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  1. no sound on my computer

    Is it PC or laptop or mac or what? Do you have have a sound card? you might need to update drivers. Otherwise it might be the PC motherboard.    It could be the win 10 updates if you have it. I get no sound after some win 10 big updates and with me it is related to the graphics card NVIDIA, it put its own HD driver in the sound area. If you think it is this then go to device manager like Karin said, if you see an extra driver like NVIDIA then right click and disable it. If you delete it then it will just come back.  
  2. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    I notice the Telegraph is doing an access denied on stories connected to the current suspect and Germany. Try it on their front page. Same result with mobile and also with PC MS Edge
  3. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    You can fight this and you will still be out and need a plan, yes it sounds like a very bad situation. Either get a new job here or go back to your previous country and jobs. If you can't speak German well then you have a big problem getting a new job. In your shoes I would get your wife to call her old job and get it back and move back. 
  4. I fully support the rights of adults to transition sex and people to see themselves as they wish. However as long as society separates on sexual organs then there should be bathrooms for those with dangly bits, others for those with holes and others for those with something else (smooth like GI Joe/Buzz Lightyear). We can label these 9, 0, - 
  5. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

    Definitely tell the child that the dog wanted to be friends but is very rough and she should say NEIN (name of dog) and SITZ/PLATZ!!! Introduce them under careful supervision so that the dog learns to do what she says.
  6. You siad dating apps don't help you but real life seems to not be working out either. Try Parship if you haven't already, it's really big here and seem to work for people. Get a really good picture from a really good photographer. Do your ad and show it here before you put it up and ffs listen to what people tell you. Crap photo and weirdo blurb is not going to help you.
  7. I loved King of Queens and his role and performance were a masterpiece. He was about to retire when he got the role and it was genius.
  8. I see lots of mights and coulds. When you want the apartment send them a legal letter saying you need it for your own use. As you appear to live in Australia the situation is a bit unclear and you will under normal circumstances be able to sell the apartment and give the money to your kids.
  9. Went out yesterday with my new black mask. People were everywhere, having tea parties, picnics, sports groups, meeting, running, ever...y...where and without a care or a distance.  People have had enough and schools restarting is the trickle that breaks the dam.   I was the only one with a mask, out of 1000 people. I felt like I was in the church of crazy Noah ark builder preppers cult. Going out in the park sucks, can't breath or smell the air. At least i didn't have to wait till 8-11p.m. though, that's when it normally quietens down.   I wonder about wave 1.5 now. I think wave 2 is October. 
  10. Try this to see your car - it's basically we buy your,AK,Home,ST,carvaluation   It's in English. I used it and it was spot on for what we were offfered for a very old car recently.    Try and get the dad to set up a time when you can fetch your stuff from outside the apartment. Take a witness friend to 'help you carry everything' 
  11. Even the really big ones are worried about the situation, because of all smaller ones who are customers and who are in danger. 
  12. Your daughter isn't called Mercy is she? Manchester has many areas. Maybe you could move to a better area?
  13. Manchester has a lot of jobs. 3 million people in Greater Manchester and a lot of work. I know people who are moved there from Berlin and did well. They are 'orginally black' too and still are. I would stay there.
  14. They could also start to raffle off their most expensive/rare items and quickly set up an online shop or turn to ebay.
  15. Do you like living in Germany?

    I see the need for it too, but lots of people here don't - outside in the street they are not doing distancing at all.