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  1. What’s Not Being Said About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. “Human Guinea Pigs”?
  2.   I you have an Electronic Passport you don't need one because will be updated with the proof. That's all I know, for the moment. Anyway, is only a rumor.
  3. I have talked with him today and I have a small update. The employer did gave him a paper to sign it before travelling, ''risk of Covid and so on'' like this the employer was sure when he will come back and his country is on the red list he get no paid leave. He did spoke with them and he was like -  ''wait a second, I was on 1'st November back in Germany and on the same day Croatia was included on the list. I was on the road, travelling, etc''   After the quarantine he will quit his job, because they are some axxxles.    
  4.   I also told him that, but he wants to visit his family. Now he has to deal with his actions.
  5.   Pick one:   S06.0     Gehirnerschütterung       Akute Gehirnerschütterung       Akute traumatische Enzephalopathie       Commotio cerebri       Gehirnerschütterung       Gehirnerschütterung mit leichter Nebenverletzung       Gehirnverletzung durch Explosionsdruck       Isolierte Gehirnerschütterung       Isolierte Kommotio des Gehirns       Kommotio des Gehirns bei leichter Nebenverletzung       Traumatische Reizung der Meningen
  6. Hello Toytown forum. A friend of mine travelled a week ago to Croatia, into a green zone. He did returned on 1'st November, on same day Croatia was listed into the red list of Covid-19 risk Countries.   Now the employee pay no sick leave, he is at home, did already the covid test and is waiting for results, in home quarantine.   I know that the rules are, when you did travelled into a risk free country but after that country is listed as red they have to pay you sick leave for the quarantine duration.   Any advice related to this issue? He did travelled to his country when was ok, at return on 1'st November his country is on red list and  get no money for the quarantine.     Thank you for any replies.  
  7.     My 2 cents for you - Install WVV-App on your mobile phone and set it up. You can buy your ticket on the app, without any problems, like this you'll never need another printed ticket or stamp.
  8. flight ticket cancellation

    Always check a company before purchase -
  9.   Then please accept my  public apology .  
  10. Something is fishy here:   3-Zimmer Wohnung zu vermieten €1.500 117 m² 60488 Frankfurt am Main Same photo in description -
  11. Coronavirus
  12. What made you laugh today?

    All I can say is this -
  13. What made you laugh today?

    ''Step right up, folks!''