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  1. Now she's changed her stance, says she made a mistake, big U turn within the last 48 hours.   The 19-year-old told BBC News she had hoped the UK would understand she made a "very big mistake" by joining IS.   She continued: "I was hoping Britain would understand I made a mistake, a very big mistake, because I was young and naive." She said she changed her mind about IS after they imprisoned and tortured her Dutch husband - an armed jihadi.   She also thinks it's unfair. well she's just learnt that life isn't fair. All she's doing is building a case as to why she should not be allowed back into the UK. No remorse, changes her story, acting as if she's entitled. I've not seen nor heard anything that makes me think that she really does feel remorse and has a genuine desire to leave radicalism behind.
  2. I'm sorry but I'm out of sympathy. Her family came to the UK for a better life. I assume they found jobs, they had a better standard of living than in Bangladesh and their daughter has benefitted from the education system (sometimes denied to girls in poor countries) free healthcare - not available in Bangladesh and social payments such as Child Benefit and possibly Family Tax Credit. So compared to the life they could have led in Bangladesh they have done very well ansd this is how their daughter repays.. Ship her out, then she can reflect just how bad the UK is. Let her parents keep the child as the child shouldn't suffer anymore because of his mother.
  3. Treason is still there on the statute, just doesn't carry the death penalty anymore. I think the last one hanged was Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce)
  4. Sorry E I but she has commited treason. She has joined an organisation that wants to destroy the country she came from and now she wants to come back for what exactly? She shows no remorse, she thinks the Manchester bombing was justified. She wants the UK state to look after her and her child while she possibly meets up with other fundimentalists and at least tries to convert people. No way, I'm with SpiderPig. There may be no evidence to say she killed someone but she does not  have any evidence to say she helped people either.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Good Friday, sancrosanct religious day, the germans haven't sold out totally to consummerism.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    But Germany tends to learn from it's mistakes where as we keep on repeating them.   German hyper inflation and the great depression led to tightening of bank regulation and peoples attitudes in Germany where as we in the UK say lessons will be learnt, do the bare minimum and then a few years later do exactly the same again. Again, the Wall street crash and Depression followed light or non existent regulation of the stock exchange. That was tightened up and then came Thatcher who deregulated the banking sector. Hey presto, 2008.   Britain might be very innovative and has proven so time and again but unlike the Germans, we give our innovations away to make a quick buck rather than nurtur them.   WWW invented by a Brit. LCD, invented by a Brit, Jet engine, sort of because the Italians and the Germans were there as well but we gave the technology to the Americans and the Russians. Atomic power, the Americans were flabbergasted when the realised just how far behind British scienntists they were. The list goes on.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    @Mackle It's also worth noting that the German banks on the whole were not badly affected by the financial crisis in 2008. They were also a lot quicker at bank transfers. My UK bank use to take up to 4 days, I still don't think transfers are done within an hour or so unlike my German bank. UK banks are introducing more and more technology not for the benefit of the customer but for their profit. So now everyone has cashless swipe cards but now must carry a card protector in their wallet to stop their details being hacked.   Sorry but I much prefer the slower German way than the Hi Tech british version that leaves us more exposed to crime and less able to deal with problems.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Don't think diplomacy is dying when it's carried out by Diplomats. Only when it's carried out by career politicians who were born clueless. What did we do to deserve such numpties?
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Their overpriced already, factor in the likes of city banks moving to Frankfurt and Paris and their bonus's going with them they're facing a big hit on their sales. No wonder the German motor industry is worried by Brexit, the UK must be a really good cashcow for them
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    If you remember after Michael Foot became leader of the Labour party, the gang of 4 set up the Social Democratic Party. Foot - Corbyn not much difference, both living in lala land
  11. Tweet about gender neutral toilets stirs controversy

    You are of course right John, but I haven't read anywhere of your standard paedophile wanting to dress and act as a women to gain access to women only areas. Women quite rightly feel threatened at times and there is nothing wrong at all with LGBT community having shared facilities with heterosexual people PROVIDING other members in the community are open to it. However, when they are not and say so, they are often attacked through social media or through other forms of public denouncement.There is no need for LGBT people to share a women's only space when shared spaces are available. It's ironic because if they hadn't have been so heavy handed they could have carried on doing so and no one would have batted an eyelid.  When a lesbian such as Martina who has done a lot over the years to forward the cause of LGBT is denounced and attacked for putting forward her view as a sportswomen and as a lesbian then something is seriously wrong. There is a minority within the LGBT community that is aggresively pushing an agenda through, they seem to have financial and political backing but won't say who from. Why? The LGBT community through the likes of Stonewall have achieved a lot within the last 30 years or so and many in that community are open about their sexuality because of the work done by Stonewall. But now I believe that work is being undone, a number of LGBT people are feeling embarrased by the actions of the minority and believe it does not help them and yet are afraid to stand up and say so. Why?
  12. Tweet about gender neutral toilets stirs controversy

    Oh, by the way, being a normal heterosexual person, am I now in a minority for wanting to protect my daughter from some very dodgy males with suspect motives?
  13. Tweet about gender neutral toilets stirs controversy

    Apparently Martina Navratolova has written a piece for the Times about why men shouldn't compete against women in an objective unbiased way and know she's getting threats. Nice people.
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    There's also the issue that the Police need evidence to convict someone but when no one including the victim points the finger...   There has now been a conviction in the uk
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Or another case of the Chinese cutting corners and selling unbelievably poor quality to gain market share and maximise profit. There is just one thing I have bought that was made in China that seems OK but I haven't owned it for very long.