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  1. UK state pension

    Just checked my UK pension and despite having the req'd 35 years of NI contributions, the DWP website says I will need to contribute for another 8 years if I want to have the full pension of 175 GBP a week. Now I opted out of SERPS many years ago and I accept having a reduced weekly pension scheme but to be told I have to contribute for a further 8 years seems a bit confusing. Anyone else come across this anomaly?
  2. Package Scam / Identity Theft

    Received a parcel today from an orgaonisation calling themselves ACN Trading. They are part of the Aid to the Church in Need which looks like a legit Catholic Charity.   However, They have thanked for for my order plus donation that I have not made and I for one will never give to a Catholic charity. It looks and feels like a scam - similar to how the Readers Digest use to do things. They would send you a book, if you did not return it straight away they would treat it as being accepted and as a contract to receive more books which you would duly be charged for. My unexpected package will be returned but I wonder whether anyone has come across this or being appoached by them.