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  1. Thanks someonesdaughter that's pretty comprehensive. Seems a pity that the Mittelstand is excluded because I suspect there are as many or more abuses in smaller companies. Perhaps there will be a trickle-down effect. Deciding what counts as 'the same peer group' might be interesting. If an organisation is pyramid-shaped I suspect that women in 'glass ceiling' situations might find it hard to find six in their peer group.   Speaking of which, is it 3 + 3 or 'at least six of each opposite sex (that would be a lot at middle management level) or e.g 2 + 4 ?
  2. I read an article in English but it was missing some useful details e.g. it said you have to go via a 'worker's association' - probably meaning a Betriebsrat. But many companies don't have one. This article suggests it will be only companies of 500 or more. But the vast majority of German companies are much smaller than that.
  3. I heard there will be new rules in January that allow employees to request information about their colleagues' salaries. Does anyone have detailed information about how this will work? - is it only for Big Companies, for instance? Must the employer provide 'salary ranges' or specific information about individuals? Are benefits included e.g. cars, personal pensions. etc.   Note I'm asking for info on this new legislation. If anyone wants to chat about the wisdom or otherwise of salary secrecy, there's already a thread for that, here  
  4. Getting back to the point. In my opinion the kick to the groin is terribly 'old hat' and in real life often goes amiss. So either the heroine - assuming she's no martial arts expert - has to get lucky, either e.g. her head collides with the attacker's nose (the septum is extremely sensitive). or she could know how to squirm free e.g. as a result of play fights with her brothers. I've heard real life stories of women who did this in a pinch. Or you bring in some external factor; in their struggle he falls against a sharp object e.g. broken branch, and is momentarily entangled. Or you do a Neal Stephenson and bring on a passing mountain lion. s