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  1. Unresponsive American consular services

    Try to use the right terminology to avoid confusion to yourself. I had to learn all the different variants when working for a UK Government international department.    Each country has one embassy in a country, in the capital or internationally recognised capital. The rest, in minor cities are consulates/consulate generals (full range of services). If the relationship is more complicated or closer (e.g. former colony etc) then the main representation in the country capital might be a high commission instead of embassy.    Here is the list the USA locations in Germany. One embassy and five consulates  Homepage - U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Germany (
  2. When did German TV decline?

    It gets used only when my daughter wants to watch the World Cup/UEFA or Germany's Next Top Model. Other that that it stays firmly off in favour of Amazon/Netflix or dvds/blu rays.
  3. I think I read something about them taxing your German earnings for 2 years if you leave Germany and live abroad and still earn money from a German company. Not sure how it is now. If you are in receipt of some pensions I think there is also taxation unless you tell them you are not earning. 
  4. Car sale
  5. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    I have used the practice at Leopold Platz very successfully. I would go and have a chat with the doctor there called Schief and let him have a look and get a recommendation for a surgeon. I was recommended to go there by a friend who is a physiotherapist and have been there twice over the years for a back problem then a knee problem. I have recommended people to go there and the people were happy.  Medico Leopoldplatz: Ihr Facharztzentrum im Herzen von Berlin (   I even went there for acupuncture which I did not believe in at all before, it was very effective in blocking red hot torn knee nerve pain.  I have no idea if this is any better than the hospital your son saw and I am not a doctor.
  6. Can you get kicked out of Germany for shoplifting?

    Keep your cart behind you.   If they ram and keep ramming, look them in the eye, wait 2 seconds and say, it doesn't fit in my arse.  
  7. Where to find pig intestine

    Why not simply go to Broken English or order from Michelles  Michelle's Specialities (   By the way you are posting in NRW when you live in Berlin, different state.
  8. UK to Germany travel

    Thanks for that. I haven't been to a test centre yet, not even one in a shopping centre. I got one vaccination done though.
  9. UK to Germany travel

    The test result needs to be in English to be valid to go to the UK. Or French and Spanish. Are any test centres giving forms in English?
  10. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    In Berlin you contact the construction department of the Senate. The guy came round pretty fast and talked to some very loud brick cutters and threatened them with a noise wall. They quickly fell into line. I had more noise from another place nearby and talked to them about a noise wall, again they got scared. The noise wall is your go to it seems.
  11. You can get a Telekom guy to come round and check what is happening with the disruption. I had a similar situation when we upgraded to a different type of router and the Telekom guy came round and dismantled a couple of other connection points. It seemed to sort it.
  12. Had the first vaccination yesterday. I got the same little stickers in the yellow book. This will not be a big hit at the UK border. I hope the EU green pas will be sorted out soon. I don't know how my records get in there.