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  1. order and delivery from Spain

    Maybe Amazon will get round things by having a giant warehouse across the Irish border and ship UK orders through the Republic end,
  2. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Yeah had this three times in the last month and twice it was a woman saying HALLOWWWW, HALLOWWWW. She was very brassy and sure of herself. I was reasonably polite the first time she called. The second time we discussed her anal sex life and I could faintly hear the line supervisors shrieking. Sadly she didn't call back again. Remember people that this is one of the few occasions in life where you can say whatever you like with no come back. Treasure it.
  3. Breaking my apartment contract early.

    Phone up the landlady immediately and inform her of what has happening, your limited use of the email and the deliberate deletion. Add that you feel that you have done your side of things and can she explain why this has been happening. See if you can't get an amicable arrangement.
  4. Don't mess your kid about like this. For 2 years work in Zurich and come home at the weekend and then plan a move or move south to a part of Germany near the border now and stay there and work in Zurich for 2 years and back to the family full time.
  5. My neighbour looked into this type of thing as a hypothetical and found that if a rental house goes private that it takes 10 years before you can kick someone out for Eigenbedarf. 
  6. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    It seemed to be a problem with the Betriebsrat union guy having a fit about taking on outsiders and also they really really hated that I had been with another German company for only 4 weeks. They just could not accept that it could be anything other than me being kicked out. The they hated my German, disliked that I used online information/intelligence/b/news databases instead of empty sold databases, disliked what I did as a job and did not believe much I had to say. The job they offered was simply to translate German to English technical jobs. My previous job had been a research and intelligence analyst looking at overseas trends, markets, products and companies. Basically both sides in the interview thought that the other was retarded.  Both units no longer exist.
  7. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    I had an interview when I was with a major German IT-telecoms company, about a year into the job. I had worked my ass off for them and was one of the few who could actually properly work in English, which was the unit language. The interview was with a team that was next to my unit and all arranged by a boss and his friend. It all should have been a simple chat. Instead I walked into a room with 6 guys and an ambush. I was accused of lying while being cross examined on my CV, especially a 1 month country chartered organisational-level professional exchange between the UK and Germany that I had been picked for a year earlier, and my German and character were ridiculed; it got really, really nasty and hostile. They sent some shit feedback back to the current unit that upset the boss and one of them even tried to physically accost me in the canteen a few weeks later. He slammed his tray into mine in the canteen line and tried to shove me after he squashed my fingers by surprise. He was too weak to push me, I simply held him off and laughed at him. After that I don't take any interview for granted. That was one of the worst interviews I ever had. 
  8. Don't panic! Test of national catastrophe alarm

    No siren sounds and no phone messages here in Berlin.
  9. Disputing bill

    Pay it. You needed to cancel it in writing before the class. They are being really nice to you by saying that you can pay half. Either pay or go talk to that person face to face. Next step is not going to be so nice if you ignore it.
  10. A friend of mine went for several years without shoes. Didn't help his IQ much.   My dad picked up a very nasty tropical parasite through his feet whilst in Thailand and had to be taken from the plane to the hospital after falling ill. It seemed to be the start of his health problems that plagued him for the rest of his life. Up to and including a nasty brain function die off that necessitated a move to a care home.   I don't wear shoes at home. I wear sandals outside because my feet like air. My knees now prefer a pair of sports trainers from Reebok.   Licking the knife is OK of no one is looking. It's a good way to kill off dumb monsters, coat a sharp knife in blood and leave it. It was a plot in a book I think.
  11. Well this is all getting very interesting. My marriage is pretty transparent, I think. I'm starting to have a few doubts after reading all this.
  12. Dog on the leash or not?

    Dogs certainly have a problem with certain people, often the ones who are scared of them. This is because they act "wrong" and the dog doesn't like this. Dogs are simple and know that there are certain rules and behaviour. Nervous people tend to act jumpy, loud and jerky, look away, turn or keep coming when challenged, all red flags. I had a friend who set the dogs off and never would listen to what I had to say. If the dog barks when you come to their house then stop and acknowledge them and wait for them to come to you, greet them in a friendly and calm but not too loud way by name while looking at them, offer your hand to smell if you know the dog or if you are being introduced and they are accompanied, wait a couple of seconds till they are satisfied. Automatic in the friend box. My daughter was very scared of dogs when she was small. I told her these rules and she is fine now and dogs find her well mannered in dog. 
  13. How to separate and maybe divorce

    Fathers 4 Justice in the Uk is also good and has been around for 20 years, helping dads who have been completely blocked from their kids.
  14. Just put up a passive aggressive notice saying there has been bike damage, people should watch out and the police have been informed.