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  1. 7 minutes ago, engelchen said:


    Does the MDK have enough staff to properly assess the care homes? I recently heard from someone I know who used to work in the government department for overseeing assisted living centers (that get money from the government for providing spots) and they (the government department) didn't have the capacity to actually ensure that institutions had sufficient staff. But then again I live in a failed state :( , I hope it is better controlled in you neck of the woods.

    MDK is funded by the Krankenkasse not the state, it's in their interest to ensure that things are done properly. I believe it stands for Medizine Dienst Krankenkasse


  2. Just checked on Priti's skills.


    After graduating, Patel became an intern at Conservative Central Office (now known as Conservative Campaign Headquarters), having been selected by Andrew Lansley (then Head of the Conservative Research Department).[20] From 1995 to 1997, Patel headed the press office of the Referendum Party, a single-issue Eurosceptic party.[19]

    In 1997, Patel left to join the Conservative Party having been offered a post to work for the new leader William Hague in his press office, dealing with media relations in London and the South East of England.[21] In August 2003, the Financial Times published an article citing quotes from Patel and alleging that "racist attitudes" persisted in the Conservative Party, and that "there's a lot of bigotry around".[22] Patel wrote to the FT countering its article stating that her comments had been misinterpreted to imply that she had been blocked as a party candidate because of her ethnicity.[23]

    In 2000 Patel left the employment of the Conservative Party to work for Weber Shandwick, a PR consulting firm.[24] According to an investigative article published by The Guardian in May 2015, Patel was one of seven Weber Shandwick employees who worked on British American Tobacco (BAT) – a major account. The team had been tasked with helping BAT manage the company's public image during the controversy around the Burma factory being used as source of funds by its military dictatorship and poor payment to factory workers. The crisis eventually ended with BAT pulling out of Burma in 2003. The article went on to quote BAT employees who felt that though a majority of Weber Shandwick employees were uncomfortable working with them, Patel's group was fairly relaxed. The article also quoted internal documents specifying that a part of Patel's job was also to lobby MEPs against EU tobacco regulations. She worked for Weber Shandwick for three years.[25]

    Patel then moved to the British multinational alcoholic beverages company, Diageo, and worked in corporate relations between 2003 and 2007.[26] In 2007, she rejoined Weber Shandwick as Director of Corporate and Public Affairs practices. According to their press release, during her time at Diageo, Patel had "worked on international public policy issues related to the wider impact of alcohol in society."[27]


    Source Wikipedia.


    So only skilled in lying and Bullshitting then


  3. 1 hour ago, engelchen said:


    Those are the requirements in Germany for qualified personnel. However, even in Germany there are many people who work privately (very often under the table) without any qualifications. The choice is not always between qualified or not, but rather between untrained and no assistance at all.


    Does the UK have the same standards? I'm really curious how they'll manage to fill these positions and how long they need to train people.

    The UK use to rely on trained nurses rather than trained elderly care workers. A number use to be RMN's (registered mental nurse) because they were trained in all forms of mental health issues and so were able to deal with dementia cases. As of now I don't know. As here they have unqualified care assistants as well as basic training for care workers. Whilst a lot of places use untrained carers in Germany that were trained on the job that is changing. For example where I work, 85% of the staff have a formal qualification. The MDK who assess and certify care homes here have changed the criteria and have become stricter in their assessments.


    59 minutes ago, murphaph said:

    I don't think anyone was being disrespectful to care workers. Quite the contrary in fact. These are difficult jobs that I expect will be extremely difficult to replace if lower paid EU labour is not an option. I simply don't see your average leave voter whose job was "stolen" by a Romanian being prepared to do this work.



    I'm afraid Murph I get well pee'd off when people talk about wiping arses. That sort of statement shows complete ignorance of the skills and ability that a carer requires to do the job they do. It's adding insult to the injustice of being poorly paid for what is a very physically and mentally demanding job. It is only now in Germany that new regulations concerning minimum wage for care workers have been brought in. That has happened because there is such a shortage. I think in RLP there is something like 20,000 unfilled positions for both Carers and Nurses, But let's face it, who would want to work on something like 10€ an hour for weekend work, shift work, nights and Bank Holidays and the job whilst mainly carried out by women is very family unfriendly.


    Here's an indication of the responsibility carers have. Try sorting out people's medication ensuring they have the correct dosage for the time of day when there are 3 people with Dementia who aimlessly walk in and demand your attention and then a colleague comes in and says a resident has fallen other and needs Hospitalisation. One error with the drugs and someone could die, but you know, it's only wiping arses.


  4. 4 minutes ago, murphaph said:


    Priti Patel said today anyone earning less than £25k is an “unskilled worker” & can’t enter the UK


    NHS starting salaries:

    Nurse £24.2k

    Paramedic £24.2k

    Midwife £24.2k

    Radiographer £24.2k

    Care assistant £17.6k

    Physiotherapist £24.2k

    Therapist £24.2k


    This isn’t going to work.



    And just what skill has she got apart from pissing people off.


