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  1. Herbstdeko - suggestions

    @Zhaitan - I love your vision and search for something of beauty and love for you and your child. You have collected some natural items, and I hope you find more. Don't forget chestnuts! I have found Rossman's shops a great place for decor items at a reasonable price- from seasonal table linen to artificial flowers, candles etc. Also a great selection of gift wrapping paper and tissue. Great fior cutting out designs. Good wishes for your new beginnings.
  2. Check with your landlord whether they received notice of this. They obviously want to ensure that there is no  damage/weakness in the walls, maybe, before they start construction work.    Sounds reasonable, but you can insist on being there when they do a walkthrough and decide on a convenient time/day for you..  Also, check with your Mieterverein as  to this. ( Please say you are a member?!)
  3. Spoke to a lawyer friend about Patents. He said the biggest red flag for them is the sentence " This is something totally new and I have searched and not found anything like it"! Not saying this applies to OP.   Friend said that so often, patents taken out but never followed through on, and very seldom is it  a new idea,  and they get so many that they  automatically   decline most.
  4. Coronavirus

    Anger and paranoia become easy during this  pandemic.  AS you say, we never know the background story, and I like to keep my aura calm! I believe that as long as most are wearing masks, there is considerable protection.
  5. What made you laugh today?

    Like the library on line books- open up and you are at the last page with the final murder mystery answer!
  6. What are you cooking today?

    Tortellini soup- onions, chili pepper, goulash meat, Rosemary, Bay leaves, S&P, Paprika, Tomato paste,   Red wine, Beef stock, can kidney beans and can small white beans, plus  dried tortellini. Chop and sauté  onions, chili, meat, add   rest of ingredient, except Tortellini and beans.  Simmer for 1/1/2 hours, or less if using Instant pot!   Then add pasta and strained beans and cook a further 20 minutes. Check for seasoning,  stir in a spoon of sour  cream, and serve with baguette.
  7. Hard to see how you could prove they lied to you. Conflict of interest could cover many scenarios. Trying to force them to take you on would be very ill-advised!
  8. In search of my father in Bremen

    Try googling Red Seal chefs- Wiki came up with a long list of names from all centuries and countries! Also, the suggestion to contact a local Bremen paper might be worth following.
  9. Let’s play : find Yasmin A’s insta

    Ah- had not seen her name. Thanks!
  10. Can a landlord give apt only to German speaking people

    Agree with FF- as a landlord, there is no need to explain why a certain tenant is chosen. Communication ability may be a factor, but is not the only one. If a good tenant is found- hang on to them!!
  11. Let’s play : find Yasmin A’s insta

    Er- am I missing something here?!
  12. Need Malt Vinegar today (Saturday)

    Good to know- happy chutney chomping!
  13. After queries with my UK bank- If you live outside the EU, you cannot open a UK bank account, but allowed to open an off shore account. If you already have a UK account, and reside outside the EU, you can keep this account. But, some banks may decide on different T&C.
  14. vodafone issues

    I wonder how many people think this insurance is just for "Major Issues"?  Or worry about using it too often? Sounds like a legal letter to Vodaphone is long overdue.
  15. RIP Dame Diana. An inspiration and amazing actor. From Abelard and Heloise to Emma Peel and to GOT.