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  1. A good Kinderkrippe, ideally bilingual

    perhaps someone could share an opinion.   We have a contract with a private KITA starting on the 1st of September.  For various travel related reasons, we do not seem to be able to make it to actually begin the attendance, hence asking the KITA to move the date by 2 weeks. We do not mind paying the fee as agreed earlier, just having our child starting the "classes" 1 month later. KITA claims that we HAVE to start on the agreed date as they have a line up of another 5 kinds starting there every 2 weeks and of course they all need "accommodation" period. Are there any strong arguments to convince the KITA to possibly be more flexible as it is next to impossible for all 6 families to never change their plans and kids to always be ready spot on time to begin as scheduled. I am sure there must be ways other than waiting for 3 months (paying without actually attending) for the next slot of "accommodation" to become available. 
  2. A good Kinderkrippe, ideally bilingual

    Does your partner have a job? Private KITA's would like to know that you would be able to afford them - this is also one of the most frequently used criterium for the "selection"
  3. Munich babysitters wanted

    _Has anyone heard of "native nanny" agency, which claims to be able to find a childminder for a fee?
  4. Munich babysitters wanted

    Seeking a nanny 3 days a week (4 hours in the afternoon) for a 1.1 year old boy.   We’re a Dutch family of 3 residing in Schwantalerhöhe (Bavaria-Park) looking for an English-native, responsible, reasonably experienced and dependable nanny to help in the afternoons with our 1-year-old boy. The exact days are negotiable as the exact time-schedule with a total of 12-15 hours a week. Playing, reading and some help with evening meals (no cooking) would be required. No cleaning/cooking/bathing would be necessary. We do not smoke. No pets live in the apartment.    Kindly send us a note if you are interested.   Email: