so quite exciting. It reminds of the film with Paul Giamatti - All is Bright
  22. Christmas tree delivery

    Thank you
  23. Christmas tree delivery

    Thanks for that. I saw most of those already. Way too small. Smaller than me. I usually get a really big one and have a cupboard full of decorations. Thank you all. at least I know now from my own googling and yours that it is in fact perfectly reasonable to get one delivered here.   So many things that I think are perfectly reasonable often are not here, so one must be careful. For example, all year round ice skating is normal in the UK even in some small towns; not in Berlin.    
  24. Christmas tree delivery

    Sounds very nice.  So for a small donation they will bring it to Berlin and collect it? No I know they won't, you live in Munich. This is the Berlin forum. I guess I will probably do it as normal and maybe carry it with someone.  
  25. Dementia care home - German national

    I sometimes see a confused guy in the street. He comes up and asks questions. One time he asked me where the Führer went. Another time he shouted that the People's Police would get me. That time I told him he was a crazy. Then afterwards I thought about it and that I would just actively smile and nod next time. He liked that, smiling and nodding translate well even into crazy time. When we visited the grandmother of my wife I notice that the nurses had very carefully made a timeline of the date now and the events leading up to it. It struck me how many regimes some of the old people in the East had lived through and that a memory reversion is going to be way more complicated than in the UK or USA where there has been change but not massive upheaval. My own dad has recently lost it. He talks about going home to his wife and daughter but as he was married twice no one is sure which wife or daughter, He was always strongly oriented on women so not really a surprise that he does not mention his sons. He is always happy to see my own small family though.