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  1. Switching from Private to Public health Insurance

    So, a quick update from myself. I mentioned before that I spoke to SBK and they told me that because I’d been freelancing for more than 2 months, I wasn’t eligible to get on to public health insurance. I then tried with TKK, phoning them and explaining my situation. I spoke to 2 or 3 people and they told me that I couldn’t switch. I even quoted the law that @PandaMunich mentioned and they told me they were aware of this but that it didn’t apply. They then asked me to fill out the application form online. One question asks if your salary is above the threshold so I said ‘yes’. Then I saw the magic question that asks : Is this your first employment in Germany ? So I said ‘yes’ because it is. I’ve been a freelancer for many years (more than 10) and never employed until now. Anyway, a week later I got a letter in the post telling me that I’ve been accepted as a voluntary member.    Now I’ve thought about this for a few years and looked up information on Toytown and on German language sites and they all say the same thing - Get a permanent job earning UNDER the threshold to get on to public health insurance. It wasn’t until I saw Panda’s wonderful post that I found out about the ‘first employment in Germany’ law.   So I would like to say a massive thank you to @PandaMunich for pointing out this law which seems to be unknown to a lot of people.