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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Yes, none Asian, as I have said often before, it was surprising how many immigrants or the off spring from immigrants voted for Brexit because of immigration. They obviously realise that things aren't too bad in the UK and don't want any competition for their families / countrymen who would want to go to the UK in the future.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Ditto that, we had 4 work with us when they first came over. I think it was around 2004 but not sure. They got on with the job, no dragging things out to milk the O/T. No shirking off and they made a real effort to integrate and learn the language. Now there are others who will not integrate or will try and milk the system but in my experience that's not the Poles or the Hungarians
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    He needs to be careful, the Queen's loyal guard dog AKA Phil the Greek will get his people to do one final 'Job' before he goes. No one baits or threatens the Queen without having to deal with the wrath of Prince Philip. We still don't know really what happened to Diana and look at the way Sarah Ferguson was ostracized for many years
  4. Bankrupt but picky

    That's of course right with traditional Roma communities but not all beggars come from these backgrounds. There are plenty of Germans begging such as the youngish man outside the post office in our town with the Nike trainers and Jack Wolskin jacket. I doubt if the ones I see in the town are Roma, a number travel in daily by train or drive in suggesting they have a permanent home somewhere. That does not fit in with Roma culture as far as I am aware.   Traditional Roma communities are very proud people and proud of the way they live and their community and anything that they see as interference in their lifestyle is strongly fought against. That's the same in every country they're in be it Germany, Ireland, the UK or France
  5. What are you cooking today?

    We're having Chicken thighs with fennel cooked in a slightly spicy creamy sauce. Best with a Brown or whole grain Rice  
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    Never mind the Bollocks
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

    Donny's Midnight Runners
  8. I've just posted a silly photo

    The Four Twats
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    Fat Boy(s and) Slim
  10. Bankrupt but picky

    Oh and another thing, a number of beggars are controlled by gangs, that money doesn't always go direct to the person it's given to but to the gang master so that he/she can have a good life at the expence of others.
  11. Bankrupt but picky

    They are not contributing to society through taxation, they are not paying into the health or pension system and yet they will use the social system. So it's not a form of employment, it's scamming off people who work and pay into the system for the benefit of everyone.
  12. Bankrupt but picky

    We have the usual suspects doing the begging in the town, the guy with the twisted legs does us one week, Landau the next week and and third town the week after that. Then we have the Rumanian couple, she sits with the dog on the Haupstr. during the week and outside the catholic church on Sundays, He does the underpass to the station. They drive a Ford Galaxy, he wears an expensive watch and they both smoke, They disappear every few months for a couple of weeks then are back again. Then we have the elderly women with 3 guys that come in on the train, they each pick their spots in the town and then rotate round. We also have the elderly women who walks perfectly well, then sits down and rocks whilst gibbering something. My attitude is very simple, if I have to work then so should they, I'm bringing up my daughter in the same fashion because in a country such as Germany there is a social net to help people in abject poverty and begging to me is just a form of scamming.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    But we are in Germany which has an Insurance based care system and not in the UK. So if you pay here already as part of your employee contributions you will be expected to pay in retirement just like all the Germans do. I'm sure Panda Munich can explain things better than me.
  14. Who is the whistle blower?

    Not seen anything about the new Russian toys, just what they have shown at the last Mayday Parade depresses me as we are scrapping our stuff while they are innovating. As for SAM's didn't get close to those, did see a demo of an A10 attacking a convoy. No one would have a chance against that aircraft.
  15. Who is the whistle blower?

    Doh. General Purpose Machine Gun not some poxy computer game.