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  1. Just remember: Keep it mostly clean and make it a question. If they are trying to mow you down then take it up a notch and defend yourself..  
  2. Inform unemployment agency about trip

    Chill. If you go on holiday phone them up and tell them, giving them your number. You are entitled to 3 weeks paid per year if there are no appointments or advice sessions. If you go beyond 3 weeks you might lose some money. Why would they trace your phone?  If you go away for a bit then tell them.
  3. Christmas tree delivery

    In the end I found a good place. Good tall trees at good prices and delivery is not too bad. We are going to give it a go. Never had a tree delivered before so quite exciting. It reminds of the film with Paul Giamatti - All is Bright
  4. Christmas tree delivery

    Thank you
  5. Christmas tree delivery

    Thanks for that. I saw most of those already. Way too small. Smaller than me. I usually get a really big one and have a cupboard full of decorations. Thank you all. at least I know now from my own googling and yours that it is in fact perfectly reasonable to get one delivered here.   So many things that I think are perfectly reasonable often are not here, so one must be careful. For example, all year round ice skating is normal in the UK even in some small towns; not in Berlin.    
  6. Christmas tree delivery

    Sounds very nice.  So for a small donation they will bring it to Berlin and collect it? No I know they won't, you live in Munich. This is the Berlin forum. I guess I will probably do it as normal and maybe carry it with someone.  
  7. Christmas tree delivery

    I usually pick up a really great Christmas tree at a place I know for about 26 or 29 Euros. I get a 2.5 meter tree or bigger. It's fine to get it up 72 steps but I am curious if anyone gets their tree delivered. Last year I offered the sellers the same money to deliver it as the tree cost but they were not interested.
  8. Dementia care home - German national

    I sometimes see a confused guy in the street. He comes up and asks questions. One time he asked me where the Führer went. Another time he shouted that the People's Police would get me. That time I told him he was a crazy. Then afterwards I thought about it and that I would just actively smile and nod next time. He liked that, smiling and nodding translate well even into crazy time. When we visited the grandmother of my wife I notice that the nurses had very carefully made a timeline of the date now and the events leading up to it. It struck me how many regimes some of the old people in the East had lived through and that a memory reversion is going to be way more complicated than in the UK or USA where there has been change but not massive upheaval. My own dad has recently lost it. He talks about going home to his wife and daughter but as he was married twice no one is sure which wife or daughter, He was always strongly oriented on women so not really a surprise that he does not mention his sons. He is always happy to see my own small family though.
  9. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Congratulations, it's pretty exciting when it comes. It is like a Christmas present because it is one of the few times in life that you can say absolutely anything you like. 
  10. Even after all these years, I still...

    Blowing smoke in my face when I try to enter a station, building or bus stop still makes me think bad things about manners here.
  11. Broken English new store has the same people working with a new person. Seemed like slightly different range of stock, more customers. 
  12. The Vent - No Chat!

    Seven people to interview me, seven! How much is that per hour? No money to cover travel expenses though. Experience at a higher level gained abroad and in your own organisation does not count when calculating salary for this post? Don't make me laugh. 
  13. I see that the website is still up and functioning. Only the reviews seem to give anything away.
  14. They could be a bit salty but were personalities. Prices were such that I shopped usually only just before Christmas. Don't even need to do that now, can get it all from Amazon uk. 
  15. I can get quite a lot of stuff on and uk these days (Marmite, Bovril and Piccalilli) or even in Kaufland; Kaufland has cider and Cadbury's, marmalade etc. I can get huge boxes of PG tips cheaply from Asian stores.