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  1. I believe the Uni Klinik in Munich has a specialist clinic focussed on Autism spectrum.  Have you checked Autism support groups, International Autism  Group?  They  may have good links and suggestions. Engelchen has given some good links. This is a tough time for you to  think of moving. I have a relative in the UK diagnosed as Asperger. High functioning, and is doing well, with a lot of support, funding, school partner, and assisted living. It has been a battle over the years,  and required strong assertive family.  From medical friends, I do not think Germany has quite the same infrastructure.  When she attended European events, and met other groups from European countries ( including Germany),  family reported they did seem to have similar funding.   
  2. I really would not click onto a link that extensive!!!
  3. If the other houses all had their own bin, then the collection lorry will have to use the road to get to them? So, you really cannot block this access road. Is it on your property- looks as if it is partly on the main road?
  4. No discussion on this "Box" before you bought the place?
  5. Aok dental cleaning

    With AOK- they cover basic cleaning, and  a charge for more extensive cleaning. Worth the cost  6 monthly cleaning keeps the pearlies white!!
  6. Why are you happy today?

      OK John- you have not realised we can all enlarge this?😉🎉
  7. Why are you happy today?

    I second the  belated greetings to Hem and John. May you both continue ad Astra in your own ways!
  8. What are you cooking today?

    Salad Nicoise. Love tuna, but leave out the anchovies.
  9. Travel to the US and back.

    With you there! I switch off my old cell phone when home.  It is really just for  when I am driving. Use landline, IPad .
  10. Neighbours musicians

    As suggested- join your local Mieterverein, and they can advise you on this problem.  Try and think of it as a budding Mozart next door😏
  11. Luna- sounds like a very stressful time. Good to hear you documented, reported and are following this through. Good luck!
  12. German Health Insurance for pre-existing condition

    Best not to cross post in several threads.
  13. Yes, lawyers need payment! If you have Rechtschutz insurance, then, usually, your fees are covered . Depending on how long you have had insurance, and maybe other reasons.
  14. Yes, Mieterverein. OP- you really have so many questions that  you need some professional advice.  
  15. Why are you happy today?

    Stick with the cats, John!