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  1. Fire in my apartment building

    What a shock for you and very sad about the loss of life.   
  2. About the employment situation in the city

    Read his original post- the comment on McDonald job was a very small part of his post!
  3. Brexit. UK annual pension increases.

    Also expat pensioners in Australia- the pensions are fixed at the rate they first received  it. So, there is the question whether this might apply once Brexit happens, and Brits become Non EU. We just do not know.
  4. blood test in Munich?

    Yes, check with your KK, and discuss with your Haus Arzt. 
  5. Well, you have CH as nationality? Or maybe it is Chilean? Then apologies.
  6. On a charitable note- the OP could be a newbie, totally confused by Germanic laws, neighbors, and life in general. ( Going by other posts). But her profile says Swiss, so much must be similar??. Just too many soap opera ingredients to be believable.
  7. OP- I am a tad concerned over your home/ neighbourly disputes/ heating installation plus the pet cemetery  debate.  I would think the body of beloved kitty would degrade a lot faster in the garden than under concrete floor!  Wrapping said kitty in a favourite cloth, blanket sounds very suitable.  
  8. who pay to fix apartment bathroom ?

    As Lisa says. Also: What was the  problem? What does your landlord say? What does your lease say? Is there an amount that you need to pay? And- are you a member of the Mietervereinn?
  9. Nothing is hidden in today's world of technology, so your name may well show up in a search
  10. This has to be used with the current driving licence, not on it's own.
  11. What are you cooking today?

    Reminder to self- make cream of mushroom soup!   I have a bag of parsnips- roasted, mashed and enough for soup. Spicy and sweet. I also used cloves/ mixed spice in many recipes, including roast pork!
  12. What part of " You register in the place you have moved to/ are living  in", is unclear to you?
  13. Good idea emkay.    OP-You could  always bury the cat below the sapling!   
  14. Public vs. private health insurance

      Now that is your wisest decision!