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  1. maybe the hole thing is because germans like sign in general.


    Just try driving a car and looking at all the street signs like ur supposed to, it's impossible if u still want to look at the road. They got an average of 3-5 signs per pole, and a new pole every 30 feet.


  2. The selection in german grocery stores are really bad. You get the basics but nothing that u don't really need to survive.


    TV Dinners do NOT really exist in germany. They have an extremely small selection of tv dinners, one with meat and mashed potatoes, another one with meat and mashed potatoes and that's about it. They have canned goods and frozen pizza and other things, but those aren't tv dinners.

    Tv dinners are meals that are on a "plate" ready to eat, after u put in a microwave for a few minutes. And they don't have any of these.




  3. if u think of getting cable tv, look if ur cable provider offers internet, maybe it's easier to get it all from one company than subscribing to 2 separate ones with different agreements. In Cologne there is Unitymedia, which offer TNT for example, which mostly shows reruns of sitcoms and dramas like two and a half men, home improvement, king of queens, they show all shows with english and german language, so it's possible to change the language to english. It cost 15 bucks a month and they even have an espn channel that shows some basketball and baseball games.


    But be carefull, Unitymedia also advertises 100 mbit/s connection through cable, which unless they have some new technology isn't possible. In the USA the fastest through cable is 32 mbit/s. The only way to get 100 mbit/s is through fiber.


  4. well, that depends on how big the damage is. If the car crashed right into it and they have to replace the entire box in probably takes some time, though i don't really know how long, because i think in germany there are less people connected to one box than in the U.S.A.


    And then there is the question if there actually was a car accident or if there is some other problem and they just said it was a car accident. Usually these boxes aren't so far away from ur place in germany, they have some every few miles. Although it probably depends wether u live in the city or more rural. Maybe u can get one of those USB-modems as a backup, there is one from a company called fonic, it cost like 30 euro with one day free.



    Drinking in public is only a problem for prudish, new to Europe, Americans. America seems to think that drinking is a sin, people here tend to look at it as something to do.

    Again, with the nudity, prudish American thinking. There's nothing wrong with the human body. Your outdated, OMG there's a person with no clothes on my children will be scarred for life, attitude is laughable. It's you that is the wierdo, not the locals. You're not in Kansas now, grow up.


    according to u, humanity should just forget millions of years of building a society, why covering urself up so people don't have to watch ur naked body, let's just get back to caveman time, oh wait, even they covered their private parts.


  6. good that i found this thread, because i need to just get some stuff out.


    What is it with germans and being so close all the time. I am waiting in line and the people are literally 2 inch away, they breathe straight down my neck. Then i step a little forward to get some space, and they just move right up. I am just thinking "hey i didn't move forwards so u can be a little closer to the register, i moved forward so i don't have to feel ur breath on my neck". Then they just bump into u while standing, and no apology. Same in subways, i stand in front of the door, the train hasn't even stopped yet and they are already pushing. I am getting out too, why do u think i went from the seat to the door?


    Or why do germans just stop right in the middle of the street, just walk on the "hohe strasse" and people will just stop to look around, how about going to the side first?


    It seems like Germany is one step away from a state where they just punch each other when they want to get pass someone, u want to pick something up in a store to look at it or get out of the subway but someone is in the way? Just punch him or her in the face.


    And then there is the worst customer service ever, basically there are to types in Germany, the first is when they just answer like one word in a very bitchy way, like how does someone dare to ask a salesperson a question. Then the other where they just try to sell u the most expensive thing they have, nevermind if it's the device u actually need. And of course they have no training at all on their products. If u ask someone for example in the cell phone department about a phone, the only things they know are what is written on the label next to the device. If u ask anything more particular they fumble with the phone for a few seconds and then say they don't know.


    And how about a cashier that smiles? How can the manager of the stores let people greed customers with a look on their face that basically says "F**k you, F**k this job"


    And then there is the public drinking/nudity problem. There are basically drunks on every subway station in the city area, on the evening and weekends often teenagers run through the streets with liqupr in their hands and nobody seems to care, police walks right by, doing nothing.


    And the mentioned nudity, sometimes there are people lying naked on the banks of the rhine, or now in Cologne there is an advertising campaign, where they have poster with naked people running into the lake, they are shown from the back, completely naked, including butt, men and women. Why don't they just replace children's tv with porn.


    But it's illegal to cross the street.


    Last thing the douchebags who run into u on the street, there is enough room to walk and and they have to walk in the middle, when someone comes towards them, they don't move, if u don't move to the right or left, u basically run into each other.



    My German is not very good so how would I go about asking for a refund? I bought a TV at Saturn a few days ago but it is not compatible with some of my electronics so I'd like to return it. It has all the original packaging but (the screen cover is even still on the TV) but I did open the package and then had to re-tape it. Do you think I'll have a problem getting a refund?


