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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Conservative Leadership contest. More like more backstabbing, more lies, more stitch ups and then the last incompetent left standing in charge.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Ok, so what is Based Amy? It looks like a site for a load of narccissistic tossers who just want their 15 minutes of fame. What is the reason for it to exist? Who runs it? Does it actually have a purpose? Just comes over as another pointless 'look at me and what I've done' site. Got enough of those already, I mean, look at some of those that post on this Forum.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    I really hate the platitudes that come out - "working tirelessly" FFS someone senior somewhere messed up and people are paying the price. The only thing they're working tirelessly at is saving face. An impossible task for such a large group of incompetents.   I also like the last paragraph: "EU citizens' right to vote in the election in their home member state remains unaffected by the change in the UK's participation; in order to do so, they would need to be registered in that country in accordance with that country's process and timetable."   Which they did but the government's Brexit fiasco caused the problem, not the EU citizens in the UK.
  4. I've just posted a silly photo

    Do the peasents buy a lot of these then?
  5. What made you smile today?

    A little story about my siblings and computers.   My sister bought her first computer a few years ago and knowing nothing about them asked my brother to set it up for which he did. He then asked her what password she wanted for her login which she told him and he duly set up. Everything's working fine so he left. Later when my sister tried to get in she found her password wasn't accepted so she phoned my brother and asked him what he wrote in which he duly told her. So she asked him how he spelt it. He couldn't remember because he's Dyslexic. True story and I near enough pissed myself when she told me.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Another one looking after oneself rather than the country and the constituents that may have voted her in and will probably vote her out
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    You forget John, the country's run by accountants. That means anything that costs one penny more than assumed must be put out to tender and given to lowest priced contractor irrespective of whether the hidden costs or the quality make it unworkable. My wife has the same issue with her UK bank. Her statements go through Belgium. I think it cost her last year because one of her statements was so late she didn't pay her credit card billwithin the time limit and ended up having interest charged on her card. So much for customer service and quality of service. No doubt someones calculated the cost of getting sued against the cost of actually supplying a credible service and decided it's cheaper to get sued (like Ford over the Pinto and GM over the Firebird)
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    It's just not fair, the poor guy gets Milkshake thrown at him and now his party's been investigated for accepting illegal cash donations.. It's just so undemocratic for people to openly confront him and then to look at whether he's playing by the rules. I mean, all these fundemental Remainers, they should be locked up for not realising what's good for them.
  9. Obituary thread of notable and obscure folk: Niki Lauda

    The guy was certainly a survivor - severe burns plus damage to his lungs, Kidney transplant and a very succesful commercial life. The crash caught up with him in the end.
  10. Car air con specialist?

    Depends on the refrigerent gas used. IIRC CFC's are no longer used and have been replaced with HFC's that breakk down in the atmosphere and are far less damaging as a refrigerent.
  11. Tomorrow, after I've replanted the 500M long Balcony, had a chat with William and Kate who I know through a friend of a friend because a friend mentioned a friend, then gone through my photo albums of me dining with Margeret (T), Big Game hunting, diving the wreck of the Titanic and generally being everything to everybody, I'll be off to Lidl again to buy more of their Coleslaw. I just don't know how I fit it all in.
  12.     Well I am in a job with piss poor pay, I am very tight with cash - due to low earnings. However Tramps don't buy clothes from the best Gents outfitter in the town, they don't own a Swiss watch normally and don't have a degree so no I don't consider myself a Tramp, just a product of my experiences.  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    I think they will have a good chance in most of the cities. The countryside is a different story. Forget the East Midlands, the area is so blue even total dickheads get selected, e.g Andrea Leadsom in Northants South and Allan Duncan in Rutland and Melton.
  14. Ah, we buy the Cod and Prawns from Lidl because they are caught not farmed. I also haven't found a rude employee and the Premium brands such as Kerrygold, Philedelphia, Buitoni are a good price. The Delux range of pasta products such as their Tortellini is lovely.   We rarely buy meat from a Supermarket, we have a very good Butcher oppositte us.
  15. My wife likes shopping at the local Edeka because it's new, clean, never overly busy and has a decent Fish counter. As I'm the one with Moth's in my wallet I like Aldi and Lidl. So we do the weekly shop at Edeka and I top up during the week at Lidl. Quality isn't noticeably different between the two Supermarkets and I'm not so snobby as to go to a particular brand of supermarket. I do also like the products in the centre Isle's and I don't think we've ever had a problem with something bought in Aldi / Lidl. For example: Dog cover for the back of the car - 17 years old. Steam Cleaner - 11 years old. Plus there's always a branded product at a very good price - Kerrygold butter or before Christmas 1KG of proper Chedder for 5€
  16. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

    The Farmers or the Chemical companies? Let's not forget they make a lot of money out of modern farming methods. Another thing I think has affected wildlife is the removal of the grant to farmers to leave land fallow. Farmers are not neccessarily guardians of the land but businessmen there to run a business and make a profit. They will try and maximise the yield and profit from every piece of land they own. Look at the removal of hedgerows as an example.
  17. Bike locked up

    Or screwdriver maybe by ramming it into the mechanism and turning.
  18. What are you listening to right now?

    Hadn't realised they were playing, after Friday's game and the style of the win with the batting from Roy and the steadying by Stokes today should be interesting.
  19. Car air con specialist?

    Fiddling with ball-cock? I'm used to people coming out with cock and ball stories or just talking ballocks on this Forum not fiddling with their balls
  20. I've just posted a silly photo

    Are you sure this was in the Kama Sutra?
  21. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I must live in an Oasis. The locals here are: Polite, Courteous, Greet everyone when they enter a Doctor's surgery, the dentists or a shop, Show respect to me and other foreigners, Happy to have a chat and a joke.   But there again, I live in a small town in the RLP and not in a large bustling city where the lifestyle tends to ape New York or London.
  22. Brexit: The fallout

    So Boris puts in his bid to be leader of the Tory Party and by definition PM. Corbyn on one side, Johnson on the other. The only way is down.
  23. Why are you unhappy today?

    Condolances Luke, It's your dad that needs the help now.
  24. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Well, if you look at art it is so subjective, everyone went mad for artwork from  Jack Vettriano but he just copies Edward Hopper's style. The buying of a Monet for that sum is just vanity. A fool is easily parted from his money.