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  1. Last post - 22 May 2017  6 years ago.
  2. It really doesn't matter at this point.
  3. Filming permits in Munich

    Maybe this info it's what you're looking for?   Filming must be approved by the city administration if the requirements exceed the above-mentioned dimensions or the filming takes place on public green spaces. Applications for these areas must be submitted to the Film Service Office of the City of Munich    
  4. Calls from Strange Numbers - Telephone Scams

      If there was a link in that message - you'd better not access it. You can end up paying hundreds of euros, best block the number and delete the message.   install the application - should I answer? on your phone.  
  5. I've told you so, but in vain...

    You forgot to add Nazi and Pedophile.
  6. I've told you so, but in vain...

    It seems everyone here has already forgotten the history, when vaccination was stop because there was one negative case per 100,000 vaccinations.   Maybe look for some cases? To refresh your memory?   Ah, yes. The greater good. Vaxxinate, otherwise the grandma gets it!
  7. I've told you so, but in vain...

    A dead person can call to  to claim compensations?   Good to know.   On the other hand:     Vaccine Damage Payment -   UK pays out around £4m in Covid-19 vaccine damages In total, 3,393 claims have been received and 1,348 are in the process of being looked at by a medical assessor.    
  8. New price - €75 plus €5 shipping. Anyone?   They are basically for free.
  9. Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset for sale (213727-02) Asking price - €100 (new on Amazon are around €180] The headphones are like new, very little used. Battery lasts minimum 17 hours, latest firmware. Delivery - by post only, got no time to deliver them in person, final price includes shipping. Payment - Paypal or bank transfer.   In case you don't trust me and you have an account here for several years I can send the package with payment after receiving it and testing them.   What's in the package: Carrying case. A pair of headphones. USB cable USB Dongle BT700 Docking Station for charging, the headset can be also charged with that USB cable.   For those interested - contact me on PM