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  1. Road construction next door

    Dear All, I need your help, as i am new to this situation and helpless.   We own a property in a very calm street next to fields, we bought this just for the love to stay countryside and be close to fields / bit far from autobahn. Now there is a topic that will be voted by local council in my town Sankt Sebastian, RLP. That on October 1st to start the construction of L126 (Landesstraßen) 45m from my home into the fields.   I have spoke to my neighbours and few others, we would like to stop this construction or vote against this initiative, through a petition as many homes will be affected with traffic, noise and the plan to introduce this L126 without any research or points to favour the road, this has no good practical reasons why they want to do this, (divert traffic from b9 and from streets), its going to affect many residents here with noises from heavy trucks, traffic, no street parking for residents, and the value of my property is going to be low in the market, already my tenants think they cant stay if this happens. Link to the road plan : https://mwvlw.rlp.de/fileadmin/mwkel/Abteilung_10_Verkehr/Verkehr/Dokumente/22585_Landesstrassenneubauprojekte/L_126_OU_Kaltenengers_-_St_Sebastian_Datenblatt.pdf   Link to the news article on this subject: https://www.blick-aktuell.de/Politik/Ortsumgehung-L126-entlastet-den-Ortskern-in-Sankt-Sebastian-nicht-451153.html   What is the best way to do this, thank you