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  1. @dj_jay_smith: thank you again for your time. Things are a little more complicated tho - I am the Polish one and my wife is the British one. But to complicate matters, she was not born in the UK but South Africa, to British parents. My understanding is that she cannot pass on that citizenship. That leaves my citizenship which I understand I can pass on.
  2. @dj_jay_smith: thank you for the reply and pardon the confusion. We are in Canada (profile updated, thank you). They are eligible for Polish citizenship, but as @pappnase points out British citizenship is far from being clear cut and they may not be eligible.    As you both point out, we'll probably have to apply for Polish as the UK application is too expensive for us at the moment (£1012).    For any future searchers - I contacted the local German consulate and they confirmed that children do not have any special rights / exemptions, quoting:   "Your Canadian children, however, only can stay for a maximum of 90 days within a given six month period."   Thank you again for your help, guys.
  3. Hello,   my wife and I have passports/citizenship from Europe (British, Polish) but our kids do not (both Canadian, born 2013 and 2016). We are planning to move to Germany and ideally stay beyond the 90 days. Is there some designation whereby young kids are exempt from any visa requirements based on parental citizenship? Or will both of them need a visa / extension to stay beyond the 90 days?   Thanks kindly for any pointers.