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  1. What made you cry today?

    You sound ready and resigned to your fate. You sound as if you leave reasonably contented and not bitter and angry. Take care, use your time wisely and enjoy what you have left.
  2. What made you cry today?

    Sorry to hear that Spider, sounds like she's in the final stage, a bit of reflection, a bit of resignation. What is worse is that you can't be with her.
  3. Coronavirus

    My error, I thought he had originally tweeted and someone was then questioning him about the tweet.
  4. Coronavirus

    That guy definitely has mental health issues if he either cannot remember what he wrote 16 minutes before or he is a connsumate liar or both. Bet he didn't bat an eyelid when he denied what he'd actually written.
  5. What made you laugh today?

    Yes he was the opposite to Alf, Labour voting, educated, supporter of Tottenham as well as being Jewish
  6. What made you laugh today?

    I don't know really, I was telling my daughter about how things were when I was growing up especially with the racism and bigotry that went on, I think that then led to showing her Garnet as the epitome of old attitudes and nastiness. People who don't know the series need to realise that the writers were taking the piss out of the racist arseholes through Garnet, they were not wanting to give credence to those views.
  7. What made you laugh today?

    Just watched Alf Garnet in 'In Sikcness and in Health' :     Warning: This was made in 1985 so it's not suitable for snowflakes or those who cannot see it in the context it was made.
  8. Farmhouse renovations..

    Nice clock.
  9. Coronavirus

    FFS Ann Frank was not in quarantine, she was hiding. Suggest you a) get a dictionary and acquaint yourself with what quarantine means b) read up on the history of Anne Frank and c) stop listening to ill educated, illiterate narcissistic twats on social media.
  10. Coronavirus

    No not really, however, BoJo was the one that talked about letting it infect people to build up Herd Immunity. Wonder whether he's having a rethink. Something to note, they're saying he has Pneumonia, I assume that will be viral and not bacterial Pneumonia in which case it's down to him, they won't be able to give him much.
  11. Coronavirus

    Yes, don't wish that on anyone, bit of a bummer for his pregnant GF who incidentaly is showing symptoms as well.
  12. Coronavirus

    At one time coup's were almost an everyday occurence in S. America and there were always company's sniffing round trying to do a deal with the new incumbent to gain a commercial advantage. That sort of thing is nothing new. Governments also did it but what is new is the amount of time and effort the Chinese are investing in far flung parts of the World. Wasn't it Hilary Clinton as Foreign Secretary who said something about the Chinese always being a week ahead of her when she visits other countries to do trade deals.
  13. Coronavirus

    Bit hard to know what real Germans do if you don't live here and are unlikely to have done so.
  14. Coronavirus

    Grim reading.