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  1. Employment law, job security, elternzeit

    @dj_jay_smith: thank you for the feedback, I know this could be a case. I have a new job and that was a good reason to quit and get going.  I decided this, as I don't want to get into legal things for some extra amount. at times, peace of mind is important,
  2. Employment law, job security, elternzeit

    Update:They received my elternzeit request letter by post this morning /14 weeks prior to start. They called me today and handed over the kundigung. Surprisingly, they told, I must take the decision to sign it now in their premises. I negotiated them to pay me more but they didnt.. As my kundingung is until feb-15th.,  they told they will pay me a complete 1-month salary for Feb. They were sorry for it. That they cant afford to keep me for parttime or hanging without project until April-2019 to start Elternzeit. The only option is, I have to accept the offer to get started with their customer in Stuttgart or quit. I accepted the letter that we agree to end the contract from both sides. Now, I may have to take up my second employment offer and forget Elternzeit.
  3. Employment law, job security, elternzeit

    I wanted to take an open and honest approach. The whole thing of Elternzeit came up when they told me, they need time to find my next project and if they cant by January 15th, they would take me out. In this case, - I had to accept the new project I got after an interview from the customer or - I offered to take Elternzeit or - I go for the option to take the project and ditch them after 3 months.   
  4. Employment law, job security, elternzeit

    Dear All, Thank you so much for this lovely support in such a short time, I try to put some more points here.- It's my wife who is pregnant., - I am protected by legal insurance for work, this is not an issue.  - My employer wants me to work in this project, so they can make money and afford to keep me  - I am an IT professional and have another home based job which allows me to work from home  (possible through pre and post delivery ) - I asked my employer two things, either give me time to find me a project close to my home (in Rheinland Pfalz) or keep me part time for 2 months and give me Elternzeit starting from 3rd week of April..Unfortunately, my last project ended in December-2018 I think this idea of taking Elternzeit is not working and I am thinking now, that I work fulltime from home for the new employer, as its a bit flexible .. I need clarification on this, Suppose, if they offer to quit my contract, should i ask them to compensate me, as they want to take me out of the company for reasons not to accept the project ?
  5. Employment law, job security, elternzeit

    @dj_jay_smith: Thank you very much.. So I am not protected in this period to save my job. So in my case, the only step is, I can deny the posting and they fire me.. In one instance they told me, if I quit they may be able to pay me the complete month.. Is this something I can negotiate further, to pay for 2 months instead (worked for 1 year with them)... for safety, I have a job offer that i can start from Feb-2019 if they quit me.
  6. Employment law, job security, elternzeit

    Dear TTers, I work for a consulting company with an unlimited contract. I have a permanent residency here. What are my rights, If I inform my employer 11 weeks ahead of my newborn date (april last week) and he chooses to start a new project with a customer far away from home (5 hours on one way). Though I informed them, but they want me to take this project..Can I deny such Posting ?, The risk is that they can give me my 2 weeks kundigung ? They have now given me time until evening to give them answer to accept the contract or choose to quit.
  7. Dear All,   We usually have some repair or check up to do with our Central Gas Heizung in the mehrfamaliehaus(4 apartments). This will be replaced in next 1-2 years. We would be happy to hire or rent an independent-skilled Heizung repairer in and around koblenz Area. Please suggest us any if you have come across.   The companies usually have no time and costs a fortune for even small repairs. Please move this thread or question to the group if its not the right one.   I want to fix this for one of our mieter before christmax, so I wait for your answers, Thank you for all your support.   To the rest of you., A very happy Xmas & New year.
  8. Android/iOS Apps development

    If i am right, you would like to build a app to show an existing website as App.. This would take 4-5 days, for. e.g If i were you, I will build a Hybrid App and export it as Android & IOS app respectively. This will be in built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS and run in Webview as well. I am a App developer in Android / IOS / Ecommerce and other technologies, please feel free to ask me for any questions at write2nadeembari@gmail.com / youbequityweb.com/
  9. Dear All,   Not sure if this is the correct title, and location. mods please feel free to move it if it isn't.   I have purchased a property "Multi Family" or "Mehrfamiliehaus" in July-2018 in Koblenz and stayed in my rented apartment until October-2018. The property purchase was built in 1999, so it was not old and had no wear & tear signs when we decided to buy. The previous-property-owner after sale choose to quit his apartment only after 10 months (expected in may-2019), he lives in first floor.   We moved to ground floor this November-2018. To our surprise...Even before we moved in the month of October-2018, we had a major repair in the heating system. My question is,  Who will bare this property maintenance costs e.g. like this Heizung (approx 1800€). ?  Should it be paid by me, present-property-owner completely. (I didn't live the building when it occurred) ? Should the previous-property-owner take responsibility (4 months after purchase it broke and in his possession) ? Can this costs be divided to my tenants (2 + 1 the previous-property-owner) ? Is there any insurance we can apply for such heating systems ?
  10. Interview at BASF

    Hallo @Nkwal.. How did it go with the full day interview ? please share, I am planning to apply at BASF too.