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  1.   thanks a lot. I will try. any chance they have English speakers there? 
  2. A fitness company, whose policy states that cancellation of contract is possible with a doctors letter, has made me submit 5 letters, each time moving the goalposts and saying it's not sufficient (even though I gave them EXACTLY what they asked for each time). It's clear they are just messing w/ me, hoping I guess I won't take it further. Very frustrating and unprofessional. 
  3. thanks. and the verbraucherzentrale? what can they actually do? is it worth going through them first? how do I find a good lawyer that does this?
  4. Hello,    I'm having a dispute w/ a big German company who is acting in bad faith regarding a contract, and I need some help. I'm looking for a lawyer that won't cost too much to write a letter, or the Verbraucherzentrale (but I feel my German is not good enough, and also not sure which option is better? What can they actually do?).   thanks.