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  1. Coronavirus

    Yes, don't wish that on anyone, bit of a bummer for his pregnant GF who incidentaly is showing symptoms as well.
  2. Coronavirus

    At one time coup's were almost an everyday occurence in S. America and there were always company's sniffing round trying to do a deal with the new incumbent to gain a commercial advantage. That sort of thing is nothing new. Governments also did it but what is new is the amount of time and effort the Chinese are investing in far flung parts of the World. Wasn't it Hilary Clinton as Foreign Secretary who said something about the Chinese always being a week ahead of her when she visits other countries to do trade deals.
  3. Coronavirus

    Bit hard to know what real Germans do if you don't live here and are unlikely to have done so.
  4. Coronavirus

    Grim reading.
  5. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Nothing like thinking about yourself is there?