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  1. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    If you do have a miniscus problem then you need to take it easy with the knee. I had a miniscus rip that ruined a trip to Paris (thank goodness I did not walk up the Eiiffel tower when the lifts were out of operation) almost necessitating surgery. I changed my exercise from 4km walking a day to 20km exercise bike and then dropped down to 10km and do a couple of km walking every couple of days. 
  2. NMS does it for year 11 but the kids go to places like Spain, USA, Canada and Colombia for a year.
  3. A got a free year subscription of Harper's Bazaar for my daughter by signing up for GMX competitions. It meant a mailbox of spam but the magazines were nice.  It's a shame that the subscription was not recurring like the OP's.
  4. Car Dealer sold the car I bought

    Look up the dealership online, there are often reviews by other buyers. Consider leaving a calm and factual review that does not result in any repercussions.
  5. I know of loads of British guys and some US guys who married German women and moved here. It seems to work OK. 
  6. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Black books for that  
  7. Aschaffenburg 1945

    I have visited Aschaffenburg several times and know that there was a lot of damage to buildings like the palace and Pompejanum Aschaffenburg, it took them years to rebuild it but had it fixed by 1960. There are even books on the fighting there. I saw plenty of photos but no damage. There isn't much damage left in Berlin now either, just a few scars and large Flak bunkers.