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  1. Pointless plastics..

    Dear FF- I do recycle!!!  I think you were quoting Rushrush!!!
  2. Pointless plastics..

    Stop buying pre-made salads in plastic containers!  And other food products in demon plastic.
  3. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    Whatever the illness is, it can only get worse if untreated! Also,  might be really good to check out as he is coming from Guinea, West Africa,, where  many tropical, haemorrhagic  diseases  are found. We do not know the symptoms he is suffering from,  but from a medical view- I would hie me down to the  doctor!
  4. How many lessons have you had? What does your Instructor say about your level of driving- you need to talk to them about your dis-satisfaction.  
  5. Naturalization income requirement?

    In your other post, you said you were earning crypto currency for work?!
  6. Apartment contract cancelled

    Re  Post: Set up forwarding with D-post. Either to a friend or rent a mail box.
  7. A plea for more civility

    How are John's posts worse than ramblings on divorce woes, building issues, surgical traumas, --------?! Keep up with the posts, John. You could teach SP some civility
  8. Late Hausgeld payments - what happens then?

    Oh dear- another case of someone searching for justification of stupid moves.
  9. Sounds as if the OP just stopped using them, so  T&C of contract need to be viewed. They could argue that they are still willing to render the services!
  10. What are you cooking today?

    This is why I love pasta sauces, casseroles- one can add so many veggies, seasonings. Tomorrow, I am making  a pasta dish a la Gordon Ramsay-  assorted mushrooms and leeks sliced, plus onions, sautéed, add chicken or veggie broth,  simmer and reduce, and stir in seasonings  and  some cream/sour cream. Serve over  any pasta , and sprinkle with fresh tarragon, and chives.
  11. What are you cooking today?

    Pasta sauce- tin of plum tomatoes,  fried chopped onions, garlic, and some wizened courgettes, chopped.  Simmer slowly- mash up tomatoes, add seasonings of choice. Add sliced black olives, and  don't forget some Cayenne pepper! Sauté Nuernburger sausages,  slice and stir into sauce.  Serve with  pasta of choice, and   be generous with  parmesan cheese. Plus crusty rolls on the side. PS Any other veggies can be chopped and added. Bon Appetit.
  12. 2018 Tax help

    OP- you get what you pay for. So, if you are Mr. Scrooge and want to go cheap, be prepared for problems, or issues with your tax returns. I agree with kiplette,  Panda has shown she knows her business., so try her.
  13. Turo rental car - speeding ticket

    Your relative can add you to their insurance. Get them to call their insurance. There is usually a cost to this and they will need to speak with you, requiring your driver's licence details.
  14. Google- "Eating on a very low budget"! So many cheap, nutritious meals to be made- using beans,  veggies etc. Lots of protein, without needing much meat. Watch for special offers, use eggs- great source of protein and vitamins.
  15. RIP Clive- loved your books and TV programmes.