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  1. What are you cooking today?

    Tuna casserole!   Make mashed potato first.  Heat a baking dish  Sauté  sliced onions, mushrooms, peppers ( or your own choice!). Stir in condensed mushroom soup. .  ( Or you could use one of Mr Knorr's excellent sauces - jaeger sauce ).  Heat gently, add sweet corn, chopped asparagus.  Add drained tinned tuna . ( Can use tinned salmon instead) Season to taste- I like paprika , sage and pepper. Transfer to dish, smooth over mashed potato and sprinkle grated cheese over.  Bake in oven 180 C for about 30 minutes.  
  2. Some years ago, a friend asked me to do daily checks on her empty house, as she was away for 3 weeks.  I checked daily- at different times, watered plants, pottered in garden etc.  The day before she returned- burgled!  Police thought that thieves had been checking for people away, and watching. Intermittent checking does not always work. For an extended period of absence, you should consider a House Sitter.  There are companies who  arrange for a house sitter, check references etc. There are people wmho are happy to sit for extended periods. Maybe between rentals, maybe their source of income. Your Insurance will be affected if left empty. Search for House Sitters on line.
  3. New in Berlin (or new to this forum)

    Welcome!  Use the TT search function to find out about  various topics- Health Insurance,  Driver's licence, renting, tenant's rights, etc.  Also Government websites on "Moving to Germany".
  4. Siezen or Duzen?

    Hi John- just put eye drops in?  Activate spell check😉 Hope all going well.
  5. Interrupting my sublet contract earlier

    Mieterverein- tenant's resource and support. If you have not joined- call your local branch asap.
  6. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    I still had the original bonds that my grandparents would send in a birthday card!  I registered the numbers with ns&i. If you do not have the original numbers, maybe some way of searching? Check their website.
  7. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    Interesting- I have something like £25 in Premium bonds that have had since a child. Still a winning chance then!!
  8. If you go to Forum- Finance, you will see various experts who advertise their services on Insurance, investment  etc. They would be your best route to your questions.
  9.   Well, if you have already checked with the relevant Amt, why are you asking here amongst  unqualified TT members?!
  10. A quick search dies throw up possible issues-  - which European cars can be imported. And no idea whether your plan does mean you are importing it. - age of car, any necessary adjustments - registration needed?? Within 3 months. -insurance needed for transport and in US   Suggest you search using Google- US government websites Also contact a shipping company who have experience of Atlantic crossings. I think Robinson's idea is the most practical. And John g's idea of asking in US forum is good. Even ask on TT US military thread here- some US people might know.
  11. Tip of the day

    Asimov is with us!!  
  12. What are you cooking today?

    Sorry to hear that. Hope the Yukon gold buttery flavour helps.  Try them with cabbage next - a la Colcannon! Stay well.
  13. Today's book

    The characters in many crime novels are well drawn, and the insight into their motives can be fascinating. Depends on the authors - and some great ones out there. I prefer reading to audio books as I can imagine how the characters sound.
  14. Backpayments for a freelance coming from out of the eu

    Sounds like a case for john g - resident expert on Health Insurance!!
  15. Which is why we all enjoy the right of Free Soeech! Glad it is sorted.