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  1. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Yes I have had the calls from India again too. I had 5 that did not have a clear connection. Then they managed it. This time I laughed merrily for a minute and they happily laughed along with me. Then I said some appalling things. Suck them in then bat it out of the stadium.
  2. Debt - Ratenzahlung

    Can you find an Untermieter?
  3. Parcels from UK shops online

    If it is from outside the EU, worth over 22 Euros and attracts customs duty then DHL will charge you 6 Euros on top of customs to deliver it. I just got a parcel from the UK, work 65 pounds, customs 6 Euros, delivery 6 Euros. 12 Euros for 65 pounds. Hmmmm.
  4. Repeating the school year (sitzenbleiben)

    Certainly possible on a voluntary basis in Berlin as of this week Wiederholung des Jahrgangs bis 13. April beantragen -
  5. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Here they are. I am currently eating 2 biscuits a day. REWE Bio Hafercookie Vollmilch 300g
  6. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Dairy Milk bars are being made in Poland | Daily Mail Online
  7. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Rewe bio oatmeal chocolate biscuits are better than digestives, they are also also completely addictive and filling. Cadburys is made in Poland and available all over Germany very cheaply.
  8. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Pankow Kaufland in the shopping center. Yes the poptarts were around 6 euros for a box of 8
  9. "Really good" Indian restaurants in Berlin

    Madni takeaway in Wedding - Pakistani and Indian food. Spicy and hot. I think this place is Pakistani owned.  Madni - Halal Pakistani and Indian Restaurant in Berlin Yes it is as authentic as they come for Berlin which is the gold standard. The Madras and Vindaloo wake me in the middle of the night with stomach burn, another good sign.
  10. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Yep as a cider drinker Aspall is my favourite,; it is sublime. They have some startlingly different varieties too, from normal, premium cru which is wonderful and then Imperial Vintage whichis like a thunderbolt; drink 2 and you have to sit very still. I used to think the only good cider came from either Herefordshire or west of Bristol. That a Suffolk company can produce that wonderful cider was an eyeopener. I drink Coopers now and then. It's pleasant but I feel like it needs to be carbonated more. Kaufland also has Magners and Bulmers as well as Cadbuys of all types, Cathedral cheddar, pop tarts and so on. Stilton is not available so has to be got in Berlin centre. I think my wife got some at Frische Paradies or some place. My favourite cheese place is Neil's Yard Dairy in London. 
  11. Batting cages

    Baseball-Vereine in deiner Nähe! | SWBSV
  12. Animals in roof/ceiling

    We have this every year now and it is forest mice. They come when the weather gets bad and they have a curious hop that makes them sound enormous. It could be that. Or rats or house mice or maders.  
  13. Congratulations. It will be worth all the bother when you get it.
  14. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    I used to take that ferry and it was great. Get on at Harwich and wake up going into Hamburg. I was so sad when it shut down. I hope there is a chance Brexit and booze cruises and duty free will make them think about restarting it but I guess it won't happen.
  15. Why this forum speaks English and not German

    Time for this I think German Coast guard trainee - YouTube