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  1. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    My comment to an Aussie dentist who suggested no freezing- " Not if you want to keep all your fingers".
  2. Community of heirs vs. general power of attorney

    You really need a lawyer for this situation.
  3. As a carer, this is also seen as a health care related job, so no surprise they want to see your qualifications.  Your German language proficiency needs to be good as a carer too. Have you tried contacting your UK college of paramedics for advice? They are involved in the recognition of foreign paramedics, so may have contacts? You also make a valid point- if you are out of your field for any length of time you may be required to take a refresher course. Good luck.
  4. The mind Ramschladen

    Good to see you are back , gaberlunzi! Your title conjures up images of flea markets and  Bares fuer Rares .!
  5. What are you cooking today?

    Peer Gynt recording in the background, cooking for the freezer. Goulash soup, chicken Normandy and   Bolognese sauce.  
  6. Because this mixed up, confused, ignorant young woman has no idea what  a Claddagh ring is! 
  7. What are you currently reading?

    "In a house of lies"- latest Rebus book by Ian Rankin.
  8. Once it goes to Inkasso, it is serious. 3 months notice is usually required , so as you only gave a month's notice, is this 2 month's payment plus interest? Do you have record/ registered post of your sent documents? Contact them and explain you called/ cancelled as you were leaving the country. It is very easy to send international wires of money from your Canadian bank. You have the various codes ( Iban etc), so they can help you at bank. You might want to change your location in profile!
  9. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    As a new patient, you may expect: Oral exam, including teeth, Tongue,  Panorex - wide angle X-ray of mouth,  Option of 1-3 fillings. Some may be wholly or partially covered by Kasse. Dental hygiene- may be on another apt.( May be extra cost)   Chevk your TKK contract to see what coverage you have.    
  10. Looking for kitten in the Munich area

    Sorry to hear of your experience, but I think our comments were based on your first 2 posts. You did come on looking for advice on finding a kitten/ cat, and you received extra words of advice and experience. 
  11. j2 and Spiderpig's bitching thread,

    Handbags at dawn on Wimbledon Common!
  12. j2 and Spiderpig's bitching thread,

    Hooperski- Diolch!!
  13. Looking for kitten in the Munich area

    Yes, I would also be concerned, but would speak to breeder, and vet  before writing off the kitten. OP talks of a " properly socialised , pure bred cat/kitten".  This takes time for even the most laid back cat!
  14. Bruno Ganz R.I.P.

    Also "Faraway, so close"- follow up to Wings of desire,. As Antoine de Saint- Exupery,.  Appeared in the Manchurian Candidate and so many  German language films. An actor of many roles.
  15. Looking for kitten in the Munich area

    Perhaps you should have persevered with your Persian cat.  A week is not long  enough for some cats to adjust.  Many pets will take time to adapt to a new life. Your expectations may need to be re-adjusted! Good luck, and why not visit your local animal shelter to see the residents?