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  1. Conflicting information from Techniker Krankenkasse

      And your visa status would be---??
  2. Long term sick, with big bank loan to pay back

    Glad to hear things are getting sorted. A mess certainly, but we have all messed up at times in life. Good luck!
  3. Problem with Zollamt

    Time to inform all of new address? Or arrange forwarding? Maybe the sniffer dogs detected money inside?
  4. Recommended opticians for eye tests

    Agree-any eye problems should be checked asap. If it is cataracts or non urgent, then you can relax. If it is an infection, retinal bleeding then needs immediate treatment. So, get it checked, show your ec card, and  do not wait.
  5. Know one landlord with holiday rental flat in the city, and he has several business people who book 2-3 days a week , as they have to travel for work. He stocks the kitchen with tea, coffee , butter etc, and a reliable cleaner.  Has steady stream of tourists as well.
  6. To op- just be aware that certain medical conditions preclude you from taking Viagra or Cialis. You say you are healthy, but read the info that lists these conditions.
  7. buying a new apartment

    That went well!
  8. Recommended opticians for eye tests

    Just curious - what does "about 3 months" mean?!  Did you actually register? Start working?
  9. Your family MD can prescribe this.
  10. Returning to Germany

    AOK sent apt letters with appointment date for breast screening, colon screening.
  11. subletting room on airbnb

    Did you explain to your landlord that you are considering AirBnb? He may agree to subletting, but not the short term route you are suggesting!
  12. EC-Karte and N26 bank account

    Sounds like you did too many transactions and too much money!
  13. Aufenthaltserlaubnis deleted or not?

    Do read the answers above- again!
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Bloody Trump
  15. Entire building possibly rented black

    These situations occur in other countries too. Until officials find out through  tenants calling,  safety issues etc. I understand you  were desperate to find a place, but not sure why you are dithering! Either you call officials on this, and Mieterverein would be a good place to start, or you continue in your cheaper, finally found studio.