  5. All these numpties going on about wiping arses have obviously never worked in care and should remember ageing doesn't discriminate, no matter who you are, who you think you are or how wealthy you are, you will age and require care. So in a few years time when you've got hemorrhoids, you're full of arthritis, can hardly move and are incontinent just be grateful that someone is there to help you with the basic needs so you can live with a bit of dignity.


    Edit: Something else to remember, to be a Fachkraft is a 3 year Ausbildung, to be just a Hilfe is a year. How many here on this site or generally talk about wiping arses have done a three intense training programme? Start showing some respect to those who put themselves out to help others.


  6. 48 minutes ago, TraceKira said:


    We should not prosecute theft is if its less than an X ammount like California does . We should not impose draconian rules on people who are less privileged than us.

    We europeans should be more tollerant and less racist. One time per week i leave around 100 euro in shop scattered on the shelves so that people less fortunate can take the money and buy food

    So if a white guy picks up the money do you then tell him he can't have it because it's for the poor? Define less fortunate.


    As John says What has racism got to do with shoplifting. I think you're either very naive or being had by someone.


  7. The government is finally introducing new rules to curb EU immigration.



    What's interesting is that in the same piece it states that immigration from non EU countries will be relaxed.


    People wanting to come to the UK from outside the EU will find rules are being relaxed, such as scrapping the cap on skilled workers or the drop in minimum salary.

    But for EU migrants who are used to moving freely between Britain and the continent, the new regime will be something of a shock.


    As I read that it says anyone from a poor low skill economy such as Bangladesh as well as the whole of the Asian Sub Continent can still come where as your semi skilled Polish plumber or European trained Nurse will be barred. The rules should be the same for everybody or doesn't Priti Patel want too much competition for these workers from her family's Heimat?


  8. Caroline Flack, Presenter of Love Island in the UK.


    Whilst it is tragic when someone takes their own life and there is an outpouring of grief amongst the show biz fraternity stating she was much loved, kind and charming but perhaps we ought to put it in context. We shouldn't forget she was arrested and charged for assaulting her boyfriend causing actual bodily harm. So under the veil of Party girl was perhaps a hard nasty person who possibly couldn't deal with potentially the loss of being in the Limelight. Tragic really.


  9. I have to nominate Mark Zuckerberg for now deciding that Social media needs tighter regulation.



    Whilst I agree totally with him, he has had every opportunity to bring in self regulation which Facebook was reluctant to do and now wants someone else to do it. What's changed Mark? Worried you might start losing more users if you don't regulate stuff and yet you don't want to be responsible for it?


  10. 44 minutes ago, alderhill said:


    I only buy Amazon reluctantly, only when I can't find it from a local shop easily or a German/European online store, or the price really is drastically lower (but I find that's rarely the case). Usually it's only a small savings margin at Amazon. For a couple euros or less more, I am happy to support smaller places. I loathe what Amazon have done to book stores, especially back home. Back in the early 2000s, the mega-bookstore chain* blew out almost all the small local independent (*Yes singular. In Canada, monopolies/duopolies are even worse than other anglo countries -- what started as two mega-bookstores quickly merged into one and f•cked everyone else out of the market but specialists or in downtown areas where mega-boxstore space was not available). And now, even they are closing stores. My nearest neighbourhood shopping centre had a small local 4-5 chain bookstore, replaced by a mega-bookstore (which was nicely stocked, cafe inside, etc., but yea, a big faceless corporation), and my parents tell me it closed last year. Now the nearest place to look at book is 5km away, for them only easily reachable by car and requiring


    I know Amazon can afford to undercut due to legal tax evasion, massive bulk quantities, their dubious labour policies ("contractors", lol), etc. As soon as they have the market cornered, they will jack up prices. Lately, looking for certain small electronic or mechanical repair parts, I've noticed Amazon is flooded with low-quality junk sold direct from Shenzhen or wherever, sent via China Post (which is heavily subsidized by the state to help Chinese exporters. That's why it only costs 89 cents to ship a couple kilos halfway round the world). Look for plug adaptors for example, you'll find 7 different generic Chinglish names stamped on the exact same cheap plastic clone product.

    What we tend to do is look on Amazon for what we want, then I see if I can deal direct with the seller if it's Amazon Marketplace or if I can get it locally or from a true independent internet retailer.


    As far as books are concerned, Amazon are not allowed to discount books in Germany, no one is so I get the ISBN code off Amazon for the book I want then go to our local independent bookshop 15M from our door and order it there. I get it next day with free shipping - unlike Amazon who will charge shipping.


  11. I see our local mouthpiece for the Tories has piped up again, just how much do you get paid by Putin's mates to promote Tory shite and discord. Fuck me, I spent less time researching for my degree than you do for the openly bias posts you put on here. Think you need to go and speak to your mate Dominic about a pay rise, you certainly deserve it.


  12. I think Europe is learning pretty quickly that the US under Trump cannot be depended upon. The French were always cynical about American and British intentions and the Germans have just had a massive increase in defence spending.



    The only numpties seem to be the British Gov't that still believe in the Special Relationship. Even the UK Chief of the Staff has warned on several occasions about the resurgence of Russia and the need to defend against traditional threats as well as new but hey why should the Tories listen to someone who isn't looking at how to make money.