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  1. Help to fill out the form ALG1

    @PandaMunich can you please help ?
  2. Employer ended Work vertrag without kundigung

    Thank you @Lenny Nero. I would do that as soon as this arbeitsamt thing is sorted., 
  3. Help to fill out the form ALG1

    Dear All, I like to fill this ALG1 forms as I have lost my job, can anyone direct me to this, I searched a lot if i can get a version in English or someone helping it out to fill, but so far, didn't find anything that can explain or help in English. I am hesitant to fill out something that might end up making a trouble     Thank you in advance.
  4. Employer ended Work vertrag without kundigung

    updating my own thread, I got to know that my job ended through krankenkasse. the arbeitsamt are surprised, they have no kundigung and the employer has ended paying my Krankenkasse. For now, i am filling up the forms for Arbeitsamt. I will consider the next steps to be taken with my employer after this.
  5. Dear All, I have an unlimited residency in Germany, I have been paying taxes until now since last 6 years, I need your advise,.   My work vertrag says "Des Ansstellungsvertrag ist auf 1 Jahr befristet und ended zum 23.10.2019. Die ersten 6 monate des Anstellgungsverhaltnisses gelten als Probezeit. Wahrend der probezeit konnen beide parteien den Anstellungsvertrag mit einer First von 2 wochen Kundigen. Nach Ablauf der probezeit ist eine kundigung nur unter Einhaltung der gesetzlichen Kundigungsfrist zulassig. Verlanger sich die kundigungsfrist fur die Firma aus tariflichen oder gesetzlichen oder gesetzlichen Grunden, gilt diese verlangerung auch fur den arbeitnehmer. Das Anstellungsverhaltnis ended mit ablauf des monats, in dem der arbeitsnehmer das 65. Lebensjahr vollendet, onhe dass es einer kundigung bedarf. Eine kundigung des Anstellungs vertrages vor Dienstantritt ist ausgeschlossen."   My employer in Berlin and I got into a work contract, and I get money in two forms. 1) A small salary component, my income was 1900€ in brutto (a part income as Project manager) 2) I work as freelancer to the same employer, i build software and bill him every month.   my work as software developer and project manager through distance mode(home-office) However, i think, I was given a contract which says valid for 1 year in word but has a date lesser than a year,  is this a mistake ?   on confronting this, he told me he will extend my contract, so was waiting until now, which was my mistake, now the date on the contract has ended on 27.10.2019, my employer seems like he is not interested to extend it, as he is not paying my bills anymore. Salary he paid me in november beginning, december salary i got to wait.  In this scenario, what are my chances to claim social benefits. ?   1) What should i tell to arbietsamt in this case ?  2) What will be my arbeitsloschengeld-1 in this case. With this employer to do a startup, I used to get a salary component + billing component.. we agreed for 1900€ in brutto + 1500€ in netto as monthly bill. ? 3) Should I seek what my legal standing is on this matter.? If he doesn't pay me my bills.   Negatives: - The arbeitsamt must know about my boss decision, 3 months before the expiry of contract, which i have failed. :( - The billing component is not paid since last 3 month (he says no money) and he will settle this soon. the reason he says, we were working on a software product to raise investments., and had pitched to few,  this is not successful so far, on another side, he asked me to put  some capital to be a partner, welche i don't have, so he wants to back out with payments   Thank you for your kind consideration and response.