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  1. Pointless plastics..

    We often putting things on Kleinanzeigen or take things to the charity shop. Twice a year there's the equivalent to a car boot sale in the town and outside the library there is a drop off point for old books, you can leave or take books FOC
  2. Pointless plastics..

    The market, very little waste, the local butcher, everything is wrapped in a very thin plastic bag - things like mincemeat or paper - things like sausages and coldmeats. Supermarket, fresh produce in paper bags. We very rarely buy prepapered or prewashed food. When we buy cheese from the Deli counter, they promote people bringing in their own cheese box, they'll then wrap it in waxed paper and put it in your box for you. If we go to DM then we have waste but again we don't buy lots of prepacked stuff. Yes, we buy plastic bottled shower gel and soap etc but if I need new razor blades then I buy the single blades for a traditional razor rather than the plastic mounted multiple blades. Cuts my throat up really badly but I tend not to wet shave until I have 3 days growth and after a shower when the hairs are softened. I also electric shave but that's no where near as good as wet shaving. If I go Müller, I just put my purchases in my pocket, I just but the odd thing at a time. Bread, we go to a proper Meister Bäckerei, everything in paper bags which are big enough for us to put our food waste in.
  3. Pointless plastics..

    2 years ago, my favourite market stall gave their loyal customers a cotton shopping bag and put up notices they weren't going to supply plastic bags anymore. When I go there now I just hand them the bag and they fill it up with what ever I pick. Obviously things like beans, sprouts etc have to be packed in a paper bag first. Lidl do their Feta cheese in small plastic containers, I use 3 of them, 1 for my medication, the other two for my hobby. as for other plastics, it's really down to the retailer and manufacturer's. As an indication of our plastic usage, I empty our plastic waste once a week, a family of 3 and we get through 6 litres of milk a week. The bag is never full.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    But aren't all 3 Tory strongholds? You need to look at the swing seats and the areas that voted to remain.
  5. Climate change

      The thing about plastic is cost and weight. Costs a lot of money to ship something that's actually not your product around and also takes up valuable space. We buy Marmalade (traditional English not jam) that's made in SA. It comes in metal tins and the advantages are weight and thickness compared to glass. As for trowel handles, these are drawn or vacuum formed from molten plastic, they can knock out 1 a second possibly and again it is light. Wooden handles take time to turn and have a lot of waste that then costs to be disposed off. The only way you'll get rid of plastic is to make it uneconomic to use.
  6. Even after all these years, I still...

    Learning the classics IS the basis of critical thinking.
  7. Even after all these years, I still...

    But critical thinking is what you need for every role in life and with critical thinking comes the ability to question.   Now let's see if you can work this out: Head, Brick wall.
  8. Even after all these years, I still...

    There were companies that took apprentices on and the first thing they did was to clean the Urinals, then like me they spent weeks filing a steel block square along with Maths and engineering theorey. To miss these important phases in skill development leads to piss poor performance in the workplace, the example of design engineers not taking into account the requirements of sevice engineers is a classic case and has been said for years. The Harrier VSTOL aircraft was such a pig to work on. Any one tried changing the dip beam bulbs on a Mk4 Golf?   This is the same for learning in schools. whether you agree with it or not, basic social skills, analytical and reasoning skills need to be learnt. Any one who studied history knows it's not about learning names and dates but understanding the chain of events and the consequences of those events, that requires basic analyticall skills. So while it's great to say only teach the skills you think are useful you miss so many other skills that are important to society as a whole. I suppose a good example is the old Soviet Union. People were taught under strict guidelines with minimal lateral thinking. While they could solder all day the same item what they produced was not only unrefined but in many cases lethal. Now what do you want, everyone to learn what you think is right or people to be taught the classics and broadening their minds for your benefit.
  9. Even after all these years, I still...

    Study ancient Greece, even more so shows how things have stayed the same.
  10. Even after all these years, I still...

    And there's me thinking computers work in binary - yes/no actions. Just goes to show things are not black and white. But if binary is so useless along with Latin, why did you need it for work and why do you ask what the Latin for my opinion is?   Total waste of time, learning these when there are others on the internet that can learn it for you, I mean why waste such a precious resource such as time on things that you'll never ever need or use. After all Binary, it's not as if it was used as the basis for computer programming is it? Not like it's used for encoding. Useless pointless bit of nonsense really isn't it
  11. Only in America...

    And he's from GOP, sounds like God is going to have his revenge on those who use his name in vain
  12. Even after all these years, I still...

    I wish I'd spent more time doing binary at school 10 01 11 10 00 11, then everything would be black and white.
  13. Even after all these years, I still...

          define what is useful, in fact you could categorise it: What is useful for someone who wants a career in medicine to learn. what is useful for a budding carpenter to learn. What is useful for a future Blacksmith. What is useful for a yachtsman   etc.
  14. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    But don't Renault offer a leasing service for their batteries? IIRC the Renault Zoe has a leasing contract of 50€ a month for the battery so that when it's wornout they just replace it under the contract. Need to check it out more.
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Maybe it is but if someone is blatantly breaking the law or putting someone or something at risk then I would do the same.