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  1. When I was at the supermarket the other day, I got to the till with a roll of elastic, a packet of velcro and 2 icecreams in my hand. The guy infront of me had about 25 bottles of alchol, wine and energy drinks.


    I said, showing my 4 items "excuse me, but would it be OK if I quickly go before you?"


    to which no reply, so I added "I can also wait, if it's a problem. Sorry."


    He turned to me, looked me up and down and grunted "ja, dann hopp hopp"


    My God. I really thought the man was going to kill me. Luckily my 6'3" boyfriend was with me, otherwise I might have cried and peed my pants.


    Seriously. What's wrong with people?!?!


  2. My boyfriend and I aren't married... and his parents said that we should register by the Standesamt/Rathaus to say we have joint custody of the child, incase something happens to me.


    Is this necessary? I've read different and now i'm a bit confused.




  3. How do I go about getting a Hebamme / midwife?


    I've found one I like the sound of - she lives local, and cooperates with the hospital that I want to have the baby in.


    Do I just write her an email? Do I need an überweisung or something. I feel a bit daft just calling her up and saying "hello, will you be my hebamme?!"


  4. I have a colleague like this at work. She is constantly telling people they look rough, fat, their hair is bad and so on. Recently, as I got to work, I noticed that my other colleague had a bit of a red face, and being polite, I didn't say a word. My other colleague gets to work, first thing she says "boah! You're face is red! What the hell did you do?!" Niiiiice.


    I'm glad I'm pregnant now... because she can't comment on my "fatness" or "bad complexion" anymore. Oh, but she does love telling me that "being pregnant isn't a sickness" and "Oh, when I was pregnant I didn't feel rough at all... blah blah blah"


  5. I went to the supermarket next to the petstore today, with a hand full of aquarium equipment and some hamster feed. I bought some peppers, and some washing powder, and 5 litres of motor oil.


    My hand was cramping from holding the petstore stuff. The cashier gave me an evil look and said "what about those?!" and I had to explain how I'd got that just a few seconds ago next door. Ok, my bad for not having a bag with me, but still... she could have been friendlier.


  6. The first word I learnt was "Licht" because of the 'ch' sound. It took an hour of driving around in a car in west sussex and a very patient boyfriend.


    I can't remember the first sentence, but I remember laying in bed with my boyfriend in Göttingen, making up a story about a Squirrel, a Bear and a Rabbit. It included a road and sexual favours. :huh: (in the story I mean)



    Indeed. I, in fact, consciously choose to bring a bag from another store (or use my much-loved half-sized IKEA blue bag) as I found if I take a Rewe bag into Rewe, it seems to come into question if I really brought it with me or if I nicked it to save that 20 cents. :rolleyes:


    I mean, really! If I was in the least bit price-conscious and wanting to save a bit of cash, Rewe would be nearly the last place I would shop (with only Tengelmann managing to be more expensive.)





    Yeah, if I have an old bag from the store I shop at, I usually make sure it looks ratty and scrunched up to avoid that potential problem.



    I got stopped at Rossmann once because I had a Rossmann bag with me for my shopping. I'm not a bag scruncher, but a bag folder so it looked neat and new. I had to explain that to the cashier... I felt dumb! Now I just use a nylon fold up bag.


  8. No no. I'm not confused. I'm just thinking, I can't take Elternzeit longer than the length of my job contract. I know I still get Elterngeld after that because you don't need one to get the other. I'm just wondering what I need to do in the time between February & July 2012! Do I have to let the arbeitsamt know anything?


  9. But do I have to register those 8 weeks, or is that part and parcel? I mean, they know my due date, so do they just work that out for themselves?

    Also, if my 8 weeks ends in the middle of a month, would I then have to take for example, 2 weeks of Elternzeit to cover up the rest of the time of my resignation?


    Sorry to annoy everyone!


  10. So:


    If I say that I want to take Elternzeit from the end of my Mutterschutz until my contract end in January 2012, then I only get Elterngeld for that time - not longer? I thought that EVERYONE got it for a year, regardless if one has taken Elternzeit or not.

    And what's if I don't take the Elternzeit, do I have to then hand in my resignation for the end of my Mutterschutz?


    My brain hurts!


  11. I've had to take sick leave too. The kids at the kindergarten have swine flu and I'm not vaccinated (Long story - constant runny nose). So I now have 2 weeks at home, and should talk to my Gyno about getting immunised. The GP told me that he could do it now, but it's best to wait until about 15 weeks! Argh!


    I do feel bad about being at home and not sick, but in the end, I have to be egoistic when it comes to my health and that of our baby.