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  1. Leaving the country with an active mortgage

    Don't tell the bank anything, as long as you are paying your mortgage they don't care.  I bought 3 properties this way.  Lived in the properties for a couple years then bought the next primary residence and rented the previous one.  
  2. Replace recently issued USA license

    If it really was a reissue of a lost license, WA should be able to verify that in a letter.  If you renewed it after moving to Germany that is technically not allowed for the purposes of reciprocity.  Some offices apparently ignore it but it looks like yours is following the rules.  In my case my US license was renewed 2 months prior to my moving but they still required that I show them the previous license (fortunately I had it).
  3. Embassy post for US L1 visa application

    The US embassy is located in Berlin.  There are consulates in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich.  You should be able to apply for a VIsa in Frankfurt.  Contact them to verify.  Note that they are closed this Monday (Sept 2) as its an American holiday.