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  1. 5 hours ago, keith2011 said:


    No, ghost or not you still haven't answered my question, which is, again:rolleyes:,  natural immunity was no help to the millions who died of covid so why do you believe it is such a great thing?

    Stop dodging the question if you can't put together any valid response,  just shut the fuck up!



    Here is your answer:



  2. 19 hours ago, keith2011 said:

    No I won't I still want to know how natural immunity works if you die from the disease. Come on, if it is so much better than vaccination then explain it to me and to the millions who died of covid before the vaccines were available!


    I did got c-19, I was sick for 3 days and now my ghost is pissing you off on this forum.



    Was not that bad, I am still alive and guess what?

    I am still unvaxxed.




  3. Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset for sale (213727-02)

    Asking price - €100 (new on Amazon are around €180]

    The headphones are like new, very little used.
    Battery lasts minimum 17 hours, latest firmware.
    Delivery - by post only, got no time to deliver them in person, final price includes shipping.
    Payment - Paypal or bank transfer.


    In case you don't trust me and you have an account here for several years

    I can send the package with payment after receiving it and testing them.


    What's in the package:
    Carrying case.
    A pair of headphones.
    USB cable
    USB Dongle BT700

    Docking Station for charging, the headset can be also charged with that USB cable.


    For those interested - contact me on PM





  4. On 9/22/2021, 1:45:06, bramble said:

    I'm also unhappy the Corona threads are gone. 


    Are you sure you want to start this circus all over again?
    You can find the information yourself, if you know where to look.