    Often it depends on who u are speaking to in that store, one thing i noticed, at least in the cell phone department is that these people are not trained about the products at all. The only thing they know is what they read of the label next to the device. If u ask anything more particular, they fumble around with the phone for a few seconds and say they don't know. though they try to push u to buy the more expensive product most of the time, no matter which department. They probably work on commission, so they only care to sell, not about customer satisfaction



    One of the reasons why German's are not so good with English is because they dub their TV shows. Have a look at all the European countries which tend to be better in English and you will generally find that they don't dub.


    Maybe countries like Germany who dub TV shows loose respect over time with recorded audio. Who knows where they will take it next... dubbing music? Afterall, if an actors voice (which is 90% of the acting) is not important enough to keep, why keep singers voices as well... Oh... already been there Germany... Milli Vanilli...


    i don't use this term alot but in this case: LOL


    I just found out that most movies that aren't for children aren't dubbed in the netherlands, they have subtitles but they aren't dubbed.


    Germany probably makes alot of money from this industry.


  9. I am from the U.S.A. and am in cologne for a few weeks and can't wait to get back to america. I am very patriotic, so no city will ever be better than america and i think cologne isn't germanies best city. I only have been to Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Leverkusen and the netherlands for a few hours, so basically the cities around cologne and it just seems a little stale and dull. The people are sometimes friendly sometimes not, though i think the german friendly is just different than in other countries. So if someone seems stand offish, sometimes this is just how germans are, it's not that they are particularly unfriendly, they are just not very outgoing.


    Public transportation is way overpriced, especially considering the service u get, there is probably not one day where there is no train or bus delayed, or sometimes they just don't come at all, no warning or anything, they just don't come. It cost over 80 euros for a monthly pass. At night they only come every hour and not at all from like 1 am to 4 am.

    And the personnel is often the most unfriendly staff ever seen, and i mean really unfriendly, of course most of them don't speak word of english.


    And like other have already said, on sundays it's like a ghost town, like today on easter i went out because i had nothing to do and it was really like everybody was gone or sleeping. I don't know what germans do allday, are they just sleeping through? In the US we can do basically everything we can do the rest of the week.


    And even on the week, after maybe a week, i feel like i already saw everything there is in cologne, i basically work, then sometimes i just drive around in the subway, because i have nothing to do, maybe it's because i don't know any english speaking person in the cologne area, though mostly like i said i just work, drive around, sit on the pc and eat.


    The food is ok, there are alot of mcdonald's though, sometimes 2 or more in less than a square mile, which is kind of weird, why does a franchisee open a mcdonalds so close to another one? Mostly i just eat pizza or make pancakes considering it's basically the only thing i can cook so far from scratch. The grocery stores don't really have a big selection compared to the ones home in the U.S.A.


    one last thing, like previous posters said, walking across the street in germany is like crime, i think it actually is a crime in germany to cross the street with a red light.


  10. i am looking for a movie theater in the cologne area that will show Battleship in english, which is released on april 12th in germany, if there is none i will just watch the movie when i get back in the U.S.A.


    By the way, if anybody is up for watching the movie, just send a message.


  11. but this is cable, and the reason these channels have english adio, is because most of them is english language originally.


    I am in germany for a few weeks on business and the place i am sleeping has sky subscription, sky is probably a subcompany from bskyb, which is in the news lately in the U.S., which is how i now it. TNT and so on probably already own the rights to the originals, so broadcasting in english doesn't require purchasing new licenses, so the only costs are for the german version.


    And i don't think that there is a big audience in Germany for English language tv shows and movies, because germans aren't really proficient in the english language. On a short trip to the netherlands, they were much better with speaking english. I don't know much about other countries, but i think the average german doesn't really speak english. Another example are german tourist in the U.S., most of them barely get by. With this i mean tourist, not business visitors or other professionals.


  12. Alot of shows lose something when they are dubbed, especially comedy, since a lot has to do with the voice of the actor(the nanny for example) or the way things are said. So to take the example of the nanny, a huge part of the show is the voice of fran, without this, the show loses alot, i watch alot of comedy in the U.S. and i am in germany for a few weeks on business and i saw an episode(well i didn't watched the hole episode) of the nanny and the voice of fran sounded normal, maybe it's not normal for germans, but the show just lost alot. And often i think that the tone is just different, like it is not that angy or sad like in the original.


    I usually watch the shows on the internet the day after airing, just like in the U.S., just use a program called hotspot shield to get a U.S. based IP and it's no problem


  13. i am just visiting germany short term for business, and i looked for a sim card as well, considering it is cheaper to use a german prepaid sim. I bought one from a company called congstar which is a subcompany from t mobile, so it will have good coverage.


    Just go to a drugstore called "Rossman", the sim was 9,95 euro i think with 10 euro credit. To activate the card just go to the congstar web page and enter any address. I don't know if they even verify if the address even exists.

    If u need to reload the sim, just get one of those refill cards in the Rossman store. It's just a little paper thingy with a barcode on it, hanging on a wall, they will give u the actual code on a receipt at the check out.


    They have three data plans, 10 euro for 500 mb, 13 euro for 1 gb and 20 euro for 3 gb. To subscribe to a data plan, just log in on the congstar site and then select the plan.