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  1. Long stay tourist visa?

    But you would not  be a tourist? You can apply for residency as spouse of German citizen.  Health coverage, taxes are things to consider.
  2. COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport

    Try calling the test centre?
  3. Looking for english-speaking lawyer

    They did say they tried, but were told that they cannot be helped in English. OP-  ask a German speaking friend or colleague to help with the Mieterverein. Does your home insurance cover a lawyer's consultation?  
  4. Agree.  My choice is to keep my shopping simple, and I feel these sites can end up costing more in time. Added to that- do we always remember to use them, after signing up?! The sign up fee may be small, but wasted if not used. There are enough discounts and offers in stores and with Online stores.
  5. Relocating nearby to Munich

    Ah- but the other seasons are a delight!  And clean-up and repairs are jolly!😉
  6. Relocating nearby to Munich

    Well- work and family are usually the main reasons.
  7. True- I was given €100 voucher for Karstadt, with newspaper subscription. Nice!
  8. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    So- watch your speed!!
  9. Chocolate pudding recipe

  10. Relocating nearby to Munich

    Really! I thought that title was already taken!!
  11. These posts should be in a thread-". Contracts and Auto- renewals! Beware".
  12. What made you smile today?

    No- just blame predictive text!
  13. English inheritance law

    As joint executors you are jointly responsible for the will. The solicitor has a duty to keep you both informed. Was in similar situation as joint executors- we decided it was easier for sibling in the UK to be the main executor, but- I was kept fully informed by sibling and Lawyer. The full amount of estate funds was held by the lawyer , and he transferred the amounts to each of us. Discuss with your solicitor, document emails, calls and state your concerns .   
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

      So sorry for your loss. A sad time for all. Hope you keep happy memories of your friend to help.
  15. Niederlassungserlaubnis - Proof of paying rent

    It is a simple rule- you move, you register new address. Maybe you will be lucky at your appointment, or not! Maybe your girlfriend's landlord will not be happy with a joint tenant?