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  1. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Relax, hope the lamb curry was tasty- enough chutney?! All good wishes for a speedy recovery and return to the Island!
  2. Interesting spam e-mails received

    Sadly, there are still those out there who fall for these scams!
  3. Buying property in Germany

    I would have checked all this before the contract was signed! Do not presume that those items would be left in the house!
  4. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Nice  avatar! But he looks like an Irish Leprechaun to me!!
  5. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    All good wishes John for your surgery.  Flying restrictions depend on what type of eye surgery you have, so do not rush. Take MD's advice!!   
  6. Why are you happy today?

    Stick some strawberries on the cake- should cover the 4 food groups!!
  7. Why are you happy today?

    Really happy for you. We have also located some family and friends over the years with various  sites.  That is the plus side of social media!! Birthday greetings!
  8. Why are you happy today?

    Lovely to have you back- feel free to post on any thread!!
  9. Einbuergerungsfeier, should I attend?

    Silty- you beat me to it!!   However, obtaining  citizenship of another country should be an event-  should be celebrated!
  10. Oh well- grovel time!  People do change their minds, and if he is valued, then his old boss might be happy to have him back.
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    Condolences Luke- keep those good memories in your heart.  
  12. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Miss her posts, and I love her picture- youth and age!
  13. Phone calls from Europol/"Europol"

    Only answer if I recognise the caller- all family and friends  listed in contacts.  If they do not leave a message, then I do presume it is not for me.  Easy to block numbers, or add new numbers. But, not a good move to press 1 as scammers say!
  14. And did we mention- "Join the Mieterverein"? 
  15. UK to Germany travel

    No point in hurt pride- all part of the joys of travel.   Just make sure of relevant documents,   and patience.