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  1. Thanks Krieg, luckily she has found a new job so only two months shortfall but seems crazy that she has no income but must pay double what she was paying when earning! And more than what I pay. I assume I am within my rights to ask how they came up with the calculation.
  2. My wife lost her job due to Covid restrictions (being contested with a lawyer as others not treated the same) and having previously used up her entitlement for Arbeitslosengeld/minijob she is now being asked to pay a lot of money out of her own pocket for her Krankenversicherung. I am privately insured so could not cover her but am hearing I basically need to pay the same for her until she finds new employment. Is this correct or can we just find something cheap like TK for 3 months to cover her. They are asking for my earning details so they can decide how much she has to pay but do not take into account what outgoings we have. Or is there another option short term?