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  1. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Is it a scam?  
  2. Entitlement to an S1 Form

    But as I understand it, if you are receiving a pension from the UK and also a German state pension then you have to pay KV on the whole of your income, not just the German state pension. If I'm wrong then please tell me.
  3. Transfering Uk pensions into 1 fund.

    The individual value of each is pitiful and the admin costs will eat into them, the return on each is quoted as annually rather than monthly, that should give you an idea about their true values. On top of that having to deal with the german tax system with regard to 4 additional pension schemes will be a nightmare. So by combining them I should get a small single monthly payment from them and pay costs on one fund rather than 4.
  4. Transfering Uk pensions into 1 fund.

    i was told Emkay by one fund that tax would be 20% on remainder, however searching on the internet shows up a tax of 55% so I really don't know. It's really down to how much you have in the fund and if the projected pension forecast makes it worthwhle hanging on. e.g. One of my funds I might get 100 GBP a year as a pension. Laughable.
  5. Transfering Uk pensions into 1 fund.

    This should be easy but it isn't. I have 4 dormant pension funds worth between a few hundred and a few thousand Pounds. The returns are on them if they stay as they are are negligible so I wanted to combine them into one fund but I can only do that if I go through a Pension advisor who will no doubt take a fee. I thought about closing them and putting the money into Premium Bonds but only 25% of each fund will be tax free and tax on the other 75% will be upto 55%. I also looked at setting up a new fund with all 4 paid in but again I have to go through a Pension Advisor. I do not intend putting anymore funds into these schemes because they will all pay up within 7 years so the amount they can accumulate is actually very limited, that's supposing I had spare funds to put into them and the stock market doesn't crash again.   Has anyone got any ideas on how I can maximise the return from these funds without losing a big chunk?