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  1. Loosely tied in is the film Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl   Story about Judith Kerr when she was a child being forced out of Germany for being Jewish and their life as refugees in Switzerland and then Paris. No blood and gore but gives a child's perspective of been Jewish when the Nazis came to power. Worth seeing.
  2. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Think of what happens when there's a technical defect on a car and the manufacturer issues a recall. After a defect is reported on a aircraft, especially one that has safety implications then a similar process happens only it is far more stringent. This is issued by the Aviation authority of the country where the defect was recorded, the CAA in the UK and the FAA in the US. Tyre blow outs does suggest a technical problem and a repair instruction or a safety bulletin would have been issued to deal with that particular problem. Now post crash the work carried out was fitting rubber self sealing inner tanks, As far as I'm aware, Concorde was the only civil aircraft to have these inner tanks fitted. These are normally only on military aircraft because they are naturally at more risk of tanks being punctured. Now the programme mentioned by HEM actually made reference to previous tyre problems and I think certain things were done, but unfortunately as previously said, you cannot engineer out every eventuality otherwise it wouldn't fly because of weight and no one would buy it because of cost,
  3. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Aircraft tyres are not like car tyres, they have a very short life between replacement, secondly they are remoulded regularly, I forget how often but it's at least half a dozen times. Burst tyres on aircraft happen far more often then you realise, probably everyday, somewhere in the world, will an aircraft tyre burst.   As for what happened in 1979, I can't say but every accident is different and what they found this time is that the piece of debris from the previous aircraft had cut the tyre along its edge, it acted like a knife, you can try and protect against most things, but there's always something that hasn't been thought of and this accident was a case of the coming together of so many different factors at the same time. The accident itself wasn't just a case of human error, it was a combination of things that came together.   Perhaps you ought to focus on the fact that since its first commercial flight in 1976 I believe until this accident, there were no Concorde crashes. In the same timescale a number of 747's, 737's DC10's, Airbuses and other commercial aircraft had crashed. The only aircraft that had a safer record was the VC10 which had two crashes between 1964 and 2013
  4. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    It wasn't just the burst tyre, it was the debris from the tyre hitting an overfilled fuel tank that could not absorb the shock wave that then ruptured the tank, the tank blew out, it wasn't punctured from the outside. In addition, the balance of the aircraft was wrong by too much heavy luggage being loaded at the back of the aircraft thereby altering the centre of gravity. Next issue was the flight engineer going through the procedure for an engine fire when the engine wasn't burning and the aircraft was still trying to take off. That meant the aircraft (badly loaded and carrying too much fuel) then loss 25% of its power.   Aeronautical Engineers will always try to design for the worst case scenario but unfortunately as is usual with accidents this was a case of lots of little things coming together to cause the tragic accident.
  5. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Have you seen the two giant hangers at Cardington outside Bedford? Built for the R100 and R101 in the 20's I believe. You can see them for miles and one of the hangers is now home to the Airlander 10.
  6. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    That's at Sinsheim, the Buran is at Speyer. The Buran is very impressive and as for the Concorde and TU144, you can really see the difference in build quality between the two, like comparing a Landrover to a Rangerover
  7. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Meghan's father comes over as having more understanding of the requirements for being a Royal than Meghan has.
  8. Simple, I used assault because I had read it earlier and just remembered assault. Next point, where's your analytical thinking. The guy says he's Chinese, his clarity of writing and grammar is exemplary for a non native English speaker living in Germany. Why has he gone into such detail about the previous days, weeks? Why has he not mentioned anything to the Police? It reads like, as Tor says, worst Penthouse story ever.   Still, you can hold his hand, give him somewhere to stay and help him through his difficulties as your such a good Samaritan.
  9. Scum of the Day

    How often is it that those who preach morality are found to have committed the most immoral acts. Often where religion is intertwined with politics and women are treated with contempt.
  10. MMurphy or BMurphy? What, a catholic gay guy writes some drivel about being assaulted by a foreigner, can't be BMurphy, can it?
  11. Pointless plastics..

