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  1. What's wrong with the German subreddits?

    Bytex- there is no law that says upvoting is mandatory!
  2. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Maybe OP means - forced by the German state? OP-no problem with dual citizenship while we were part of the EU. Post Brexit- different rules.
  3. Sounds like my list, except we did not visit Ibiza!! And still not visited family in UK!
  4. Krankenkasse cancelling support for immunotherapy

    Yes, but there are eligibility criteria for immunotherapy. We do not know OP's medical history. 
  5. PC Virus

    Bloody updates- every time they change the layout! I am sticking with 8.1, as OH fumes at 10.
  6. With all the Brexit info and rules regarding citizenship- why on earth did she not get this done before Brexit?!  
  7. You have not said where you plan to work. Do you have a job lined up? If so, maybe they can advise on accommadation. Air BnB , Holiday flats( Ferien Wohnung) , short term rentals, or  consult a Relocation agent. Have you used the TT search function?
  8. Separation: can I send my kid to two kindergardens?

    Where will your child be registered?  Not sure if 2 registered places will work.
  9. Tax advice

    There are several Experts advertising in the Forum section.
  10. Ah no- a twist in the end! I am aiming for a Roald Dahl feel to it. Anyone read "Lamb to the slaughter"?
  11. What are you cooking today?

    I seem to recall an invasion of "Travellers" to the New Forest in search of the magic mushrooms some years ago. The local police were out in force. 
  12. What are you cooking today?

    Fast food- mulligatawny soup and cheese toasties.
  13. This reminds me to finish the murder mystery I am writing!!
  14. Separation: can I send my kid to two kindergardens?

    I am sure this is a difficult time for you, but why not look for a cheaper 1 bedroomed apartment ( with a sofa bed in the lounge) nearer the kindergarten  , instead of moving away?  This way, you can see how the custody sharing goes.  It will also be nicer for your child to stay with the same teachers and classmates. Harz IV is there to help in times of need- use it till life has stabilised. Good luck.