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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    As a Roman Poet called Juvenal said "Give them Bread and Games". Soon to be the new manifesto for the GOP. FFS GOP - Gods Own Party, that's how I know there's no God because if he existed he would make sure those lieing selfish bastards wouldn't use his name in vain.
  2. Farmhouse renovations..

    just a thought, for these bearings to go like that they were either over torqued or the shaft is bent, suggest you check the shaft. Have you or can you get hold of a DTI?
  3. What made you laugh today?

    My daughter is at home because School is cancelled, she's just heard on the radio that there are power cuts. So she goes and switches on the light to check we still have electricity.
  4. President Donald J. Trump

    Not my problem matey, he's not my President.   As for Pelosi, she's a woman and speaker of the House and has bigger Bollocks then most of those in the Republican Party. Get over it
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    No, I'm am sure you and HF will be able to find the info. However, watch the film. His cousin is the quiet one who helps the distant relatives the most and if IIRC was on the board of the company. Many successful people are successful because they have the right people behind them.
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    Not really delusional, he is accomplished but how much is that because of his efforts or those around him? As for being a billionaire, a lot of his wealth actually came from his father. If he had to start out like so many without a million from his father and the existing business with the contacts his father had then how well would he have done? My opinion is not just based on a fringe movie but as it was more of a documentary rather than a fictional telling of a true story then there is more likelihood of seeing how things are.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Not just the Irish, there were a lot of Brits affected by the troubles.
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    So the Speaker of the House has half a brain. Remind me, what have you achieved?   Don't go making out Trump is Einstein and has achieved a lot, there's a German film, Kings of Kallstadt, where the distant cousins of Trump and the Heinz family go to the US and meet Trump. What came across is that it's Trump's cousin who was always in the background who perhaps made the business great, Trump the showman loves being the public face of the business.
  9. President Donald J. Trump

    Your not going to come out after all your marriages and girlfriends and now say you're gay are you Phillip?
  10. President Donald J. Trump

    Don't think she fluffed her lines, she was trying not to let rip. The perfect vision of being in control unlike retard who lashes out whenever someone  says the truth like he's got small hands.
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    Sensible and everyone will understand, better to recover quickly rather than be under and liable to get another infection.
  12. Coronavirus

    Meanwhile our love affair with Globalisation and JIT is starting to have an effect on manufacturers. Hyundai/Kia suspending production, Fiat warning of falling stock levels, Japanese manufacturers being worried about their own supply lines and all this means the Chinese economy will suffer. There's a lot to be said for looking at local suppliers.
  13. Coronavirus

    They were operating a one child policy since the late 70's until recently so expect a lot of them to be old, so in 20 -30 years time, the population should start to drop.
  14. Do you like living in Germany?

    So you're in the right place, just wrong era. Have you thought about retraining? i assume your wife won't want to move.
  15. Do you like living in Germany?

    Saarbrucken, Saarland. Former area of mining and heavy industry that has mostly closed now so I can understand where you're coming from. What is it you do?
  16. President Donald J. Trump

    And how did you come to that conclusion?   More like she's well pissed off with the discourteous retard in the Whitehouse.
  17. Sparticus? I'm Sparticus. No, I'm Sparticus. No, I'm Sparticus I'm Sparticus
  18. Holby City...

    Ah if you want good endings then the end of Our Friends in the North.   "Tomorrows too late, why not today?"
  19. Holby City...

    Loved Starsky and Hutch. Who remembers CHiPS?
  20. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    It won't be a Max, they were grounded and not allowed to fly. Overshooting the runway can be caused by any number of things from bad weather (heavy rain), tyre bursting or brake failure. Report said it landed in heavy rain and strong winds.   In those conditions it is difficult for all aircraft to land.
  21. President Donald J. Trump

    But can he win the next Presidential election?
  22. Holby City...

    Now I am going to be sick, had to be worse than Charlie's angels.
  23. Holby City...

    Was that like Airwolf on 2 wheels? Most of the scripts of these shows were so corny and always had the moral of the story at the end. There was also the Fall Guy.
  24. Coffee or Tea?

    We have a little independent supermarket on the site of a former Lidl run by an Afghan I think. He gets PG Tips in loose and tea bag form and he also gets Tea made by Ahmad, London. Obviously PG is well known but the Ahmad is also good and comes as English, Breakfast or Asam mix and it's not expensive at 4,50€ for 100 bags.
  25. Politics Gen XYZ

    so Downing street takes a leaf out of Donald's book and tries to ban selected journalists from a briefing. Good on them for all walking out.   So much for democracy and freedom of speech.