    You can have: Spam and chips, Spam chips and beans Beans chips, egg and Spam Spam with egg Bread and Butter with Spam Spam, beans and Spam Spam, Spam, egg and spam Spam, chips, Spam, egg and Spam Spam with beans and Spam Spam, Spam, Spam and egg   Spam Spam Spam Spam, wonderful spam...
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    And the source is? I take it all this has been of course cross referenced. Ah yes, we're talking Isreali and US special forces, secret services so it is absolutely true, like when they went to the Bar to celebrate after the event, they said to the Barman "We're having a party, we've just wasted a top Iranian General"   It all sounds like the sort of stuff that starts of as Chinese Whispers at a Geeks convention.
  13. President Donald J. Trump

    Yeh, Alex has already had a laugh on the what made you laugh thread. It's called Sod's law and I drop myself in it everytime.
  14. What made you laugh today?

    Doh, just seen it, hang my head in shame, always the same when you try and be clever
  15. What made you laugh today?

    What? that Americans can't spell? I'm having a Blond moment, tell me.
  16. What made you laugh today?

    You have to remember, these are in British articles with British journalists.
  17. President Donald J. Trump

    I'm afraid the number of articles I read from so called quality sources where the spelling is poor - American not British, grammer is poor, the writer repeats themself several times and there is no real depth to the article makes me think that  in general standard of journalism has dropped and too many are going down the easy route of reading Twitter rather than doing proper investigative Journalism that requires checking sources, cross referencing, analytical thinking and proper due diligence. In the modern times of a degree in Journalism, that seems to have gone out of the window.   If they can't be bothered to proof read the article before posting then why should we believe they would proof check the sources.
  18. President Donald J. Trump

    " Why the hell would he tell Boris? He didn't even tell his own people.   Sorry if Boris feels irrelevant but he just is."   But but but we have a special relationship with the US, you know, that one where the US tries to stitch up the UK on everything and Boris is his mate and Boris is going to sign a cracking trade deal and let the US buy what it wants at the price it wants and post Brexit, Boris thinks he and Donald are going to be best mates...
  19. Do you like living in Germany?

    But in the late 80's early 90's the core business of UK Universities changed. Up until then a university taught the classics and purely academic degrees whereas vocational degrees were taught at the Polytechnics. Then some bright spark had the idea that it would be good if we had more universities and more university graduates. So, the Poly's became universities and the onus was on getting more people through the door. I believe that quality then took a back seat which is why we now talk about the Russell group of the top 20 traditional universities and the rest offering truely useful and difficult degrees as well as the ones that you graduate with so long as you turned up.   So John, not only were you lucky enough to have your expences paid but you came out with a proper degree that was respected because of course only the most able could get into Uni at the time. Now we have every man and his dog with a degree and the uni's really lowering entrance standards so that they have bums on seats and the corresponding funding. And what does the graduate get? If he's gone to a Russell Gp. Uni or one with a very good reputation for a particular course then a job, if not, loads of debt and maybe a job in a call centre.   Compare that to Germany where education is still free and so far only those who have put the effort in get to go to Uni.
  20. Having a full medical check-up

    So how can a MRI be invasive when nothing physical enters the body?
  21. Do you like living in Germany?

    That's funny. I regularly get asked by my UK Bank to prove who I am so time before last I sent them my Anmeldung from when we first registered in the town. They then told me it wasn't acceptable and that I needed to provide either a Utility Bill or a Bank statement from a UK bank. After falling down pissing with laughter I then asked them how would I get a utility bill or bank statement when everything is done online, how does that prove who you are and since when is an official document issued by the German authorities not acceptable. After that I made the right noises and haven't bothered with it since. Yes OK, I could ask the utility companies to send me a paper copy but really it is just farcical, they wouldn't understand what they are looking at.
  22. Pointless plastics..

    You have to remember that companies will charge the earth for spares because first of all you need the item  - tends to be a distress purchase and people don't really go out and buy a replacement appliance and secondly the originally purchased appliance is seen almost as a loss leader to gain market share as well as having to compete against the competition. Proper money is made on the spares. Think how much a printer costs and then how much you have to pay for a replacement cartridge. If you need that cartridge for that printer you are a captive customer.
  23. Climate change

    Maybe because they'd already paid and no one had really told them about the dangers - they were played down.
  24. Brexit: The fallout

    As I pointed out yesterday introduction of the minimum wage by a Labour Government was a good thing and I'm pleased that there is a large increase. However BoJo still has to balance the books and such an increase is going to be a hit on a number of SME's so I just hope it doesn't end up costing more in the long run through the government having to fund it or employers employing less people. At last there will be a second very positive outcome and that is it might reduce the amount being paid out in Family Tax Credits as potentially these will be offset by higher wages. Governments should not be subsidising businesses by giving hand outs to workers in companies that rely on low wage employees to make a profit.