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  1. Congratulations. It will be worth all the bother when you get it.
  2. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    I used to take that ferry and it was great. Get on at Harwich and wake up going into Hamburg. I was so sad when it shut down. I hope there is a chance Brexit and booze cruises and duty free will make them think about restarting it but I guess it won't happen.
  3. Why this forum speaks English and not German

    Time for this I think German Coast guard trainee - YouTube
  4. Hi Acton, They offer BBC World News in their satellite package. - page 2, 3rd column   I think they used to offer BBC Entertainment too but I can't see this. I don't really watch TV so much as Blu rays and Amazon/Netflix. To see the 'two channel' English options on extra bookable channels  in that PDF look for the little symbol that looks like glasses to the right . That starts from page 5, immediately with Big TV section, first option Kanal 200 - little symbol to the right. There are a lot of channels with that.   You could also stream BBC World News through other providers
  5. Change to Telekom and their international package.
  6. Demotion / degradierung

    I know someone who was demoted from department leader to subject expert so someone else coming in could have the management post. The money stayed the same but the management responsibilities went.
  7. Sounds like moving to Cornwall in the 70s. Been there, seen it, done it. 
  8. Invisible mosquitoes in winter

    It might well be a mosquito that is hiding in the room and coming out for you over several days. One way to catch a mosquito is to turn the lights down to a lamp next to the bed and then start to breathe out slow, hard and deep. Mosquitos like the breath of the person in deep sleep. They will often come and sit on the edge of the lamp light circle on the wall. Then you nail it with your weapon of choice. I have 3.5 meter high ceilings so I find a pair of thrown boxer shorts has the necessary speed and force.
  9. Facharbeit Failed

    Get a German speaker to talk to the school and to the Senat.
  10. Facharbeit Failed

    I would be wondering about language skills, attendance and work quality/effort. Your daughter has told you one thing and the school has a radically different result. There is a serious problem somewhere. Maybe the mentor and school thought it was all good but the work place did not? Wait for your kid to tell you the result and if it is still vague then get someone to call the head of the place for more information. In your shoes I would already have got my German wife to have callled the head of the place.
  11. The Jugendamt visited my home

    This was my thought when I read your item yesterday. I wondered about your closer relatives, starting with parents in law. and working out It is sometimes closer people who are not happy at "not normal" parenting that cause trouble. Ask the wife if the parents are happy and if they know who would have done such a thing.
  12. order and delivery from Spain

    Maybe Amazon will get round things by having a giant warehouse across the Irish border and ship UK orders through the Republic end,
  13. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Yeah had this three times in the last month and twice it was a woman saying HALLOWWWW, HALLOWWWW. She was very brassy and sure of herself. I was reasonably polite the first time she called. The second time we discussed her anal sex life and I could faintly hear the line supervisors shrieking. Sadly she didn't call back again. Remember people that this is one of the few occasions in life where you can say whatever you like with no come back. Treasure it.
  14. Breaking my apartment contract early.

    Phone up the landlady immediately and inform her of what has happening, your limited use of the email and the deliberate deletion. Add that you feel that you have done your side of things and can she explain why this has been happening. See if you can't get an amicable arrangement.