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  1. My contract at work ends in January 2012, and won't be renewed. My baby is due this July.


    Does it makes sense for me to take Elternzeit? What "bonuses" does it give me, if any?


    Can I get Elterngeld without taking Elternzeit?


    Would I have to register myself as being "Arbeitslos" if I didn't take Elternzeit? Would that effect the Elterngeld?


    Help! I'm pulling my hair out!



    I'm RH neg as well. It's no big deal. You'll just have to get a shot in the bum in the beginning of your 3rd trimester and possibly again in the days after birth if the baby turns out positive. Other than that, it is nothing to worry about.


    Why were you so panicked? Because of the RH thing or because of the scans?



    I was worried because I'd told everyone I was pregnant BEFORE my 11 week scan! I was just hoping that everything was OK. Keeping an eye on it all the same.



    Not sure if this is your concern, but the Rh neg thing isn't a big deal throughout your pregnancy. If you have any bleeding during your pregnancy, you should get the shot. Otherwise, you just wait until your third tri and after delivery.


    Blood pressure is a bigger issue :) It sounds like you are like me in that anxiety (sometimes related to the impending docs visit) can raise your bp...learn some relaxation/yoga breathing techniques that you can use while you wait to help keep you calm. Sometimes they are nice anyway as deep breathing can get a bit more difficult as you get further in your pregnancy due to the bub pressing against your diaphram..



    Breathing and relaxation techniques are definitley something I want to learn.


  3. So, as long as I don't say "please scan me" then they're free?! I like!


    I'm super happy that things are going well. I was in such a panic before my appointment today, my blood pressure went through the roof! Luckily it calmed down again afterwards. I just have to watch out a bit because I'm rhesus negative... but otherwise I'm looking forward to this fanstastic journey!


  4. so, 11+4 and everything is hunky dory.




    I've read that if your "geseztlichversichert" that you only get 3 scans. Thing is, I've had 2 now - one at 7 weeks and one today. I have an appointment in 4 weeks again, where she'll most probably do another one, so that's 3!


    What's the deal here? Will I have to pay for them out of my own pocket? She hasn't said anything about it. :( I'm a bit confuzzled!


  5. I quit my au pair job after 48hrs. It was their own fault really. They made a bad start for me there... my first job - cleaning the floor, and then being moaned at because it wasn't streak free. I didn't have much to do with the kid. The mum just wanted me to be a baby phone; I had to go to her office and say that he was awake so she could take care of him, whilst I did the cleaning.


    If you want to employ someone, make sure you give them good guidelines.. don't get off on the wrong foot!


    Have you tried Mary Popins ?


  6. I'll give it another go... hopefully she's more careful this time. I think what made it painful is that I have a "pregnancy cycst" and she poked it a bit.. or added pressure to it. She didn't realise that until she was nearly done.



    You can see the cervix using the external cam - is anyone else thinking of that episode of Friends where someone or other discovers that tailors do not normally cup the balls when doing an inside leg measurement?


    Totally. I'm going to see if she can do external in future. My insides hurt for 2 hours afterwards. Do you think that's worth telling her?


  8. It's also for your thyroid glands. I was "prescribed" it yesterday, along with the usual Folic Acid. Luckily I've been taking this already, but didn't want to be a smart arse infront of the dr.


    I'm 7 weeks BTW. 5mm long and a heart beat. I have to tell my boss today as I work in a Kita. Sheiße... I'm scared.



    Make your appointment now though. Many OBGYN have a wait time so they will likely still have to squeeze you in even if you call now a few weeks in advance


    My GP immediatly took me off my meds. My obgyn said to keep my asthma spray but only use it in emergencies, as there was no non dangerous equivalent. But it of course depends very much on what you take, no need for alarm. I had a few meds that needed to be stopped right away. They were either weaned out or replaced with a safer option.


    I was thinking that too with my medicine. I haven't been taking my 2 times daily steriod for a long time, I think I've weaned myself off of it - and I just keep the blue one on me for emergencies and in the night when I get most breathless. I'm thinking of getting a humidifier to help.


    I'm going to call the OBGYN on Monday, see what they can offer me. :)


  10. Thank you all so much.

    I'm going to then wait another 10 days before going to the GYNO. Might need to go to the GP though, because I have chronic asthma and I don't know what effect it might have on the baby. I will ask the GYNO though, instead of wasting too much time!

    Hopefully once I'm 3 months I can then talk to my sister in law who's a final year medical student who can give me tonnes of advice! Trying not to get the M.i.L involved too early! I haven't even told my parents yet!


    I'm trying to keep cool about the whole thing, hoping all goes well. I appreciate the advice!


  11. Hi. I've had a look through other posts but I'm still really confused.


    I've just found out that I am pregnant. I'm over the moon but I don't know what to do next.


    Do I have to go to a GP and then get an überweisung for a Frauenarzt? or can I just go to a Frauenarztpraxis and get an appointment there? I work in a KiTa in the MHH where there's a huge Frauenarztklinik. Can I just go there? Would be easier!!


    I'm publicly insured. (Gezetlichversichert)


    Please help me. I don't really want to have to ask my mother in law! I was thinking of asking my sister in law as she studies medicine, but I'm not sure if I want to be telling people so early on that I'm pregnant.


    Thanks in advance.